Anointing OYL


A few weeks ago, I was looking at some old school hair products and Kemi OYL was one of them. Kemi is short for Kemet or the Egyptians. When I saw this bottle, I also saw YL in OYL and wanted to make a post about ‘Anointing OYL’ but for a few weeks now, I did not know what the post would be about. I just knew that Yah was giving me something to see. It looks like the Egyptians never forgot YL when we left Egypt or maybe the Hebrews never forgot Egypt. I think this is a Hebrew owned company (from Maryland/DC area?).


Did you know Popeye’s girlfriend was named Olive OYL? The name Olivia is pronounced O-li-vi-Yah and here is Olive OYL.

OYL shows the Almighty Power’s hand, YL Shaddei. The Power in OYL.


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