Beautiful Pictures


Natural hair art.


Hebrew boys going to school.


Look at this beautiful head of hair!


Gorgeous hair but her mama probably cries on wash day because its thick and long…


Giving his wife a break from the baby.


Love this whole look, ornaments and makeup.


Beautiful silver locs.


Love this beautiful updo. Last night I had a nightmare, that I was putting a relaxer in my hair…never again.


Love these sandals. They look India(n) inspired.


Love this look.


Another dad helping mom with the children.


Big brother helping  his mama with the children. When I was 10 years old, I sometimes had to pick my sister up from the nursery (she was four years old) if dad was out to sea and mom had to work late. It was about 4 or 5 short blocks from our home (on base). I would put her on the center bar of my ten speed bike and ride her home (she would hold on to the handle bars along with me). I had a boys bike (which I hated, I wanted a girls bike) but the bike came in handy. Girls bikes don’t have a bar across the center. My dad insisted that I have this bike. The bike was black and copper, a very unusual color combination back then. *This bike was stolen in high school.


Too cute, a baby doll holding her baby doll.







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