In the Garden


Broccoli Florets have formed on several of my plants.


This Hamlin Orange Tree is covered in blooms even though it’s still cool here. My Ponderosa Lemon Tree is covered in blossoms too but I did not take a picture of it.


Onions are getting bigger. I need to get these in the ground soon. I still have not moved my rose and planted the blueberry bushes either.


This is a beet that I have growing in a pot. The leaves look sparse or meager to me.


These are my beets that are growing in the ground. The leaves look much healthier. Maybe the ground dirt has more nutrients? Beet roots don’t grow very deep so I assume its because of more nutrients in ground dirt. I’m thinking about composting or making my own dirt in the future.


I came back to this post because I saw that I have a few cauliflower growing too. At first, the leaves were covering the heads. Now all I need is a cow and a few chickens…just kidding. No really. šŸ™‚




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