How the Prophets Described Yah’s Personality

Did you know that the scriptures say that Power belongs to Yah? Read Psalm 62:11. Let’s read the ways that the prophets described Yah:

YL Echad: One Power: Malichiyah 2:10

YL T’sabaoth: Yah of Hosts (of Heaven)

YL Khai: Yah lives

YL Hanne’eman: Faithful or Trustworthy Power: Deuteronomy 7:9

YL Emet: Truthful Power: Psalm 31:5

YL T’saddik: Righteous Power: Isaiah 45:21

YL Shaddei: Power Almighty: Numbers 24:4 Isaiah 13:6 Yahezqyl 1:24

YL Ylon: The Most High Power: Genesis 14:20 Psalm 9:2 Numbers 24:16

YL Olam: Everlasting Power: Habakkuk 3:6 Genesis 21:33 Psalm 90:1-2 Isaiah 26:4

YL Beer Lahai Roi: The Power who Lives and sees me: Genesis 16:13: Also called the Living Water Genesis 21:19

YL Yeshurun: The Power the Righteous People a nickname for the children of Ysrayl: Deuteronomy 32:15: Deuteronomy 33:5, 26 Isaiah 44:2

YL Gibbor: The Mighty Power: Ephesians 1:19 Psalm 93:4 Isaiah 9:6 Yahoshua is the image of Yah here

YL De’ot: Power of knowledge: 1 Shemuyah 2:3

YL Haggadol: The Greatest Power: Deuteronomy 10:17

YL Hakkavod: Esteemed Power: Isaiah 42:8 1 Chronicles 16:24

YL HaQodesh: The Set-apart or Holy Power: Isaiah 5:16 Revelation 4:8 1John 2:20

YL HaShamayim: Power of the Heavens: 1 Chronicles 29:11 Psalm 33:6 Psalm 136:26 Yeremiyah 32:17 Isaiah 40:26

YL Chaiyai: Power of my life: Psalm 42:8

YL Channun: Gracious Power: Yonah 4:2

YL Ysrayl: Power over Ysrayl: Psalm 68:35

YL Sali: Power of my strength: Psalm 42:9

YL Rachum: Power of Compassion: Deuteronomy 4:31

YL Shua: Power of my salvation: Isaiah 12:2 Psalm 68:19

YL Kanno: Jealous Power: Exodus 20:5 Yahoshua 24:19 Nahum 1:2 Zechariyah 1:14; 8:2 Yahezqyl 39:25

YL Hannora: The Power is Awesome: Nehemiyah 9:32

YL Yahqob: The Power of Yahqob: Psalm 46:7,11

Yah is good: Mark 10:18 Matthew 19:17 Psalm 119:68

The Stone: Genesis 49:24

The Shepherd: Psalm 23 Genesis 48:15 Psalm 80:1 Psalm 95:7 Psalm 78:13 Psalm 28:9 Psalm 100:3 Yahezqyl 34:11-16 Micah 5:4 Micah 7:14 Yahezqyl 34:31 Yeremiyah 31:10 Isaiah 40:11 Mattithyah 18:12-14 Luke 15:3-7 Hosea 4:16

The Rock: Deuteronomy 32:15. See my post on The Rock.

Fire: Hebrews 12:29 Shaul described Yah and many of the prophets described Yah as a fire or consuming fire. See the Fire of Yah post.

Ancient of Days: Daniyah 7:9-11

Alpha-Omega or Beginning -End: Revelation 1:8 Revelation 21:6 Revelation 1:17 Revelation 22:13 Isaiah 41:4 Isaiah 44:6

Day Spring on High Luke 1:78

I Am (He) or I will be who I will to be: Exodus 3:14 Isaiah 43:13

Yah Yireh: Yah Provides: Genesis 22:14

Yah Nissi: Yah is my banner or belief: Exodus 17:15

Yah Shalom: Yah is Peace: Judges 6:24

I loved all the descriptions of Yah but the one that sounded the most beautiful to me was Day Spring on High. Which was your favorite?



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