As I sat in my car today, I looked at the mega church across the street  from where I work. It-is-huge! It looks like it belongs on a college campus! There’s an elementary school on the back of it. I don’t know…it may even go to the 8th grade. I wondered as I sat, how much money it pulls in a year? Probably between ten and thirty million, I thought. I wonder if the pastor drives a Bentley? That’s the kind of car I would imagine a pastor of that size church would drive. The homes across the street from the church look like upper-middle class homes, to me. I was checking those out too (being nosy).

That is all that I have to report about today.

2 thoughts on “Interesting

  1. I always wanted to put together a Sunday Team called the church crashers. When testimony time comes we give our testimony and move on to the next church! All praises to YAH!

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