Book Review and Sex Advisory: Lovestruck

The book above is called Lovestruck. It was written by Sharon Jaynes. If you are an avid reader of this blog, you remember recently me posting about the persistent woman, a woman of great faith. A woman who did not stop until righteousness was granted to her, Yahoshua said. Well, this is whom I got it from. I read a book she wrote years ago that I borrowed from the library. I never forgot what she wrote about the persistent woman and praying. This is her latest book based on the Song of Solomon.

Now, I have put an advisory in the title because I know “some” bible believers get uptight about talking about sex as though talking about sex should always be avoided. Most people know that the Song of Solomon has a lot of sex and that is the reason it is usually shunned. The Song of Solomon teaches us why sex is a gift, why it is pleasurable. However, what if I were to tell you that the Song of Solomon is more than sex. Would you believe me? I’ll show you in these next few posts that the Song of Solomon is a book that shows us how to treat each other in a marriage.

The author, Sharon Jaynes has been married for 38 years! My own dad and mom have been married for almost 48 years but growing up, my parent’s marriage was rocky. A few times, I even thought it was over for them. Today, their marriage is much better. However, because I witnessed this marriage, it made me not want to jump into marriage so quick…I have never been married. Okay, maybe I have been afraid of any commitment because of what I saw. I have never even been in any long-term relationship although there have been times when I did want to be in a relationship. The Bible, Yah and the book Mrs. Jaynes wrote, Lovestuck, have taught me how a marriage should operate (if I decide to get into one) and I hope that it will help your relationship too. If I got married today or tomorrow, I feel like I would better know how to serve my husband, righteously. I learned a lot from this book and if you read all 8 chapters, you will learn a lot too even if you have been in a relationship for a long time.

As you read each chapter, you will see where I made corrections or added my thoughts/history because I have highlighted in purple or made the text bold for emphasis. I also highlighted in different colors to make this long text easier for you to read. Don’t try to read it in one go because you want to have good understanding. Read some, digest it, then come back and read some more. Don’t worry it will be posted on the front page awhile before I start posting again.

I omitted any Christian doctrine of the Messiyah being the Most High and Him being there from the beginning. We have been taught that through Him all things were made because the Most High knew from the foundation that He would send Yahoshua to save us. They are not one being or person but they are on one accord. You will read this around page 133. Another thing that I want you to understand about the Song of Solomon…because I know that the Israylites teach strictly about a woman submitting to her man…That being said, Solomon had great patience with his wife and her mood swing(s) and you will read how he dealt with her. He did not yell and scream at her. He did not call her a devil/Jezebel. Solomon was smooth. I won’t say anymore about that, I’ll let you read what Solomon did. I’ll just say that what he did made her love him even more. I see why so many women loved Solomon. Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines for a reason!

Oh yeah, around page 128, I did make some verb tense corrections when the author was talking about forgiveness. We know that forgiving is an on-going action and not a past tense thing. We are not saved yet as Christians teach. Seventy times seven, forgiving is a continuous thing Yahoshua taught us. Once again, The Song of Solomon shows us how to treat each other in marriages and that matters to Yah. The Song of Solomon shows us how a healthy marriage operates and we see a healthy marriage via the way Solomon treated the Shulamite (his wife).

If you have any questions or any corrections or comments, feel free to leave them. However, they might not be answered for a few months.

The future of the blog? This will be the last big post and/or maybe the last post for this year. Remember, I told y’all that I was going on a tongue fast (remember my book review called how to tame the tongue)…at least from the blog. I will be doing more praying during this fast, there are a couple of petitions that I want to see Yah fulfill for me. I will be reading at least one book while I’m away and I will be going to the gym to get my health under control. Love y’all.




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