Red Woman

redexampleThis is actress Nia Long, an example of a red woman. One caption that I read under one of her photos read: “Nia’s glowing reddish-brown skin.” Other red women include Beyonce and Rihanna, just to give you visual examples.


We all know that when Shemuyah (Samuel) went to anoint the next king that he thought David’s brother would be king when he saw him. David’s brother was very handsome. However, Yah told Shemuyah no it wasn’t (one of) David’s brother(s). Yah explained to Shemuyah that He examines the heart and not the outward appearance (1 Shemuyah 16:7). We have also read where the Most High says (paraphrased) that it wasn’t Sarah’s beauty although she was very beautiful that made her a favorite (or gave her favor). It was Sarah’s quiet and gentle spirit (personality) that Yah loved. Yet, when I read all through the bible, I read that Yah puts a lot of emphasis on this ones and that ones beauty.

We know that Sarah was very beautiful to behold. Yah told a king in a dream, “If you touch Sarah, you are a dead man!” We read that Rachyl (Rachel) had a very beautiful face and form. She had a very beautiful body. Yaqob cried when he saw her. Like his mother Rachyl, we read that Yoseph was a very handsome man and also had a beautiful body (from Genesis, the book of Yasher and Yoseph & Asenth). In the book of Shemuyah, we read that David was ruddy (red) and good-looking. Our people have always had that way of describing a person that is reddish-brown as “red.” And usually the person being called “red” is a very good-looking person.

We also read in the book of Shemuyah that David’s son Abishalom had a beautiful, gorgeous head of hair. It was a very noticeable feature about him that Yah put emphasis on. Yah said the children of Ysrayl praised Abishalom’s hair. They were in awe over his hair. Yah also put one scripture in about Abishalom’s daughter, putting emphasis on her beauty. By this time when I was reading the book of Shemuyah, I was thinking that some families are known for their beauty. David’s family was a beautiful one although they all did not have a heart for Yah.

I wrote all that above, to say this: Last week, I finished reading about Hadassah (Esther). I already knew Yah talked about her beauty in the book of Esther  saying her beauty won her favor with the king and the king loved her more than his other women, so I wasn’t expecting to read anymore on it. However, when I was reading Esther chapter 15 in the Apocrypha, Yah put more emphasis on her beauty. Yah said that Hadassah had a red beautiful complexion and that she was a very friendly person. So now, here we have two people where Yah describes them as being “red” good-looking and/or beautiful in complexion, David and Hadassah. David was from the tribe of Yahudah and Hadassah the tribe of Benyamin.

So if the Most High only examines the heart of the person…why does He put so much emphasis on what is beautiful about them in the scriptures? Answer: Their beauty esteemed Yah. Whatever was beautiful about them won them favor with man. Remember, Yah said man looks at the outward appearance (first). Yah used these people for His will to be done.

*I didn’t know what to name this post at first…but I then knew”red woman” would get your attention…

*Oh yeah, Solomon talks about a dark and beautiful woman in the Song of Solomon.







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