The 8 Characteristics of a Righteous Servant of Yah

Now it’s time to talk about the characteristics that will be found in a righteous servant. We already talked about the character (or personality, or nicknames) of Yah and Yahoshua in previous posts. But first, I want to talk about how this topic came about. Yesterday, in-between watching the X-Files, I was thinking about the number eight. If you are an avid reader of this blog, you know from a previous post called peculiar births, that I was born feet first. Another interesting fact about me is that the numbers 8 and 10 surround me. My birth date is February eighth. I named myself Ashanti because of the number ten (2+8=10), the ten commandments and the people of city of the Levites and my real name is close to Ashanti. My grandpa always called me Shanti.

I was reading some interesting biblical facts yesterday about the number eight:

  1. The number eight represents a new beginning or a new creation.
  2. Boys were to be circumcised on the 8th day.
  3. The number eight also symbolizes circumcision of the heart.
  4. There were eight people on Noah’s ark. See 1 Peter (Kepha) 3:20
  5. There are eight blessings

The eight blessings or characteristics that a righteous servant of Yah will display include the following.

  1. This person will be poor in spirit (or humble, lowly). This person puts others needs before their own.
  2. This person will be in a state of mourning. This is not the same as depression. This is a thoughtful state of mind about a terrible situation.
  3. This person will be a meek person. This is another type of humbleness where the person is patient and/or long-suffering. Meekness is defined as strength under control. Self-control. One has to have much of this to withstand the attacks of the adversary.
  4. This person will hunger and thirst. This person studies and does the work of Yah. This is a spiritual hunger and thirst.
  5. This person will be a merciful or compassionate person. Forgiveness goes along with being merciful. A part of Yah’s mercy for us is that He forgives.
  6. This person will be pure in heart or have a heart for Yah.
  7. This person will be a peacemaker. Yahoshua is called the bringer of peace and the prince of peace in Isaiah 9:6; 52:7. Yahrushalom is Yah’s city of peace.
  8. This person will be persecuted for righteousness’ sake.

The eight characteristics of a righteous servant were taught by Yahoshua. See Mattithyah 5:1-12. Also called the Beatitudes or Blessings because these righteous persons are blessed in the Set-apart Spirit. Luke 6:20-26 repeats what Yahoshua taught about the characteristics of the righteous but notice there are 4 characteristics of the unrighteous also.  The unrighteous love wealth and not Yah, full or have all they need, laugh and never see sorrow and are highly esteemed in the world. The blessed vs. the cursed.

Some of the prophets stated the blessings. Read Psalm 1:1, Psalm 34:8, Psalm 65:4, Psalm 128:1, Yahcanan (John) 20:29, Yahcanan 14:22, Yahqob (James) 1:12, Revelation 14:13.

*These are the characteristics or personality traits that a righteous servant will display not to be confused with the 7 spirits that rest on a righteous servant (from Isaiah 11:1-2).




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