Qodesh Bling-Bling Part 1


The chain across my forearm with the menorah is 20 inches and the the chain across my forearm with the dove is 18 inches. Don’t worry about the sleep lines across my arm, lol, it was morning time when I took this picture.

A sista got some fresh new bling 🙂 (ornaments). You know there were 7 lamps in the temple. The dove, Noah’s dove,  has an olive branch in her mouth. Did y’all know that Yonah’s name means dove? I’m sure you know. Something interesting that I was reading in Psalm 68:13 and Psalm 74:19 is that David knew the affection that Yah has for the turtledove and that Yah protects His people like a dove. Did y’all know that Yoseph sacrificed two turtledoves for Miriam in Luke 2:24 according to Levitical law 12:6-8 after Yahoshua was born? It almost seems like foreshadowing doesn’t it? Because later we all know that the Set-apart Spirit descended on Yahoshua like or as a dove (form). That or those dove(s) that went up to Yah came back down…And similar to how the dove came back to Noah…

This is what I have thinking about lately, the dove. Peace.




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