Interesting Movie

I just finished watching a movie called ‘the perfect guy’. It came out in 2015. Leah wanted children but her man would not let that happen. So Leah fornicated with this other guy that seemed perfect. The crazy guy promised to give her children. Leah’s decision led to the man she loved and her neighbor being murdered. The crazy man had a fake identity. She never met any of his family because he said he was adopted but she never once met any of his friends, you know, someone to tell her all about him. She kind of admitted that she did not think things through (in relationships). She did not give the man she loved time to change his mind, which he did change his mind because he did not want to lose her but it was to late. She had already let the devil in the door…

Oh yeah, I saw that Roots comes on Monday at 9 EST. Interesting, when I went to record it, someone in the house had already set the DVR. I’m not the only one eagerly anticipating…

*After I wrote this post last night, I was thinking about something. Back when I was in high school, me and my two (girl) friends were over this guy’s house that we went to school with. When we were sitting on the couch talking and laughing, you know, like teenagers do he said his friend was coming over to pick up something. He warned us about his friend. His friend was a dangerous kind of guy and not to entertain him or speak much to him. See when people know how you are, they tell (warn) other people about you. Or at least that is how the Hebrews use to be that I grew up with.



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