In the Garden




Pictures of Misty Blueberries in the ground. I might add more blueberries next year. I need netting to cover these from the birds. They love berries.


The orange blossoms smelled like candy this morning! It smells similar to honeysuckle.


The onions are in ground. You have to look closely to see them or click on the image to enlarge it. There are seeds planted in the middle but they have not sprouted yet.


I moved this rose over here.


The broccoli and cauliflower are still producing.


I have bricks left over. I want a mango and avocado tree. Buying an avocado tree would probably be cheaper than going to the store weekly to buy them. Avocados are getting expensive!


I love cool pink, purple and white combination of flowers in the front yard. The white flowers are on the other side but I did not take a picture of them. I also love hot spicy colors of red, orange and yellow in the vegetable garden.


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