Witchcraft Dream

Around 4 am this morning, I woke up from a terrible dream. A small black snake appeared to be dead at first then it came alive. I was in a building with many people but I did not recognize the people from real life. The snake was going around biting the people in the building. I was the last person the snake bit. It bit me three times, the last on the right hand. With my left hand, I pulled it off of my hand. A dog came to my side and bit its head off. I have dreamed of snakes before, usually they do not bite me in my dreams and usually some family member kills it in my dreams.

This snake seemed different. It was a small, lightening fast snake. I was told long ago that snakes represent your enemy or your enemy doing witchcraft…you know…voodoo, mojo, roots. I also know that these types of dreams are a warning from the Most High. One thing that bothered me upon waking up is that…in my dream when the snake bit all those people before me…why didn’t I rebuke the snake? Yah gave me the answer after I began to pray. With some enemy dreams, you have to go to Yah and ask for His protection through prayer and/or fasting. This is the adversary seeking to devour me and those other people…

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