How to Survive in the Wilderness p. 2


If the power grid went out could you do this? I’ve had this meme for awhile now. It came back to my remembrance because my dad and I were talking about alternative forms of energy. We were talking about de-salination of sea water and cleaning waste water because of this show we were watching on the history channel that was talking about New York’s (almost or hidden) water crisis back in the day. The young man in the picture is named William Kamkwamba and you can Goggle where he explains how he built it when he was 14 years old. Click the link below.


This is the summary of how windmills work: The blades of a windmill are aerodynamically optimised to make the most of the energy in the wind and turn it into rotational energy, making the blades spin around. These blades are connected to a generator, sometimes through a gearbox (in what’s known as “fixed speed” machines) and sometimes connected directly (in what are known as “variable speed” or direct drive machine). In both cases the generator converts the mechanical energy, the rotation of the blades into electrical energy. Electricity.


The picture above is of a watermill. Watermills can be used to grind grains but they also can be used to generate electricity (via generators). To make electricity, turbines are placed in the moving waters where the currents are strongest. The flow of the river is used to turn the turbines and these turbines in turn generate electricity which is transported to the nearest grid on land. This is different from hydro-electricity because it uses natural current of water without building dams and reservoirs. I once saw on the history channel, on engineering marvels, that they had watermills in Rome.

*Solar energy, biomass energy and thermal energy (like they use in Iceland) can also be an electrical source.


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