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In the Garden: Our New Barn

….well not barn but a shed although, it looks like a barn I joked. I told my mother, “all we need now are some chickens.” She laughed.

I bought this dandelion weeder here leaning against the house from Ace Hardware. This is one of the best $15 I have ever spent. Not only does it weed all kinds of weeds but it gets in the cracks and crevices without me having to put my hand near. I even use it under shrubs and we all know that snakes like to lay up under shrubs. It’s lightweight and easier to handle than a regular garden hoe, in my opinion (click on the image to get a better view). My male kin-folk joked that he will use this to kill a snake. I put this weeder in one area to store and he moved it to where he keeps instruments to kill dangerous critters…

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In the Garden: This Post Is Not For the Fearful: Don’t Scroll Down

Apple trees are planted. I also planted the peach and lemon trees but I did not take a picture because I’m not done with the area yet.

Front garden.

a closer view of the blooms. Oh yeah, the tree leans because a hurricane bent my tree over but it’s still beautiful.

Watermelon jungle.

This water-moccasin was just under the tree in the front yard with the pink blooms that you see above. When I went to water because it has been very dry lately, it moved when the water from the sprinkler hit it. A Hebrew man (relative) killed the snake. In the picture above, the man rolled the snake over for the picture although it looks alive. The man crushed its head.

It seems this snake was terrorizing the neighborhood for a few days. My young neighbor said it was on his front door step the day before and he shewed it away with a broom. He said he had no shovel to kill it and he did not know how to kill the snake. He also said it was in his next door neighbor’s yard. From reading his face, he looked so glad that it was finally dead…Two days later, when I was going to work two buzzards were eating the snake and flew off when I was approaching my car.

I made a post awhile back called ‘interesting movie’. It was about this movie called ‘the conjuring’. A couple of weeks ago, I watched ‘the conjuring part 2’. The most memorable thing about that movie to me was that the mother chained the little girl’s room shut so that she would not sleep walk in there at night (because the portal was opened in her room with an Ouija board). However, the demon(s) would make her sleep walk downstairs then TELEPORT her into the room from the downstairs ceiling into the floor of the room and into the room itself!! At the end, they thought the portal was closed but 40 years later the mother died in the same chair that the previous owner had died in….they noted it at the end…because well…it seemed strange and there is no such thing as coincidence…

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In the Garden

I bought another lemon tree, this time an Eureka lemon, similar to the Meyer lemons that you buy at the grocery store. Now I have the old Ponderosa lemon tree and this new one. The Pondersosa lemon tree was beat up during one very cold night we had this past winter. I have not seen many flowers on it so far this year but it is still green.  I just have one more fruit tree that I want to buy.

I bought this all yellow-flowered hibiscus to match my lemon tree(s). However, the day after I took this photo, a deer came and ate all the flowers and some leaves off of it. I planted some marigolds around it. Supposedly, deer and other animals do like the marigold smell. I will see if this applies to deer…



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In the Garden: How Y’all Be?

Check out my new garden/rain boots. I have always wanted a pair so I bought a pair, tired of muddy wet sneakers.

Do y’all remember our people use to say, ‘How Y’all be’? when entering a room and the people in the room would respond, ‘We “be” fine’.  I asked a ‘brew at work, ‘How you be’? and he responded ‘I be fine’. LOL, our people love call and response.  Thought I would open this post with a jokey-joke. I know that I have been M.I.A lately. I was sick all of December until mid January, about six weeks with the flu/bronchitis. I’m now getting over a cold but I am still coughing. I was sick twice this winter.

I wanted to come here to tell y’all that there is this young man that recently started working on my job. I noticed his name when I was looking at some paperwork. His name is Esah Yaacob……..you just know I had to ask. So I asked him where he is from. He responded, ‘I am from Guyana’ which is in South America about an hour from Trinidad. I made some other small talk, asking him if he knew the other people on the job from Guyana but he responded, ‘no’. All the while I was wondering if he knew that his last name was a Hebrew name. His first name also sounded Hebrew…Esah-Esau. However, the thing that puzzled me is that he does not look like the average Hebrew. As a matter of fact, I thought when I asked him his ethnicity, that he would respond (East) Indian but he did not answer as I expected. I do realize that he could have a Hebrew descendant somewhere down the family tree and there are plenty of Hebrews in Guyana. *From Wikipedia: Guyana is a diverse nation, 39.8% of the population is of East Indian origin (see Indo-Guyanese), 30% Black African (see Afro-Guyanese), 19.9% multiracial (almost all part African), 10.5% Amerindian and 0.5% other, mostly Chinese and whites (most notably Dutch people, Portuguese and English).

I usually buy all blue embroidery floss for law but this time I bought scarlet, blue, purple and gold, the colors of the curtains in Yah’s temple.

I bought a peach tree! It’s common name is called Florida Prince. The man I bought it from said that it will fruit this year and not to pluck away the fruit. We can eat them this year. It has many flowers on it already.

I bought an apple tree called ‘Anna’. It is already towering over me. It is about 6’2. It has some flowers on it already. I bought two low-chill apple trees, that grow in the south. They came from a nursery in South Carolina.


I bought a Dorsett Golden apple tree which will help pollinate the other apple tree. It is much smaller than the Anna apple tree.

I bought a tree rose called ‘Iceberg’. I have always wanted a white rose. It’s already bringing in the bees (pollinators). I also bought watermelon, cucumber, one tomato, strawberries, bell peppers…I could not find cayenne peppers…yet. I was planning on growing from seed but I changed my mind. I still will buy seeds and save them but I don’t have the time right to grow from seed. Which reminds me, guess what y’all? I have been accepted into university. This time the gentiles school (I graduated from an HBCU) right here in town. I’m going to be an elementary teacher.




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In the Garden

I have not taken pictures of my garden in a long time. I sorta fell off from gardening. I grew only bell peppers this year. The above picture is a picture of the purple and pink flowers in the front yard. I did have many flowers this year, so much so that people were stopping by the house and telling me how beautiful they were (from spring to early summer). They would even stop my family members and tell them how beautiful the flowers are in the yard. I’m probably going to start vegetable gardening again in the spring. I miss it. Someone from a family member’s job sent me some backyard-farm eggs yesterday but I have not tried them yet.  I told the family member that she is starting some stuff now because if I love the taste of the eggs… guess what…I will want some chickens next. She laughed.

I was also watching this homestead youtube video that inspired me. Have y’all ever heard of wormwood? This homesteader on the video used it with other herbs to de-worm her goats and the one cow that she had. She rolled the herbs in balls with molasses and fed it to her animals. She said some people use honey instead of molasses. I thought that was interesting. She also used cedarwood essential oil (in a watered down spray) to spray her animals against fleas and flies. I have never heard of that but did hear neem oil is good for that and mosquitoes.

White and yellow flowers near the lemon tree.

Lots of lemons on the tree. They will be ripe in the winter for some backyard lemonade. There’s nothing like in the store!

A picture of the bell peppers.

I’m loving this candle right now. It smells like pancakes are cooking. The name says Sunday pancakes but they should have named it weekend pancakes. When I was a little girl my mom only made pancakes on the weekend (so to speak).

I’m working on a new post, a book review however it will be awhile before I am done reviewing. I’m still taking notes. Yah bless.

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In the Garden: Lavender and Olive OYL


I bought an olive tree yesterday. It is a Spanish variety. I plan on putting it in a very large pot (that I have stored on the side of the house). I might put in the ground next spring. But for now, I’m going to baby it. I’m still thinking about getting a pear tree. If I do, it will be in the late summer or fall. I have been looking at this French technique called Espalier. If I Espalier the pear tree, this may help keep the squirrels away. I know from my grandmother’s pear tree that squirrels love pears. If I keep the pear in Espalier form, then I would be able to cover it with netting so that the squirrels could not snatch pears. Oh yeah, the olive tree is self-pollinating meaning that I do not need two in order to grow olive-fruit.


The peppers are getting bigger. I’m thinking about getting a tomato plant.


The carrots, potatoes and cabbages are also getting bigger.


I made a homemade insect spray, there in the white bottle. It contains distilled water, dawn and olive oyl. I just shake it, before using to mix the oil well. It seems to be working so far. I killed two caterpillars by hand but none since I began spraying.


Next time I make the insect spray, I will melt this Castile soap in hot distilled water. Dawn is okay but its still chemical-like. 04-02-2016: My grandma used this soap. Did y’all know that Castile soap was originally made in Spain and it was made from olive oyl? My niece was asking me about the Moors the other day. I wonder if the Israylites are the ones who took the knowledge of olive oyl soap to Spain? Castile is a region of Spain that I read about when I was learning about soap making. Things that make you go hmmm…


The marigold pot has many blooms all over the place. It looks better in person.


The roses are in the ground now. I’m thinking of doing yellow, white and peach roses in a different area.


The hot pink rose is blooming a lot.


The lemon tree is in the ground. I may have to move it next spring. It may be to close to the other lemon tree.


Lavender. The flowers will probably be dried and used for potpourri. I read that Lavender and olive trees do not like constant wet soil. They like to completely dry out like most Mediterranean plants (which includes plants of Israel).


I bought another coconut. I was told that when I crack it open with the hammer, that I should cover it with a hand towel so that the shell does not fly and hit myself or anyone else in the eye. I have been increasing good fats like coconut, avocados, sardines, butter and olives (which I just heard about olives). When body builders are about to go into competition, they go on a high protein, high good fats, low carb diet. It’s called a Ketogenic diet, that is (partly) how they get their bodies sleek. When I was in the grocery store yesterday, just about all those coconuts were gone and it was a very large heap that was originally there!

*Some body builders, when not in competition mode, have cheat days that they call carb days where they will eat things like sweet potatoes (and other slow burning carbs) to bring their energy up.


A picture showing just how vast the region of Castile (in yellow) is where soap making was done. Tomorrow, Yah willing I will come back to this post and show you a bar of Greek olive oyl soap that I purchased in a health food store at the time when my niece asked me about the Moors.


04-03-2016: This is the Greek olive oyl soap, I was referring to by the “Kiss My Face” Company. I have been knowing about this soap for years. I stopped using it around 2008 because it got hard to find during the recession. Then I forgot about it but it came back to my remembrance while visiting the health food store with my niece a couple of weeks ago.


This is the color of the soap, a true olive green. Many years ago, I wondered what makes this soap green? When I and others made homemade soap with olive oyl, it always came out a creamy beige-y color. I searched long and hard to find out how the Greeks do it. And one day, the answer was given to me. Not only do they add olive oyl but they also add the olive fruit/pits which can be black and/or green in color. This is what turns the soap green. I have also seen soap from Syria and some of them do the same thing. I think this is the oldest technique for making olive oyl soap. I wonder if it is the Hebrews that brought this technique all about with them?

By the time we got to West Africa…there were no olive trees. The Hebrews began making this soap called black soap. You can find black soap in just about every West African country but the ingredients may vary slightly. What makes homemade soap better than store bought soap is that its made with real wood ash and more oyl is put in it. The soap in the store is made with synthetic lye which causes skin problems (for some).

When my olive tree starts producing fruit, I will probably begin making olive oyl soap again. 🙂


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In the Garden: Cabbages and Roses


Carrots, cabbage and potatoes today.


A close view of the cabbages. Last week I put Epsom salt in a watering can and fed the whole garden. The cabbages and all the vegetation responded immediately. I did this after reading an old garden book where the gardener said all old folks did was put Epsom salt, compost and manure in the garden to fertilize. That’s it! They did not use fancy, science-y fertilizers back in the day. Hopefully this year I will finally start my own compost bin.


A close view of the potatoes on the other side of the cabbages. We use to eat cabbage and cornbread with our fingers back in the day! Finger-licking good.


New roses. The rose on top is called American Beauty, or something like that. I bought it because it’s hot pink. The other rose is another lavender Angel Face rose, so now I have two purple roses.


Marigold pot.


New lemon tree. It’s similar to Meyer lemons but its not a Meyer lemon. I will place this lemon tree near the Ponderosa lemon tree.


The Hamlin orange tree has gotten a little bigger and greener because of the Epsom salt.


Brown sugar daylilies. I hope they put on a good show this year.


The old Ponderosa lemon tree. I gave it a good,hard pruning back in January. It’s looking good so far.


From left to right, yellow bell pepper, red bell pepper and jalapeno pepper. I was going to plant pepper seeds again but I changed my mind. Maybe next year I will plant from seeds using my little greenhouse. It’s too late to plant them from seed here where I live. I planted some back December (?) but some animal dug up my pepper seedlings. Every year like clock work, I plant peppers in the ground and something comes and eats them up. I got a trick this year! I put them in pots! We’ll see what happens.

I also planted a pineapple in the ground but I forgot to take a picture of it. I’m going to plant several pineapples in the same area. I’m thinking about planting corn, okra and onions from seeds.

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In the Garden: Purple Rose


I have been wanting a purple rose for a long time. This is a Lavender Floribunda rose called ‘angel face’. I found it on the clearance rack in the garden center right before winter. I babied this rose all winter. I planted it in November. It only had one bloom on it, at the time of this picture. Friday, I noticed that there is another blossom/bud forming.


I will probably add more colors later. I saw a darker purple rose too, online. Thursday, when I was outside, a bumble bee was chasing me all over the yard. I forgot that I had on some sweet lotion. I’m glad no one saw me doing the windmill, lol. Just kidding.


The sweet pea patch. Since taking this picture back in February, the patch is almost done. I have a big bag of sweet peas in the freezer now.


I might pluck this lemon today.


Carrots on your left and cabbage on your right. Over there in the bald section, I have potatoes which I planted this past week. They have not sprouted yet.


Seedling cups on the ground: They were a disaster. Some animal came and dug in one of the cups and the cold destroyed the other seedlings. So I have to start over. These are mostly onions and peppers. I want some Jalapeno peppers this summer, to set my mouth on fire…lol.


I bought a seedling tray and I plan to put it up high. Maybe this will keep the animal(s) out…We’ll see. And spring is almost here…it’s time for a Home Depot or Lowe’s run!


Friday, I bought myself a coconut and a pineapple (but the pineapple isn’t ripe yet). I just finished picking the coconut meat out of this coconut a few moments ago.


I think this is the most coconut water that I have ever gotten, from an old coconut, baby coconuts are green and with more juice. I will strain this water before adding to my smoothie.


The meat was creamy and white with a slight sweet smell. I put the meat in the freezer to add sliced chunks to my smoothies, for good fat. I rinsed the meat with water before freezing. The picture above, shows it still in its shell.

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In the Garden


I’m growing cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. I will transplant these into the ground soon.


sweet peas seedlings.


Barely there seedlings, Romaine lettuce on one side and beets on the other.


Bell peppers.


More bell peppers. I did not have much of a crop this summer (overall) because it rained so much. I did have these bell peppers and also onions. I also have lemons that are almost ready to harvest. I’m thinking about getting another fruit tree. I was watching this show the other day and this couple had a pecan tree on their property. Oh how I wished for a nut tree. My grandma used to have a pecan tree in her yard (it’s been cut down now because of squirrels) and I used to eat pecans ’til I was sick from eating too much! She had pecans by the big brown bag fulls. She also had a pear tree and it is now gone also. Old people use to plant plenty of food. I would love to have a pear or apple tree.


Carrot seedlings. Next month I will start over with onions and hot pepper seedlings.