Sorry that I have been M.I.A lately. I am working 5 days a week for the next few weeks. Then I will go back to part time. A sista has been tired. Y’all know that witches and warlocks like cats and snakes. They found a snake yesterday on the property (construction is still going on). One of the employees took the snake home…I say that because the guy that took it home has an unusual appearance, that I noticed the first day.

I was channel surfing last week and I saw the Evans kids from Good Times on the Steve Harvey Show. The lady who played Wilona Woods said that they originally offered the show to Ester Rolle when she played a part time maid on the show called Maude. Ester Rolle would not take the role of Florida unless there was a husband. Ester Rolle said she grew up in a house with a dad and that is what she wanted America to see…dad. I thought that was interesting. I remember seeing on another show, that Ester Rolle left the show because of the sexual scenes that they were giving J.J but they talked her into coming back for the last season to see Thelma married to Keith. The lady who played Thelma said that she and Ester Rolle were really close in real life.


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