A Shofar Blowing

Its 9:35 am right now. About 30 minutes ago, I heard a shofar blowing! I went outside to mostly water the pole bean seeds that I planted a couple of days ago. As I went over to the hydrant to turn it on, I heard a shofar blowing. At first I thought, is that a shofar? Am I going “cray-cray”? I stood kindof still and listened. It sounded for about a minute and half.  I knew it was not a motorcycle. Motorcycles run amok down the highway that leads to my house all the time and I recognize their sound. This shofar sounded just like the ones people record in those youtube videos.

Oh and before I went outside, I was sitting on the couch watching an episode of Dr. Oz. I saw movement in my peripheral vision. I turned my head to the right where the sliding door is that leads to the backyard and there was a shadowy figure there but it did not look like a man so I was not alarmed. I thought, “Oh when this segment goes off I will get up to see what that is because I’m going outside anyway”. When I went outside, there was nothing there that could have made that shadow. That’s when I went over to turn on the water and heard the shofar.

*When I returned in the house there was no shadow.  The ironic thing is that when I go out to water the backyard, I usually sing Kumbayah. I sing five verses of Kumbayah…someone crying, someone praying, someone needs you, someone singing,someone loves you kumbayah are the verses I sing. And Yah came by today. HalleluYah.


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