In the Garden


This is about half of my carrot harvest.


I gathered a few sweet peas today. I gather them a couple of times a week.


Most of the carrots grew long like this but I did have a few with splits or cracks. I threw those away.


I bought two blueberry ‘misty’ bushes last week. Hopefully, I can get them in the ground this week.


I planted beets in rows. This is the first time putting them in the ground. Usually I plant them in pots.


My patch of broccoli and cauliflower.


These are more sweet peas seedlings on the other side of my cauliflower. I plan to move the peas over soon because I’m going to move my rose bush over here. And where my rose bush is now, I plan to put the blueberry patch.


I pulled up this yellow carrot. Then a few minutes later, I pulled up another yellow carrot.


I pulled a white carrot. It looks like a parsnip?


All the carrots are pulled.  I’m going to plant onions in its place, in the ground soon.

Now I understand why I hear some people saying ‘It’s important to know where our food comes from’. Last night I was watching this backyard farmer on YouTube. He put pig manure on his green leafy vegetables! I have never seen that before. It made me wonder what they could be putting on the greens at the supermarket. For now I will just diligently wash and pray over my greens from the supermarket but I plan on growing more greens for myself. Greens grow better up north  (or north of where I’m at) but I will try to grow them.


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