I heard Michel’le has a movie coming on the Lifetime Chanel, this Saturday at 8pm EST. It’s called Surviving Compton.  She said she was abused by Dr. Dre and once by Suge Knight. Suge Knight (repented) said she was too little to be hitting. She said Dr. Dre broke her nose. I can’t wait to see how she got out of the relationship with Dr. Dre. Some of y’all might remember back in the day when Dr. Dre knocked the heck out of Dee Barnes, the host of a rap video show that use to come on BET. Michel’le also said that she was not a good person back then, she was on drugs  and not the best mother because she said she had no common sense. The sweetest thing she said was that, Easy E use to call her and warn her when Dr. Dre was in a mood, so she could run from the house, run from the next beating. She said the DOC use to tell Dre to stop beating her but the DOC never pulled Dre off of her. Doctor Dre use to beat her in front of his friends…



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    • Shalom, shalom Logan. You can find Yah’s name in the NKJV (Nelson Publishing Company) bible. I noticed a few weeks ago, that some NKJV’s don’t have Yah’s name in Psalm 68:4. Only the Thomas Nelson Publishing Company does. The HalleluYah Scripture bible also has Yah’s name in several places, like the Nelson NKJV has Yah’s name in several places in the book. is where you find this translation of the bible. If I were you, I would just start with the NKJV. It can be found locally in most bible bookstores and Walmart. Oh yeah, the Israylites use a translation of the bible called ‘the scriptures’ which you can order on Amazon but it’s pricey. Peace.

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