Next week is the final episode of the season of ‘Damien’. They showed a preview this past Monday night. Ann Ruthledge told someone (I did not see who she was talking to) that and I quote, “God is satan”. She was telling the truth right there but that statement probably will go over most viewer’s head. I noticed like the show ‘Lucifer’ that they try to make you feel sorry for Damien, the MOS…

Did y’all know that Vanity, Prince’s ex-girlfriend died back in February? They probably sacrificed her also. Her real name was Denise Matthews. She died at the age of 57 like Prince. She also had a closed to the public funeral. Strange.

I saw that Memorial Day weekend, the new ‘Roots’ will air on the A&E Chanel but I do not know what time. I wonder if they will show the part again where Kunta refused to eat pork? Or the part where Kunta held baby Kizzy up to Yah and was talking to Yah?



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