Bat Soup and Huggy Bear

Hey y’all. I was doing some reading about “the Rona.” Did y’all know that they think this virus migrated from bats? I had a feeling that it was from unclean animals. The word ZOONOTIC means spread from animals to humans. It is said to have come from a food market in Wuhan China thus called China Flu or Kung Flu. I also read that they think that it spread from bats to an animal called a pangolin then to humans or bats to swine. Bats carry hundreds of viruses and the viruses are usually spread in their poop. It is believed that the Gentiles were eating unclean animals thus the title of this post, bat soup. The Wuhan virus is 80% similar to that of SARS, another virus carried by bats. Do you want to know something else I read that was very interesting? They also think that the original source of Ebola starting in 1976 came from bats, a plague against the Israylites. Why do they believe the source animal are bats? Because according to the Journal of Nature, 96% of genetic code of Corona is found in Chinese bat populations. The research also showed that the virus can dock to a receptor in human cells called ACEα deep in people’s lungs. Bats are very filthy animals but Yah uses them for pollination of plants…and as an incubator of viruses. Bats carry over 500 viruses!!

Why do you think Yah has come against mankind with this virus? I haven’t heard anyone talking about this yet and it needs to be talked about for correction. It’s deeper I think than eating bat soup. People eat many unclean animals everyday, especially pigs. But whenever we read about Yah sending a plague usually one or two or three things has happened. One, they stood up against the Most High. Proof: Remember when the Philistines stood up against Yah and stole the Ark of the Covenant? They regretted it. Yah sent several plagues to change their minds. The Philistines were too happy to give the Ark back to its owner. Y’all come get your box back lol. Two, if the Gentiles come up against Yah’s people, Yah will go to war with them. Proof: The 10 plagues of Egypt. The Egyptians were only too happy to see us go…and bless me on your way out Pharoah said. So yeah, there could have been some plotting and planning going on concerning us. Three, when we sin against Yah He punishes us Israylites too with plagues like He sent a plague because of David’s census count.

My mom use to watch this cop show called Starksky & Hutch (spelling?). There was a character on there named Huggy Bear. Back in the day if you were a pest ‘black’ people called you Huggy Bear or Booga Bear lol so on and so forth. So okay, I said all that to say this: Will giving people you love hugs die away because of this virus? I was thinking about what Yahoshua said about men’s hearts waxing cold. Did y’all know that hugging reduces stress? Something to think about.

Published by blessedwomanofyah

Shalom, my name is AshantiYAH. I am a servant of the Most High Yah and His son Yahoshua. I am a messianic Israylite. My hometown is T'zion.

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