Strange Dream: Ascension

Last week, I had a strange dream. In the dream, I was talking to a demon possessed young person. I can’t remember if it was a girl or boy. The person was so taken over that it was hard to tell. I could tell the person was possessed by their eyes also. The eyes looked strange and one eye looked like it had a star in it.  I was talking to this demon possessed person something like Solomon would have been interrogating them. I had no fear of it. I asked it something then it answered me but I can’t remember the question(s). Then I said, “Some people don’t know that they are possessed until someone comes and tells them so (like Nathan told David).” The demon said, “When a person becomes totally possessed, it’s called ascension.” That is the only part of the conversation that I remembered from the dream. When I woke up I thought, why didn’t I shut that demon up like Yahoshua? I thought demons are liars, why didn’t I remember to shut it down like Yahoshua? I thought, I need to stop watching so many ‘ghost busting’ type shows.

The Chiller Channel started an X-Files marathon last night that started with the pilot episode. It was very interesting to me that the first episode dealt with sleep walking. Remember I talked about sleep walking in the ‘interesting movie’ post? Demon possessed girls would sleep walk into the forest and would be killed by a boy possessed by ha shatan. The boy was supposed to be in the hospital, paralyzed and in a coma but satan made him sleep walk to the woods to kill the girls, nightly. At the end when they caught the boy in the act of killing a girl, they showed the brightly lit ship ascending in the sky. It was a fallen one controlling the boy.

This morning when I woke up, there was an episode on X-Files called ‘Ascension’. Scully was kidnapped and delivered to the ‘them’ by a demon possessed man named Dwayne Berry. Scully was taken to a high mountain where the fallen ones ascended with her to do experiments with her. An interesting part of the show was when a police officer pulled Dwayne over and he spoke to the officer in third person saying, “Please for your own sake, don’t try and stop Dwayne Berry.” That really was the demon(s) on him speaking to the police officer. Then the demon(s) killed the police officer after Scully made a noise from the trunk where she was locked in. By the end of the show, Mulder was to late, the fallen ones had taken off with Scully in their ship. Dwayne Berry delivered her to ‘them’ as he referred, the fallen ones.

The new episodes of the X-Files starts tonight at 10 pm on FOX.





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