A Demon Named Sinsome by J California Cooper

It’s been awhile since I did a book review. This is not really a book review but something that I wanted you to read. I have been an avid reader of J. California Cooper since the 1990s. I stumbled across this YouTube video back in 2009  (just before I came into the truth) where she was speaking about this character in her up coming book. I’m so glad the video was still up a few days ago when I went to transcribe it for the blog. One thing that I have always liked about Ms Cooper is that she gives her characters very unique names. This character is no different. His name tells you that he wants you to sin some. I saw on another YouTube video that she said this demon would be living in a house with a family. She said the demon was bored and tired of being a demon. The demon was bored because he said once upon a time, he had to trick mankind into sinning but these days, man sins all on their own which left the demon nothing to do. I’m not sure if Ms Cooper ever finished her book, sadly she died in 2014. May Yah have mercy upon her soul. The following is the text from her manuscript:

(Author speaks) You guys know that I do not do editing. So this is the first (draft) and he’ll (the editor) will probably straighten it out later. Usually I have a voice (of the character) but I can’t get (mimic) his (Sinsome’s) voice because it’s a different little voice. It’s a sneaky, nasty voice.

(Author reads) He says I do not usually speak to people in this manner. This woman has been pulling and pulling me into her mind and imagination so hard and so long, I give up a little just to come speak to her. Let it be clear that I do not want to speak. I do not want to tell you the things that she wants me to admit. I do it because I do not think enough of your intelligence to imagine that you will have the ability to keep me out of your life. It seems to be just how humans are made, well not made but the way you are. My name is Sinsome and that is what I do, sin. I am a demon and my master is the lord satan. There are millions of us busy demons. BUSY.

Myself, I am more than five thousand years old and I have been working for my lord and master satan almost from the beginning when he told the first lie ever to be told on this earth in the world. I have watched the master perform and work, placing all manner of confusion, problems, wars of all kinds with the help of his faithful human followers, his servants.

I knew them all. All the beautiful, greedy, selfish, self-serving, cold-blooded and cold-hearted men and women of mankind. As time passes, mankind becomes even more cruel. Well, they can search out and reach in more places and have invented even more fierce weapons of destruction, killing more humans at a time. Among my favorites lately are Hitler, Stalin, (Mao?), Attila and I like Jack the Ripper. Serial killers…I love them, the mafia and others of (the like). (Author speaks to audience: I’m not scaring y’all am I? Audience responds: No).

I love to work in the capitals of the world. There is so much fodder there. Corruption is alive and well and spreading in Washington D.C. Washington D.C. is one favorite. A busy place. Well the money…gold. What we do is a job that use to be a bit more difficult in the early days of the world. People had so much work to do to survive then. They could not do just a little (work). Then also so much gold and oil had not been unearthed to excite more covetousness. We use to have to lie, coerce, seduce and induce humans to do evil but now they think of it all on their own. (audience laughs).

Now (or these days), people even write books and give lectures on how to cheat, lie, steal and kill. Many humans all over this earth watch with pleasure even glee the dangers of those they have come to hate because of jealousy, revenge, ignorance or whatever. They really need no reasons. Have you noticed how many crimes are committed for no recognizable reason at all? Isn’t that wonderful and exciting!! (Wow someone says in the audience)

*This part of her manuscript reminded me of that television show called ‘how to get away with murder’. I think this show started last year. The demons are teaching.

Our lord and master satan has many connections in the highest places in the world. Fortunately and unfortunately for you on earth, even the richest, mostly the richest, churches and monasteries and most holy are ours and you worship them. If you don’t believe me, ask (Yah). He gave you a manual (the bible) but you seldom look at it! It’s all in there. (audience gasps).

We demons think the thing that was wrong with the glorious (Yah’s) idea was to give humans a free choice as He gives to all. What He should have done is built in an automatic love from your birth, for Himself and His laws. Man can not be trusted to do the right thing. He did not do that so our own satan took the opportunity to gather mankind to his own glory. He lied but alas mankind cannot be trusted to do the wrong thing either. Many humans, not to many, find their way to (Yah) through love and that is what we demons must destroy. You would be amazed how easy it is to destroy love among empty-minded, empty-handed people. (audience gasps and someone says wow).

I cannot keep talking to you this way. I know you are ready to stop listening, even at this moment. We count on the fact that humans do not like to hear the truth. (audience gasps). But, I will tell you this one little thing that brings laughter to my heart…joy. Mankind is searching in space for a new planet to live on and destroy. Man can now kill from the land, the air, on the waters, everywhere. We urged mankind to want outer space, the heavens so that they can fight over that too. He wants to rule the heavens and also he is desperately searching space to find another planet that man can live on and move from heavenly control. (In other words they want to independent or free from Yah like we have been taught). But there is only this one place, believe it or not. The planet of earth was created for man in the galaxy milky way. It is at the exact place, by the sun, the moon, the waters, magnetic fields and much more of the required elements for mankind to survive. Earth rests right there, even if it spinning because mankind cannot touch it though he live on it. I know they bomb it, dig into it, scorch it and do many things to injure it yet it still survives because HE (Yah) wills it. As for the other planets, you will  never see an ocean, lake, river, flower or tree or even a bee or anything else that is on the magic planet earth anywhere and/or on any other planet. I don’t care how long they look for it or how far they go. They are limited, I hate to admit by the Creator of this extraordinary creation.

But they will not destroy the earth until the time comes for life on earth to end. I, even I, tremble at the thought. For I know , we all know, even our master satan knows that there will be end to all this freedom we now enjoy. I’m tired of telling you these things that make me sound as if I wish I were on the side of (the Almighty Yah). If I could make it there, I could, I would but I cannot. So I will have to continue to do the job I have to do on earth… to destroy dreams and lives, to confuse and mostly diminish your self-esteem by leading you to acts that you are ashamed of and never planned to do. Alcohol and almost all drugs are a few of our tools, they almost always were. Satan our lord and we demons cannot read your mind, (Yah) did that to us. But when you open your mouth and we hear you speak, you give us all the information that we need about your weaknesses, your desires, the things you love and the things you hate.

I want you. I want you. I am focused on you. I’m watching you, even when you sleep and ALWAYS when you are awake. I want you. I want big and little problems, confusions and troubles. I believe I can make you hate your mother, your father, even your children. I know what you like and what you crave. AND WHO YOU CRAVE. And sex is practically free, laid out in the streets of the world. (audience gasps).

I have had five thousand years of practice while I waited for you. I personally want you. I do not know what will be in this woman’s book yet but no matter. If the bible did not save you from me, her book certainly will not either. (audience gasps, laughs and claps). I want you.

(author speaks to the audience). That was his introduction. (audience claps).

*Did you notice that the demon told truth mixed with lies or lies of omission like his master? He did not tell that the fallen angels give man tech about weapons of mass destruction, like Enoch told us. He also did not tell that Yahoshua will come to stop man from destroying the earth and from destroying the children of Ysrayl. Also, Yah trusted Yahoshua to do the right thing and He did it perfectly but the demon did not tell them that. We also know that satan can read your heart and put a stumbling block before you (if Yah allows him). Was there anything else that the demon lied about? If so, comment below. This was an interesting read. Right? The demon told the truth about people seldom reading the bible. You have to read the bible, ask a teacher questions and put the laws into action…but the first step is opening your bible, like the Ethiopian in the bible. Then the Ethiopian asked questions of Philip. Then the Ethiopian was ready to put the law into action after his immersing.

*The author used pagan titles and the name of god which I changed to truth in the text.

















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