Yah’s will vs. Our Wishes

Yah’s people must have the fruit of the spirit…faith, gentleness, self-control, peace, joy etc. We did a radio show (while down in Florida) on a Christian radio show and she is here now in our Shabbat class. (talks about the lecture given in Longwood, Florida). An elderly lady came up to us after the radio show outside. She had heard about the show and wanted to know all about Yah and Yahoshua. We visited where Trayvon was murdered. We saw the shrine (which we know is idolatry) they do that in Chicago too. He was killed for the same reason as Emmit Till. We saw a reporter from France at the apartments and we did an interview with him. Shawn Bell, Emmit Till, Rodney King, Martin Luther King…the list goes on and on.

Understand Yah’s will for your life vs. your wishes. If your wishes go against His will, the result will be different in your life. His will is best for us. For some, this (Shabbat)is the only place you can smile all week long because you battle satan. Some family and/or friends we have to separate from. Pray for those that fall away from Yah and Yahoshua. Because you may be their life-line because Yah hears your prayer. But you don’t have to hang out with them.  Yah’s mercy should always be taught no matter what Israelite congregation you are apart of.

Kepha said the righteous are barely going to make the kingdom, so what do you think about the wicked? Fight those demons. Endure. We look at the world through material eyes, satan’s eyes. Yah never said material things=blessings. Yah has a will for our lives. We know Yah, Yahoshua so who are the blessed ones? Us. We don’t understand the power we will be blessed with…we will be above all people on the earth Yah said. Just like those superheroes, we will have power.

Today’s lesson will be short. Did y’all see the Tupac hologram? It was off the chain! All that technology is here! They resurrected Tupac. He has been dead like 15 years. It’s on youtube, the performance. The hologram was not a previous performance. They made  him move on stage. They mimicked his voice too. He said the name of the concert event. Who remembers the night Obama was elected on CNN with will-i-am? Will-i-am (of the black-eye-peas group) was a hologram in the CNN studio. How many ‘brews are in holograms so far? Two. Two Israelites. No Gentiles are in holograms so far. Remember when silent movies were given sound? Only  black men’s voices would record at first. Ain’t that something? So can only ‘brews be holograms? It cost $100,000 to make this hologram of Tupac. They are going on tour with Tupac. Just think how much money they will spend to deceive us later with holograms! How about if they mimic my voice or Moshe’s to lie to you. (to turn you away from Yah, Yahoshua) Suppose they give you illusions? Suppose they bring you an illusion of me saying that I am MessiYah?


Did y’all here about the story about the sex robots on Yahoo news? Men have been buying them to have sex with.

I-phone 4 is here y’all. Do y’all see all this technology? It is fallen angel technology.

Machiavelli, kill-illuminati, is Tupac really dead? They can use blue screen technology to make images in the sky. Just like the movie ‘300’. They will use technology to show the false messiah. There is a real good UFO DVD over at the nation of Islam site. Don’t read their information just get the DVD,  LOL. They have been seeing UFOs in Israel and also orbiting the earth. Yeah Ancient aliens is interesting (comes on the history channel).

I-phones/Androids have all types of technology on them. We slept on these smart phones. You can listen to pal-talk chat rooms on your phones, watch videos, scan bar codes on phones at the store, use as a TV remote control, deposit your check into the bank, open garages, start your car and on and on. They are pocket computers really.

The bionic man (the 6 million dollar man) the bionic woman, transformers, specter man, Robo-cop, astro boy, inspector gadget, terminator, iron man…machines + human DNA=satan wants to create his human. Athletes will start getting these mechanical parts…watch it will happen.

Did y’all know they are letting children pick their own gender now? This is a very wicked time we are living in…Tupac rapping after 15 years. Speaking of resurrection, they are talking about doing thriller Michael and Elvis too. Why the thriller Mike though? Because he was darker. Don’t get caught up y’all, this technology is here.  Protect your mind!!! Inception! Satan is coming with great wrath! Protect your heart! Let Yah guide you. Get fed here. We are going to let Yah handle it. We will let Him do. We don’t listen to Bill O’Reilly and them.

Did y’all know what April 19th was? It was Hitler’s birthday, and when the Columbine massacre and the Waco siege occurred. (Columbine and Waco) was about mind control. Mind control is here We don’t need to argue with the police. Let the police search you if they want to. My backpack only has books, and a computer in it. Don’t puff up at the police y’all. We need you in this spiritual battle. We don’t want you to go to prison. The prisoners are waking up too y’all. They know that they are Ysrayl, ask ahki Yahcanal (sp?). So what if the police want to search me… search me. I don’t do drugs or carry a gun. Even righteous Gentiles with the truth go through this.

Don’t get comfortable here. This is not our land. What will you do with Yah’s mercy? We don’t protest in this land. Read Deuteronomy chapter 28. We did not protest in Sanford Florida. We went down there to teach. Zimmerman is out of jail. We know he will not be convicted.

Messianic Israelites, Yah has mercy on this place because of you. He can take this place out in 1 hour (Scripture says He will take this place out in 1 hour). It’s because we are here that Yah doesn’t destroy this place.

Doesn’t seem like we have unity in tragedy but when it is over we go back to sinning?

Y’all donate a dollar or two to e-sword. They are a non-profit group. We download our Scriptures and other books from them. Many Israelites use e-sword. Let’s keep them going.

The HalleluYah Scriptures will be out on the 24th of this month. This is a new copy of the Scriptures translation.

Nato Summit in Chicago coming up. They have already told people protesting will not be permitted.

Marissa Alexander: They are trying to give her 20 years. She gave the same law as Zimmerman. She is from Jacksonville Florida. They want to charge her because they said she went back in the house. She could not get out of the garage. They twist the laws depending on the person. TEXT in the room: stand your ground is for them to kill us.


Lesson: Yah’s Will vs. Our Wishes: When we don’t get what we want we pout. Yah has something better for you. Sometimes when you think things are going wrong, they are going right, according to Yah’s will. That thing you have been praying for 3 years may not come until 5 years. Some of you are praying for spouses. Yah may know you are not ready to receive it, you may destroy it if you get the covenant of marriage now. Yahoshua didn’t want to die that night but it was Yah’s will. People use to ask me why I did not have a congregation in Chicago. It was always Yah’s will (for me to be online).  Do y’all know it’s Yah’s will that makes the sun rise and moon rise? ‘I will to be’ Yah said and he sent Moses to the children of Ysrayl. He didn’t need no help creating, It was Him alone. In the movie Green Lantern, they willed and the thing they willed manifested itself. Yah willed and it manifested. He spoke everything into creation. The will of Yah will manifest in your life. Will power= control. Just like you used will power to stop eating pork when you got this truth, to overcome sin.

Genesis 2:15-25 It was Yah’s will for you to have dominion over the earth, to be perfect. Yah gave us the kingdom, dominion even the tree of life (eternal life). But now we have to work to get all that back. Our wishes clashed against Yah’s will. Humble yourself to Yah’s will. Now we have to go the long route to get back to Yah. v. 15 Adam was created in Eden not the garden. He was placed in the garden (later). v. 17 One tree we were not to eat from. v. 18 Yah willed man and woman to be together. Homosexuality is the wishes of man. It clashes with Yah’s will. v. 19 Man named things he owned. His job was to rule the earth. Sisters were created to help man. Evolution is from satan. Polar bears did not evolve from brown bears. Yah created different types of bears. v. 20 Man by himself. v. 21 Yah did surgery, used the genetics of man to create woman. This is why we are compatible. v. 22-25 It is Yah’s will that man takes a woman for his wife. Yah’s will for a man is to have a helper. And it’s your wish to have 10 girlfriends. Being single is not wrong but being a homosexual is wrong.

Many of us don’t know what we want t be still (in this walk)…just let Yah. He wants you to be a fisherman of men not an executive in a company…that’s your desire.

Let’s look at some examples. Set-apart servants put their wishes above Yah’s will. TEXT: We fail when we put our wishes above Yah—only to be saved by Yah again.

This is what hampers our walks. Battle of the flesh…remove your wishes. Be patient, wait on Yah. Let Him work in your life. Remember the Israelites complained at the Red Sea saying ‘you brought us out here to kill us’. Moses raised his staff and the water moved. Yah’s will was that the sea moved. The water was obedient to Yah’s will! But you have a problem (with Yah’s will).

Exodus 3:9-14, v. 10 Yah is going to send us to the rulers, governors in this day. v. 11 Moses questioned Yah’s will. v. 12 I am with you said Yah. v. 14 It’s not ‘I Am who I am’. This is not a correct translation. It should be ‘I will to be, who I will to be’. I will to be justice. I will to be righteousness. I will to be deliverance. In other words, don’t limit Yah. He has authority over all. The sun god is only the sun god. The moon god is only the moon god. Yah is what Yah wants to be. He willed Himself to self-exist. If He is with you, who can be against you?

Numbers 20:1-11 When Yah says something, He wants it done. Three times a year all your males had to go to Jerusalem. We don’t wish…Yah gives us what He wants us to have. If I ask Yah for bread, then my neighbor brings it that’s better than a man who stole a steak. Be happy with what Yah gives you. Don’t wish for something else. Wishing for more is from satan. You have food, home, car so be happy. Satan convinces you that you need a BETTER home, car, etc. You are at the place now where Yah needs you to be! You are blessed because you are where Yah wants you to be but satan will say you are not blessed because you have no money.

We use to complain about our neighborhoods. But back then everyone knew each other. Now we miss those old ways. I don’t really many of my neighbors now.

Tomorrow Yah may uproot you for His Will!! Abraham and Sarah went how many years for a child? They had to wait on Yah. Jacob had to wait on Rachel. It was Yah’s will for him to have 4 wives not just the one. Yah wanted the 12 tribes. Wait on Yah. Wait for His will to manifest in your life. Every step manifest’s Yah’s will. So He will be what He wills to be. Yah’s will for Ysrayl is to serve Him but it was our will to serve the nations and their gods. We constantly put our wishes before Yah’s will.

1 Samuel 8:1-10 v. 3 They did their own will…money not justice (Yah’s will). v. 5 They wanted a king to be like the nations. They didn’t want Yah. v. 7 They rejected Yah ruling over us. But at the end of the day, Yah is still our King. This is why we are scattered today. Now we have to take the long route (back home, to Him) It will happen that Ysrayl rules the earth. We think we removed Yah as our King but Yah still rules over us.

We tell people we are separatist. They wanted to integrate. No we separate from wickedness no matter the color. We are in a traffic jam now because we go the wrong route. Yah gave you a home in the ‘hood but you want to live in the ‘burbs instead of going where you are sent by Yah. MJ came back to us before he died. Remember that song ‘they don’t care about us’. Mike found out the truth.

TEXT: We want Yah to be patient when dealing with us but we are not patient while waiting on Him. <—Yeah, because we are stiff-necks.

I use to pout for a wife, y’all. If you run out and get a wife you may end up getting godzilla-satan. I was lonely once y’all, you know. Yah will give you your spouse. Let His will do it. You go out and get anything to marry. You go get a woman who will not keep a Shabbat. You grab anything. She will make pure grave in your house because you couldn’t wait on Yah to send your princess. She at the club on Friday night. But you say she’s FINE. She’s disobedient. But you say she’s real fine. But you don’t know about her spiritual walk. There will be many fine women in the lake too.

v. 8-10 So Yah told them the kings would be unrighteous. There was a long line of unrighteous kings that ruled over Israel. But there will be a righteous Ruler again (Yahoshua).

Joshua 10:11-14 Yah will harken to you when your wishes align with His will.

See, you have to be shown what’s out there so you can see (for yourself). Taking the long route back to Yah…He lets satan deceive you. The civil rights movement happened when it was supposed to happen. 50 years later, we see most has not changed. Yah is our King. We seen our ancestors mistakes 5,00o; 2,000 years ago, 400 years ago and 50 years ago. We are in the last days of the curses y’all (1619-2019).

We die and fail without Yah. We should not be in ghettos, prison, government assistance, we have done wrong to Yah, we wanted our will. This is why we are not in our land tonight. We are in our enemy’s land. They are eating us up. What you wish for may just kill you. Yah gives all you need, yet you complain.

Joshua 10:11-14 Joshua needed the daylight to win the battle. Make sure your wish aligns with Yah’s will. The sun, moon were obedient to Yah. Joshua was obedient. All was on one accord. Perfection.

We want Yah to be over us not a president.

You may be praying for something. Yah may have something special for you. Be patient.

Genesis 18:2, 22-33, v. 2 read. v. 22 These are angels of Yah who stayed with Abraham. v. 25 Abraham wishes align with Yah’s will. v. 26 Yah will have mercy on 50 righteous. v. 28-29 Abraham wishes. v. 33 Yah went away.

If there were 10, He would not destroy the place. Yah listened to a man. Yah’s will. Yah only found 4 righteous. Yah has not destroyed Babylon in 1 hour yet because we are here today.

Sometimes life changes happen to us.

John 9:1-3 Yahoshua healed him so Yah’s will can be seen. Yah’s power could be seen in Yahoshua. Yah already knows who will be healed. Healers, when Yah gives you that power, don’t charge people $19.99 to be healed. He wants you to heal where He tells you. Yahoshua did the will of Yah and healed him. People are waiting on you. People are searching for The Father. So don’t put your will over The Father’s. TEXT: They thought Iyob (Job) sinned when he was struck with illness.

Suppose I didn’t build the website? And didn’t put what I knew about Yah and Yahoshua out there? That was not Yah’s will for me. I was supposed to bring the truth to you. We are supposed to bring truth to people. You may wake up 2,000 people. You may think no, I’m not going to this person but Yah may have been getting that person ready 10 months before you talked with them for this walk. In Ezekiel chapter 3 the prophet was bitter to go (to the house of Ysrayl who are rebellious). You may only have 3 people show up to hear you speak. Shaul got in line with Yah’s will and he used to persecute the brothers. He did Yah’s will.

Luke 22:39-44, v. 38 2 swords was enough said Yahoshua. Yahoshua told them to sell their garments. v. 42 If it’s Your will Father, let your will be done. He did not want to die but He said let it be Yah’s will! He was in agony. Sweat like blood was dripping. He wished not to die. See, remove your will. So you can do His will. Imagine if Yahoshua ran away? What would have become of us? We would be doomed! Moses, Abraham, David could not do it. Only Yahoshua could do it.

Kepha put his will before Yah’s will. He denied 3 times. So when they see your name on the Israelite Heritage list and they accuse Moshe and I of being terrorists, will you deny knowing us?

Yah told Yeremiyah, I knew you in the womb. Yah knew His job. He is not concerned about what you are to do. satan tells you ‘maybe’ I should do this or that. (Yah knows His plans for us). Why are you never satisfied? That is flesh. What stands in your way? YOU. You stand in your way, in what you are supposed to do. Don’t blame others. Adam blamed Eve saying the woman You gave me brought this fruit to me. What convinced him to follow Eve but he knew the law? He always wanted to eat the fruit. It was already on his heart…his wishes got in the way.

Let’s close out. How many of you are addicted to wishes? Meaning you fantasize about it until you get it. Let Yah’s wishes overtake your wishes. Yah’s will is for you to serve Him. If anything gets in that way, that’s your wish. Yah may have you multi-tasking. The demons will try to stand in your way when doing for Yah.

1 kings 8:44-51 This is the Redemption prayer. A prayer for Ysrayl when we go into captivity asked by King Solomon. Him asking aligned with Yah’s will for us.

1 Kings 9:1-3 This is Yah’s answer to Solomon. v. 1 All prayers of Solomon He desired to do, it says. Solomon’s will aligned with Yah’s will.

Know what Yah wants you to do. Some are in so many ministries (multi-tasking). Some are artists, all have talents, one body with many parts. Yah said in Deut. 28:65 there is no rest for our feet in the enemy’s land.

If someone asks you to speak at their church…go…Yah will speak through you. Don’t think you don’t know enough. You know the names, so you know more than them. Don’t worry if you speak ebonics. Most of our people speak ebonics too. Yah may send you to a prison to talk because you use to be in prison. Yah may send you to speak with prostitutes because you use to be a prostitute. Yah may send you to talk to corporate America because you speak English the way they understand. Yah sends you where you are needed. Let Him put you where He needs you to be. Stop complaining.

How do you know Yah’s will? The urge, you have that urge. That feeling. Like if you hear someone talking about the Bible. Just go over and tell them what is in the Book.

If a homeless person asks you for change, give it to him, if you have it. Don’t do your will. Yah will give you back your dollar. If the homeless person is lying about the need for money for food, Yah’s wrath will go to him. You be in line with Yah’s will.

Don’t miss a blessing because of your will. The end of the lesson. No Q & A this week.


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