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The Reason Why Yah Calls Himself Alpha and Omega

We have read that Yah calls Himself the Alpha and Omega or the beginning and the end in Revelation 1:8, Revelation 21:6 and Revelation 22:13. The Israylites explained that this is Yah speaking through Yahoshua. Christians take these verses as the Messiah was there with the Almighty from the beginning which is not correct.

Yah explained to Shlomoh (Solomon) in the book of the Wisdom of Solomon that He is the Alpha and Omega or beginning and end because no idol was there with Him from the beginning. Likewise, no idol will be there in the end (or when they come to an end). You can read this in chapter 14:12-14 in the Wisdom of Shlomoh (Solomon). I found another statement Yah made to Solomon interesting. He said, “worshiping idols is the BEGINNING of all evil.” This can be found in verse 27 of the same chapter.



Shalom, my name is AshantiYAH. I am a servant of the Most High Yah and His son Yahoshua. I am a messianic Israylite. My hometown is T'zion.

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