How Does Yah Heal the Broken-Hearted?

The question, title of this post is on my mind this morning. Have you ever read Psalm 34:18? The Most High says He is near to those with a broken heart and a crushed spirit. That is a person with a deep sadness about themselves. In Psalm 147:3, He says that He is the One that heals broken hearts. How does Yah heal the broken-hearted? Does He send someone new into your life? Does He send His “Comforter” or the Qodesh (Set-apart, Holy) Spirit so that you don’t think about what broke your heart? Does He heal it by you only keeping your mind on Him? How does He do it?How does He take that continuous sadness away from you?…….

Published by blessedwomanofyah

Shalom, my name is AshantiYAH. I am a servant of the Most High Yah and His son Yahoshua. I am a messianic Israylite. My hometown is T'zion.

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