Alone at the Well


Hagar was a woman rejected and alone at a well. She ran away from the harsh treatment of Sarai in Genesis 16. Yah appeared to Hagar in the form of His angel telling her that she was carrying a son and what to name the son. And Hagar said about the One who sees her  ‘You are the YL who sees’ and ‘Have I also here seen Him who sees me’? And she named the place Beer Lahai Roi which literally means ‘Well of the One who lives and sees me’. Yah gave Hagar living water.

When Hagar and her son Ishmayl were banished by the family, Yah appeared to Hagar again. In Genesis 21:19, Yah opened Hagar’s eyes and miraculously there was a well of water waiting for her and her son. Where did this well of water come from? Probably the ground. Yah gave Hagar living waters twice.

In John chapter 4:1-26, there was a Samaritan woman rejected by many men at a well. She spoke truthfully telling Yahoshua about the men she has had in verses 16-18. Yahoshua offered her living water.

Did you feel alone when Yah found you, also?



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