In the Garden: This Post Is Not For the Fearful: Don’t Scroll Down

Apple trees are planted. I also planted the peach and lemon trees but I did not take a picture because I’m not done with the area yet. Front garden. a closer view of the blooms. Oh yeah, the tree leans because a hurricane bent my tree over but it’s still beautiful. Watermelon jungle. This water-moccasinContinue reading “In the Garden: This Post Is Not For the Fearful: Don’t Scroll Down”

In the Garden: How Y’all Be?

Check out my new garden/rain boots. I have always wanted a pair so I bought a pair, tired of muddy wet sneakers. Do y’all remember our people use to say, ‘How Y’all be’? when entering a room and the people in the room would respond, ‘We “be” fine’.  I asked a ‘brew at work, ‘HowContinue reading “In the Garden: How Y’all Be?”

In the Garden: Lavender and Olive OYL

gre I bought an olive tree yesterday. It is a Spanish variety. I plan on putting it in a very large pot (that I have stored on the side of the house). I might put in the ground next spring. But for now, I’m going to baby it. I’m still thinking about getting a pearContinue reading “In the Garden: Lavender and Olive OYL”

In the Garden: Cabbages and Roses

Carrots, cabbage and potatoes today. A close view of the cabbages. Last week I put Epsom salt in a watering can and fed the whole garden. The cabbages and all the vegetation responded immediately. I did this after reading an old garden book where the gardener said all old folks did was put Epsom salt,Continue reading “In the Garden: Cabbages and Roses”