Yah’s Voice

A few days ago, I made a post about seeing a shadowy figure and hearing a shofar blowing. I took the post down (I might post it again, it’s in the trash can but I can retrieve it). The shofar, I defiantly heard but I wondered if the shadow was my imagination. I thought maybe it was my neighbor’s tree. The evening I took the post down, I fell asleep and I heard my mother calling me so I got up to answer and go find her but there was no one there. My mother had gone to work. The voice only called me once because I immediately knew (after I went back to lay down) that it was Yah unlike Shemuyah who Yah called over and over again before he realized it was Yah. So I know now that Yah really was with me that day and He was reading my heart. A few days before this happened, I said to myself that I would stop doing this certain thing that I do (so I erased it from my computer and no its not porn you nasty, lol) and see if my walk with Yah gets closer. Yah had to be reading my heart…


2 thoughts on “Yah’s Voice

  1. HALLELUYAH!!! What a blessing it is to do His will and to know that once you’ve made up your mind to walk right He is right there with you bringing you through.

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