Interesting Book

I use to think that Yah doesn’t want us to eat pigs because they are filthy decomposers that eat anything like mice and dead humans in the woods. This is true but its even deeper than that. I’m reading this book and the author states that pork is one of the most acidic substances (notice I did not say food) that one can eat. It has an acidic value of -38. When the body becomes acidic, it causes diseases such as cancer. That blew my mind right there. The author also talks about keeping the body alkaline. But when I was reading, I began to think…If you keep the body alkaline, and disease free, how is it that people still die? Yah put the answer into my mind. The answer is that Yah takes their breath in their sleep but we humans say ‘the person died of natural causes’ or ‘they died peacefully in their sleep’. These people die with no profound diseases. If I’m not mistaken, Yah promised Abraham a peaceful death (or at least not to die in war). I’ll have to go back and read that again to make sure. Yah also use to just put (certain) people in the grave for their safety (before the great flood). They lived a long time back then and they did not die of any disease.

I’m not finished reading this book yet.  I just thought that was interesting. What do you think?

The author explained that although the stomach should stay acidic (some people have less acid in the stomach and this can cause problems too), acidic foods stay acidic and anaerobic in the lower gut causing problems for the whole body (causing the bacteria in the gut to turn acidic and anaerobic also). I assume the acidity spreads to the body by blood capillaries since the small intestines feeds the body.

How do you know if your body is acidic or alkaline? The author used litmus paper (the kind you used in general chemistry in high school/college and is also called ph paper) on the saliva of (the author’s) family.  That’s it. Simple.

I’m still not finished reading the book. Oh yeah, Ha Shatan is mad with me about this post because last night he was trying to make me eat pork in my dream! I was surrounded by it and there were persons there in my dream eating pork. He wanted to trick me into eating it.

When a person has cancer, I saw on some television show that I can’t remember right now years ago, that the doctor will kill almost all the cells in the body through chemicals and/or radiation (and some have surgery to remove the cells or tissue). They are trying to kill these acidic, anaerobic cells almost to the point where the person is close to death in hopes that the body will have an immune response to create new alkaline, aerobic cells. Often, I have heard people with cancer say that they changed the way they ate during/after cancer, they are trying to keep the body in an alkaline condition even though many don’t  say “science-y” words like that. Now, this all is making more sense to me. I have a family member who stopped drinking after she had cancer. She told me that she knew it was the alcohol that was ‘eating up my guts’. Those are her exact words. She use to drink to get drunk. She changed or repented of her behavior.

The author also said that worrying (or any negative emotion like anger jealousy sadness) turns our bodies acidic . Negative thoughts and emotions affects every cell in our bodies! Doesn’t Yahoshua say not to worry? Doesn’t Yah tell us to come to Him for counsel or seek Him and  put our burdens on Him? Do you believe Yah? Through negative thoughts and emotions the demons can destroy us spiritually and physically. Call upon Yah and cast them off through Yahoshua. When we run to Yah, the evil spirit(s) flee. “Yah rebukes you satan in the name of Yahoshua”. I sometimes say “begone” or “leave” then rebuke. *I don’t want to lead anyone astray so please do make sure to use your anointing oyl before praying/fasting.

One way the author suggested to keep the body alkaline is to incorporate a variety of more raw green leafy vegetables by way of smoothies and/or just thoroughly chewing the dark greens of a salad. I also once read somewhere or other that lemon water keeps the body alkaline. Yah says in the kingdom, we will eat (green) leaves for medicine. See Yahezqyl Chapter 47 where He talks about healing water and trees. *Whether using oyl prayer fasting (or green leaves or water in the kingdom) to heal, you should have faith behind it. It really does come down to faith.

*About 2 lbs/pounds a day of raw dark green leaves was recommended by the author through smoothies and salads.

*If I’m not mistaken, Noah healed with herbs/greens when the demons were plaguing his children and grandchildren. I can’t remember where I read that right now but I need to find it to make sure. I may come back to this post. Jubilees Chapter 10. I’m sure Noah prayed over them too and Noah was most likely anointed with oyl. Noah probably put a heavy beat down on the demons with all forms of healing. Some say the kingdom of Yah is the tree of life.


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