Sowing Seeds

Yesterday, I was talking to this girl on my job. We were talking about this certain food. I said, “no, I don’t eat that”. She said, “what? why?” A doorway: I told her that food is made with pork byproduct. I told her that I am not Muslim nor a Jew. Blah blah blah. I told her about Leviticus 11. She asked me are there any other foods with pork byproduct and I told her of one other (for now) that I know about. She seems to be a nice girl. She is from Puerto Rico (from the Taino Native Americans I assume from her physical features). She also said that her grandpa use to be a preacher and he eats pork. Then she began to tell me all the health problems her grandpa had. She also asked me what meats I do eat. I could have told her some other things but I did not have time. She talks about blood pressure and her grandpa being sick, a lot. So maybe we will talk again…

I did not think that I would be sowing seeds this soon.


2 thoughts on “Sowing Seeds

  1. All praises sister… I would like your insight on what would be sowing seeds. I’ve been led to study this because I fear of being unfruitful. Also I’ve found that through scripture it is possible to be unfruitful when being around other Israelites with unfruitful works. I may have been shown my error in understanding and being led by the wrong crowd. All praises for his guidance. My question is as far as being a light worker, is there anything specific I need to say to someone when sowing or do we just go with the flow. Like today, I started a new job and I was asked to introduce myself and give a memorable moment… And ofcourse I told my reading class my most memorable moment was when I found out my true nationality of being a Hebrew and so on. Later that day a person sitting next to me was already holding the light and another was already searching for answers and was intrigued by my testimony! HalleYAH!!!

    • Shalom. Sowing seeds to my understanding is giving people you meet bits and pieces of the truth. You lay down the seed and later Yah will water the person (or bring the person into the full truth). For example, just before I came into the truth I started loving biographies and autobiographies and started to not like novels too much anymore (although I still read an occasional novel). Another example, before I came into the truth my nephew came to me crying (in the 3rd grade) about not liking the way his name was spelled. He hated that there was a “Y” in his name and wanted his name spelled the traditional English way. I told him that there was nothing wrong with a “Y” being in his name and that many “black” children (I noticed before coming into the full truth) had the letter “Y” in their names. Yah was bringing me into the truth little by little.

      It seems like you are already sowing seeds. You stood up in class and talked about being Hebrew. I’m sure others in the class were listening besides the two that already knew some information. As far as being around the unfruitful or sinners: Yahoshua ate with the sinners. These people are (spiritually) sick and need Yah’s healing word. As long as you do not do their sins and as long as they listen and don’t cut you off, talk to them about the truth (as much as possible). If they will not listen, then do as Yahoshua said…kick the dust off or keep it moving (do not hang with them). I did not rehearse before talking to the young lady, the word of Yah just came out. So the answer to your question is yes, just go with the flow (or Spirit of Yah). With Yah there is no such thing as a light worker, in other words, there are no little prophets and big prophets. You, Zephanyah are a prophet if you are doing the will of Yah. Yah may be sending you to certain people right now but many more later (to test if you are trustworthy with a few first). I’m usually a very quiet person “in real life” so I know Yah did the talking. I hope this helps. Shalom.

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