Seeing Yah at Work

If you humbly ask Yah to open your eyes, you will see Yah at work all around you. Psalm 69:32 states, ‘The humble will see their Father at work and be glad. Let all who seek Yah’s help live in joy.’

Yah reveals His plans to us by His Set-Apart Spirit. Shaul, in First Corinthians 2:10 taught us that we can ask Yah to reveal Himself and His work to us. ‘But we know these things because Yah has revealed them to us by His Spirit and His Spirit searches out everything and shows us even Yah’s deep secrets.


2 thoughts on “Seeing Yah at Work

  1. Hello,

    My name is Vivienne-Sarai. I have be awake for about 4 months now. It has been a lonely walk, but it is relieving to see other Hebrews awake. I am working on a grant, and I was wondering if you knew of any congregations, tribes, families, or institutions, that teach who the true Hebrews are. We are so scattered that it is difficult to find any one. For my grant, I will be traveling to at least 3 different places over seas to visit other Hebrews or Gentiles who believe that I am Hebrew. Thank you for your help. I am also a digital artist and animator. My website (which is also enlightened in this truth) is Thank you for your help. Shalom

    • Shalom Vivienne-Sarai. Congratulations on waking up. You are one of the most blessed people on the earth right now, to have understanding. Yah is already working through you to do amazing things it seems! The congregation that I learned from is called Israylite Heritage. You can visit their website at You can also visit their assembly on Shabbat at Click Ethnic, click African-American, click Yah and Yahoshua are Real, on the Paltalk site. Shalom and Yah bless.

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