Left Behind Dream

Last night, I had a dream about being left behind. I was living in my grandma’s old house in South Carolina instead of the house that I live in now. We heard a boom-boom-boom sound approaching the house. It was a very terrifying sound. It was the MOS coming. Only Hebrews live in my grandma’s old neighborhood and they were all afraid. Two little boys, one older than the other and I fled in a big Winnebago type camper, the kind you see rolling down I-95 from Canada to Florida and vice versa. Although I have no children, the youngest boy (with big curly hair/unusually beautiful hair) seemed like my son but that is another story for another day. While in the camper I questioned the two boys on the whereabouts of two little girls, one older and one younger and again the younger girl-child seemed to be mine. The oldest boy told me where the girls were supposed to be so WE TURNED BACK to look for them. I know we are not supposed to go back for anything Yahoshua said but in my dream I seemed upset about the missing girls.

Side note: I have been watching the walking dead and fear of the walking dead and it seems like the children/teens are the most disobedient in the apocalypse putting everyone’s life in more danger. Do you remember that scene in the walking dead where the little boy would not be quiet as his mother told him when they had to walk through the zombies? Back in the late 90s, this guy that went to my undergrad, who became a comedian had this joke that he did on comic view on the BET Channel. He said when he was a little boy he was at the mall with his mom and the mall (here in town) has an escalator. He was playing and acting a fool on the escalator and did not see his mom come out of the store. He looked up and read his mom’s lips, “I’m gon’ whip yo’ @#beep”! The audience laughed hard and clapped at that joke. That’s how Hebrew parents are. Children read their lips  (in public) or look at their facial expressions and get the message. My dad had ‘the look’ and my sister and I stopped doing what we were doing. That is how Hebrew children use to be. I hope Hebrew children do not act a fool when it is time to flee.

Anyway back to the dream. I never did find the two girls. As I was leaving, a crowd of people were in our way. The people seemed like zombies. I rebuked them and they parted to the sides and I drove the camper down Orleans Road. I took the camper down the Mark Clark Expressway to camp grounds in Goose Creek South Carolina. Then I woke up. The odd thing is that I don’t know of any camp grounds in Goose Creek. I don’t know what direction Yah will have me to flee.

If you have a daughter, wife or sister please read this: Something that I was thinking about last night or something Yah put on my mind: During the 3.5 years, for those left behind…we women can’t go to the store and buy maxi pads/tampons. What will we do? Did you know that there is such a thing as menstrual cups? Read about menstrual cups in the links down below. They can be sterilized each month with boiling water and reused and washed after being full of blood then reinserted. It can be bought online from places like Target, Walgreens and Drugstore.com, to name a few. You can also use clean rags, if you have them. That’s where the term ‘on the rag’ came from, from back in the day according to my mother.









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