In the Garden: Smells of the Garden


Red (purple) onions in a pot.


I moved two pots of purple and white Globe onions to this area. When I finished moving the onions, I smelled like the onions…


Pink Amaryllis is blooming.


Beets up close.


Most of these beets are ready to be harvested. Yellow onion seedlings are on the other half of the bed but they are hard to see right now.


Baby Ponderosa lemon. Lemon and orange flowers smell like candy.


Marigolds. Marigolds have a smell but its not delicious. It’s a great mosquito repellent though. I have a Rosemary plant and they repel mosquitoes too. Mosquitoes hate aromatic plants.


White Globe onion in pot. I placed these in the ground also.


This is my newest specimen. It’s called Grape Hyacinth. It smells like an expensive French perfume. I have it at the front door. When the flowers die off in a few weeks, I will transplant the foliage/bulbs to another pot. I hope it makes babies! Purple is one of my favorite colors.


Red Amaryllis are blooming. Amaryllis are beautiful but they have no smell. Amaryllis are in the lily family too. My bubbling brown sugar daylily has no smell either. It’s kind of hard to find (locally) flowers that are beautiful and smell delicious.


White and pink Amaryllis blooming.


More onions over here. There are beets over here too but I’m not sure that they will stay. They aren’t looking to well, maybe transplant shock occurred. Way down yonder, I have sweet peas growing.



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