The Unrepentant Heart p. 1

The full title of this lesson is ‘Children Humble Yourselves: The Wages of a Unrepenting Heart’.

Shabbat Shalom family. This is brother Eliyah. In today’s lesson we are going to be talking about the importance of truly humbling ourselves in the sight of Yah. And the lesson is entitled children humble yourselves: the wages of a unrepenting heart. And since today’s lesson will be on humbling ourselves, I would like to explain a few things in case there are any people hearing these lessons for the first time. This is not church. This is not something to get together and do for a past time. This is the truth, the essence of the Scriptures. We praise Yah here. As in HalleluYah which means praise you Yah. We obey the Father’s law. We keep His name Set-apart from any other name at all times as we are commanded to do. So you will not hear God in here. Because there is nothing set-apart about the title God. If they were set-apart there would not be so many gods. You will not (here us say) Jesus. Not being praised. This name derives from Greek paganism. In the book of Acts we are told that there is only one name given under the heavens that can give us salvation. So we don’t call the Messiyah by the name of a pagan god. Because this is not keeping the name set-apart. We call upon Him by His true, set-apart Hebrew name, Yahoshua which means Yah is salvation. And all honor, power and esteem belongs to Yah.

So in today’s lesson, the lesson was inspired by Matthew 18:3. That’s the verse that inspired this whole lesson as Yah gave me this. Let’s go there so we are able to grain a deeper understanding of the focal point of this lesson. Let’s go to Matthew 18 real quick.

Matthew 18:3 Truly I say to you, if you do not change your heart and become as little children you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Now this verse goes much deeper than many people recognize. See many of us say Yah and Yahoshua but some of us fail to deal with Yah from the perspective of a child. I mean in our hearts. And we know that the outside world does not deal (with Him) like the perspective of a child. Matthew 18 even goes on to say that if you don’t become like children in your heart, we will not even enter Yah’s Set-apart kingdom. Why? Because Yah has absolutely no need for some stiff-neck child who refuses to believe that they are a child trying to rebel and twist His Word and His law. I say rebel and twist His Word because you will find that rebellion tends to spawn unsound doctrine in the hearts of rebellious children who refuse to believe that they are children.

See many of us forget what’s it’s like to be a child. Or what it’s like to humble ourselves as children. Because we start paying bills and having our own children. Some of us get these jobs and you know we let whatever little authority that we may have in our household, we let that cloud our vision spiritually.

Then you get people who claim to believe in Yah and Yahoshua but behave just like the rest of the world. So we are going to try to show through scripture how and why we must humble ourselves as children. Because failing to do so leads to a heart that will not repent. How do we know that? Because this verse here in Matthew just said if you can not humble ourselves as children we will not enter Yah’s kingdom.

So since Yah is our Father and He has an order to be followed, this means that He has rules which are for the well-being of His children physically and spiritually. So let’s go to the Book of Deuteronomy chapter 6. This lesson may not be as long as previous lessons but we will just go with what Yah gives us okay.

Deuteronomy 6:24-25, v. 24 So here in Deuteronomy, Yah gives His purpose for having laws. He wants us to love, obey and live by them because this was given by Yah for what? Our own good. Not just for our own good but for our own good ALWAYS, that we may be kept alive to this present day. See we didn’t begin to face the curses as a nation until we disobeyed Yah. The curses are upon us because we disobeyed Yah. See some feel if they follow some of the law, that they are on accord with Yah. Some people feel like if they follow half or most of the law that they are on accord with Yah. But those of us that are real with ourselves, we understand that Yah does NOT do half-way. We have to remember what it’s like to be a child at heart.

v. 25 So living, loving and doing this law is for our righteousness. It says if we observe ALL commandments before Yah our Father this will be our righteousness. Because Yah has given us these laws for our own good. So the only true righteousness is the Ruach of Yah, Yah’s Word. ALL of it not part not half not most, not some. But ALL of Yah’s laws.

Now let’s go to Deuteronomy chapter 32. I’m giving you some foundation here to help us understand the latter part of the lesson.

Deuteronomy 32:45-47, v. 45 I want to point out a few things. One, we see in verse 45 that Moses spoke these words to ALL of Ysrayl. Secondly (v.46), he told us to set our hearts to all the words that he testified that day, on our hearts. And he also told us to pass this on to our children.  So the point is, if you take a deeper look to what is taking place here spiritually, see Yah is further establishing His reign here on earth. He is setting up the nation that He chose to be a representation of His Set-apart rulership on earth. This is why Moses was so serious as he was speaking. You know that he was serious by his words. He wasn’t up their playing around. But you know there were probably stiff-necks out there, probably talking the whole time while Moses was giving them all this. Well while Yah was giving it to them through Moses. You know, rebellious children who refuse to humble themselves and therefore don’t even understand what is being given to them. When you see that power and rulership that Yah promised to our forefathers, it’s like, it’s amazing. There’s nothing like it. But as we read on, we will see further evidence of how important all this is.

v. 47 So here it is. Do you remember what we were just talking about? About what we were being promised? What was taking place spiritually? That Yah choose His nation to establish His reign. This is why Moses said it is not a vain (futile) thing. It is not meaningless. This is all for a purpose. Yah’s purpose. Moses said this is your life, our lives. That means a lot. It’s our life because we live it. It’s our life because we love it. It’s our breath of life. It is the reason we are alive. It’s Yah’s Ruach. It’s everything that Ysrayl is supposed to be. This is what Ysrayl was being blessed with. I’m just trying to lay a foundation here.

Since we are talking about Moses, let’s go back to the Book of Numbers chapter 12.

Numbers 12:1-15, v. 1-3 Now understand what is being said here. There was no man upon the face of the EARTH that was equally as meek or humble as Moses. NOT ONE. But you see here Miriam and Aharon are taking their eye off the ball, so to speak. They are losing track of the main focus here. Which is that YAH is using and working through Moses to establish Ysrayl as a nation of priests that they are meant to be. Which is a blessing for the entire nation. But Miriam and Aaron are trippin’ about something so small even though they have seen Yah’s Power. But remember that the verse said that Yah heard them. He heard them hating and speaking a bunch of foolishness.

v. 4-5 read. v. 6 ‘Here now My Words’. Let’s stop here. Notice how the picture of the words are painted for us here. As we were just talking about that Yah heard the words that Miriam and Aaron spoke. Now remember we are like children in Yah’s eyes which is why we must humble our hearts as children to gain understanding of Yah and Yah’s character. So Yah the Father is now calling out to 3 or His children to defuse this situation. So Yah calls them out, Miriam, Aaron, Moses…front and center. And those of you who have children, you should understand this. Yah has 3 right there. So Yah is going to tell their stiff-neck selves something right now.  This is where Yah is going here. So Ya is about to check them. Let’s read on.

V. 6 Continued. Yah is explaining to His children how He operates. How He usually operates with a prophet that He has chosen. So here Yah is slowly breaking down this for Miriam and Aaron since they seem to have lost sight of the big picture. So Yah is speaking like a parent right now. He said normally when I send a prophet to you all, I introduce myself to them in visions and we communicate and speak with one another through dreams. This is what Yah is laying down for them right now.

v. 7-8 So now Yah is telling them just how set-apart Moses is. We read earlier why Yah chose Moses because Moses had the most humble heart of any man on the face of the earth. Moses was a cool brother. He was humble. So Yah is basically telling Miriam and Aaron that they are ignorant, rebellious fools. You seen the way I work with other servants. I talked to them in dreams and visions but MOSES…I appear to this brother. I show him My esteem. I show him My POWER. Moses knows Me on a personal level. Like no one you have known. But you are so focused on these matters that the adversary is throwing at you, that you are ignoring the work that this brother is doing. You are ignoring the main purpose at hand. You are digressing from the principle of the matter…your own salvation. Because Yah chose Moshe (Moses) to give these words of salvation to the nation of Ysrayl. But Miriam and Aaron lost sight of that because they were not humbling themselves. You don’t question Yah’s order. We all have jobs to do and positions. But Yah is the ultimate authority. And His will is the ultimate purpose. Because Yah’s ultimate purpose includes Ysrayl’s salvation and therefore the world. Ysrayl was meant to teach. So now Yah has scolded Aaron and Miriam. Now that He has explained this to them, how stupid their actions was, He’s now about to put a belt to their behinds.

v. 9-13 So now Yah is spanking Miriam spiritually by striking her with leprosy right before Moses and Aaron’s eyes. Can you imagine the shock and fear that must have caused? Picture in your heads right now, you step into the bathroom and look into the mirror and all of your skin has been turned completely white. I mean just like that (snaps fingers). Yah is spanking Miriam in front of them both. Now for those of you who had parents that didn’t play, y’all know that it’s frightening when you have done something wrong and you see your brother or sister getting spanked first and you know you are next. So Aaron is begging Yah please stop. Even Moses was begging Yah to stop and he wasn’t even in trouble. So Yah is restoring order here.

v. 14 Keep in mind this is after Moses begged Yah to let up on Miriam. v. 15 So pretty much, Yah spanked Miriam and sent her to her room. And even when Moshe asked Yah to let up on her, Yah said no, she has to learn. So Yah gave her some ‘act right’ as people say. And I bet she returned with a new spirit (Yah humbled her). See we have to humble ourselves as children or be humbled.

Let’s go to the Book of First Kings chapter 8.

1 Kings 8:44-54, v. 44-47 Now we see throughout Ysrayl’s  history that Ysrayl has been in and out of captivity. We see in the scriptures that this cycle of captivity is ALWAYS a result of Ysrayl’s sin and rebelliousness. But notice in the prayer it’s asking Yah to hear us once we have repented first. REPENT. Repent and make supplication unto Yah into the land in which we have been carried away into as captives. The definition of supplication is to ask for humbly or earnestly. So there is the word humble again.

v. 48-54 So Shlomo (Solomon), a very wise man is showing us the key to all that was promised to us by Yah. Now remember earlier we talked about Moses and how important this was, that he spoke the words of Yah to all the nation of Ysrayl. Remember? Yah’s Ruach, this is life. This is what Yah was telling us through Moses. That Yah’s Ruach is our inheritance, Yah’s Word, Yah’s law. But as we see in verse 48, it says that when the nation of Ysrayl returns to Yah with all their hearts first. So here again we see the importance of truly humbling your heart. A lot of times many people think they know what it means to humble their hearts but they don’t. Some people feel well, ‘I’m wearing my tassels’. ‘I’m passing out information’. ‘I say the names Yah and Yahoshua’. So I’m humble. Remember, Moses said this is our life and our inheritance. Solomon is showing us a key to that inheritance, which is truly repenting in our hearts. And then what? Turning to Yah with all of our hearts. This is why Yah can not stand a fearful heart because Yah said hey, I don’t give you a spirit of fear. Yah does not like fear because it shows a lack of faith and belief (on our parts). But a humble child, that’s truly humble and trusts their father, who trusts He is present and right there with them (that child) doesn’t fear anything.

Do any of you all remember as a child what it was like to be at a mall or store and lose track of your parent? You know you are not paying attention and the next thing you know, you don’t see Ima (or mother), you don’t see Abba, your father anymore. Many kids will cry and become afraid. The thought of being alone in this big place with all these people you don’t know and it will frighten many children. But what happened many of the times? Your parents saw where you were the whole time. A good parent always, they don’t lose focus.

See if we are truly like a child at heart and place all faith in Yah, all matters in Yah’s hands and trust that He will guide us through. Whatever it is that we face. So trusting in Yah and having a humble heart leads us to who Yah is trying to help us become spiritually.

So let’s go to the Book of Proverbs. We are going to read a short Scripture here. Proverbs chapter 22.

Proverbs 22:15 Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child, the rod of correction will drive it far from him.

See this foolishness being spoken of here is the same foolishness that got Miriam and Aaron in trouble with Yah. It says that foolishness is bound in the heart of a child. Now we know that this particular verse can not be referring to an obedient child. And why is that? Because the verse goes on to say that the rod of correction drives that foolishness far from that child. So why would an obedient child need correction? So the foolishness this is speaking of is referring to is the foolishness in the heart of a disobedient child that fails to humble themselves.

But you have many stiff-necked Israelites out here that refuse to accept their punishment. They refuse to acknowledge the curse upon Ysrayl for what they truly are. I don’t know how many stiff-necks I have heard say ‘oh man, Ysrayl can be anybody’. I had a family member tell me that ‘many nations can fit the mold of Ysrayl’. This is what they told me. You know, they speak this type of garbage with SO much confidence!  Because they are not humble. How can you study the history of our people and still speak that way? Yeah we know we were slaves, yeah but the condition upon us you know they were horrifying. And these stiff-necks out here saying that Ysrayl can be any nation should be given a crash course in the slavery of our ancestors. The torture devices that they used on our people.

Man, they had an instrument to what you would call a ‘vice grip’ but they would put their heads inside of it. They would drive a screw into the top of their heads and slowly crush their skulls while they were alive. They had another instrument that they would use that would slowly pull out a person’s intestines while they were still alive. And you have stiff-necks out here saying anybody could by Ysrayl?!

If any of you have seen that movie ‘drop squad’, it came out in 1994. It’s called drop squad. The concept of this movie I like a lot. It was a group of these brothers that would snatch these guys up who forgot about who we are. They drove around in this van and snatched these guys up and make them view the history of our people to give them that reminder, hey. This is the nation that is ruling over everybody. But Yah will give these stiff-necks a heavy reminder. He’s going to do that.

Let’s go to the Book of Psalms. Psalms chapter 25.

Psalm 25:8-10 See once we have truly humbled our hearts as children, the guidance that Yah gives us…there’s nothing like it. There’s no equal. Once we turn away from that sin, Yah will begin to show us things and how to maintain in this sinful world. He will show you to immediately, IMMEDIATELY feel the spirit a person has on them. This is why verse 9 says the meek or humble will have Yah’s guidance in judgment. Guidance in judgment, see this spiritually awareness is so powerful. Yah just won’t give it to anyone. Because the wicked will use it for the wrong reason. You see them doing it today. There are many men that would use it for worldly gain. This is why a humble heart is required. And verse 10 tells us that ll paths to Yah are mercy and truth…not lies. And it’s ONLY truth unto those that keep Yah’s covenant. See this is why we didn’t understand the power of this scripture until we opened our hearts to Yah. When you keep that covenant, when you have on the Spiritual armor of Yah, this world can’t fool you. But most people reject the truth don’t they. Especially Ysrayl, because they don’t want to humble themselves and listen. We always reject the truth. ALWAYS. We get caught-up in so many ridiculous situations because of that rejection of knowledge.

(This lesson, I believe is from around 2008 or 2009. I have recently heard the Israelites say that Obama could be a Hebrew because there are Israelites in Kenya so keep that in mind as you read. Yah knows his true background and will reveal it). And since we always reject truth, what you have now are Israelites all over the place placing every once of their faith into a Muslim from Indonesia by the name of Barry Sotoro (sp?) (Obama). You know he hasn’t even been in office that long and it’s already becoming ridiculous, the info that is coming out on this man. Where did they find this man? Barry Sotoro, Yah has warned us on several occasions that this will be the greatest stumbling block to Ysrayl since Jesus. Brother Obadiyah has mentioned this many times as well. It’s very clear that this man is not who or what this world wants us to believe he is. His name is false. His entire background is shady. But Ysrayl they don’t care. They believe that Barry Sotoro is here to save them. When this man was elected Hebrews went CRAZY. Shooting in the streets, making rap songs to this dude, wearing multi-million dollar medallions with President Sotoro’s face on it, cooking chitlins and selling t-shirts…ridiculous. And tell them the truth about this guy and the ignorant comments in defense of this man rolls right off of their tongues. One ignorant word after another. ‘Oh naw man, I think Barack is going to do it’. Do What?!!

I was listening to the radio the other morning on my way into work. And they were talking about Barry Sotoro appearing on television the night before. I wish y’all could have heard these people. ‘Oh man Barack, he’s the man’. ‘He did good, he did real good’. Did what? The same thing any other politician or pimp does. Promise you a whole bunch of things that they don’t really intend on giving you just to string you along, keep you blind while they keep everything they want from you. Barry Sotoro is just another man in office with the title president. Placed in that position to do the exact same thing that all presidents before him did…lead the world astray and plot against Yah.

But Ysrayl, they want their ears tickled. Therefore, we cling to nonsense and unsound doctrines. You even find Israelites in the truth who want their ears tickled at times also because they can’t completely rid their minds and hearts of the teachings of Babylon and they fall into that trap also. A trap laid by the adversary. It’s amazing t hear some Israelites speak to justify their rebellion. I’m talking about Israelites in the truth. Since they can’t get their minds around accepting something that Yah says, they sit there and twist Scripture and think that no one can see what they are doing. But do you know what? We are better off being honest with ourselves and just admitting that we have a problem just accepting certain things. Because then at least you are facing that demon that is causing you to rebel. And don’t tell me it’s not a demon that causes us to rebel against Yah. Because Scripture says that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. Because of the SPIRIT that drives rebellion. The spirit. So we must humble ourselves. All of us, me…everybody. Because turning away from sin means completely. The way Yah says to. Remember Yah does things across the board not half-way.

So let’s go to the Book of Yahezqyl chapter 18.

Yahezqyl 18:24-32, v. 24 This is what we were just talking about remember? When Yah says turn away from sin, He means completely. So while we are in sin any righteousness we do or have done means nothing as long as we continue in that sin or iniquity. This is not what T.D. Jakes is telling Ysrayl. This is not what Creflo Dollar is telling Ysrayl. Those negroes are devils. And there are millions of them running around this world. They tell you that it’s okay to continue in sin as long as you believe in Jesus.

So it’s up to the true servants of Yah to tell people the truth. But we can’t do that if we are still caught-up in that same madness, that same iniquity that same sin. Sitting there trying to weigh sins. ‘Oh a little of this won’t hurt’. ‘I can celebrate a little of this’. ‘I know it’s a pagan day but I can still celebrate a little bit’. ‘Yah won’t hold that against me’. WRONG. We must flee ALL sins. Get far away from it as we can. We all have to humble ourselves or be humbled. Because if a man does not turn away from his sin, then this means he has a heart that will not repent. You can not truly repent without turning your heart away from iniquities. And the wages of a heart that will not repent is death according to the verses that we are reading. Let’s read on.

v. 25-27 read. v. 28 ‘From ALL his sins he turns away’. Here’s further proof from the scriptures of what we were just talking about. Because it says that the law of Yah keeps us alive. This means in every way. And verse 28 says that he considers… considers what? The law, Yah’s Word. Remember that’s what Yah says our problem is. He said His people they don’t consider. Then it says that, that man turns away from ALL his transgressions , then he shall surely live.

v. 29-30 So Yah is driving the point home. It says that sin is our ruin. Now again, this means any sin. We have to break away from the ways of Babylon completely. We can not think that what we are doing is only a little amount of dirt or secret sin, that we are still on accord with Yah. Remember that brings us out of His protection. Remember Moses was chosen because of how humble he was. Which is why Yah chose Moses to lead the children of Ysrayl.

v. 31-32 So Yah says you need a new heart, if you plan on riding this train. You need a new spirit. It says why will you die Ysrayl? Why will you choose death through sin, Ysrayl? After what Yah has chosen. Then Yah says I have no pleasure in the death of him that dies. It’s all simple. So as we learn this truth, let’s use the common sense that Yah has given us. It’s hard enough in this daily spiritual battle already. We don’t need to add any unnecessary road blocks. See even we Israelites that are in the truth need to beware of the adversary. More than ever. He doesn’t stop trying his tricks just because we know a little something now, just because we know more than we did before. Naw. He wouldn’t be who he was if it were that easy.

So if something does not make any sense, leave it alone. I’m not saying that I know everything or that we know everything. Or that we have all the answers. But we all have common sense. If someone can talk to me for 20 minutes trying to debate whether the name is Yah, Yahawah or Yahcwah but then turn around and still call Him ‘God’ then obviously something is wrong, something ain’t right. If someone wants to debate on whether the Messiyah’s name is pronounced Yahoshua, Yah-how-wa-shy, Yeshua and all that but then turn around and teach lessons in the name of Jesus Christ, all for an organization who carries the name of the Christian God in its title. We have to get a clue. Don’t be seduced by these doctrines out here. Am I saying we can not learn from other sources? Of course not. But those sources of truth, they will be on accord with Yah anyway.

But when it’s something that clearly makes no sense, stay away from it. You have Israelites out here that can speak all the Hebrew in the world, shouting out Jesus is the devil yet they give all praises to Jesus at the same time. How can you hold up a sign saying that this man is the devil but yet you give praise to him? They have organizations calling themselves Israelites named after the Greco-Roman Christian God. We have to stay away from that madness. Because madness is of the adversary. Because the adversary feeds Ysrayl so many delusions.

Just like what we were talking about earlier with the president of the United States, Barry Sotoro. Ysrayl is waiting for this man to bring them what Yah has already promised, if we would just turn away from Babylon. They are waiting on this man to save them. And Yah has already promised what we think this man is going to bring.


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