On Shabbat morning, I was talking to a young Gentile in the break room at work. I think (from his physical features) that his ethnicity is East Indian or Pakistani, I did not have time to ask him. I think he is between 21 to 24 years old. He told me that he only has five more months to work. I said, what? I don’t understand. He said my dad is going to buy me a gas station. I know my mouth must have been open in surprise at this point. He continued, yeah my dad bought my brothers gas stations too. He said his oldest brother has three gas stations and his middle brother has two! His dad required him to work in the business world for six months in order to receive his inheritance. I said oh, your dad wants you to value having your own business so that you never want to come back to a job like this. Smart. I can’t lie to you, after he left the break room, I felt jealous. His father set his children up to be successful. Then Yah reminded me that He also did the same for us, set us up to be successful. We were the ones that rejected our inheritance (the kingdom, Zion). And now look at us…always headed to the plantation making the nations rich. Aren’t you tired of being evil, sinning against Yah?

#Endurance #RighteousHeart #WorkForTheKingdom  #Don’tGoBacktotheWorld #WeWillInheritTheKingdom

And to think  Shabbat morning, I was so upset (mad) about going to work. Yah showed me that there is no where, where He can’t reach me (I thought in my mind that maybe Yah would not communicate with me as much because I am working now). Yah’s arm is long, like He told Moses. Do you believe Yah? (Speaking to myself).

*I think Roots starts tonight on the A & E Channel, if I’m not mistaken.


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