A Shekel For Your Thoughts


Ancient Hebrew coins with cluster of grapes and the other wheat (or barley I’m not sure).


Ancient Hebrew coins with 3-string lyre on the left and harp on the right.


Ancient Hebrew coins with pomegranates on the left and some kind of cup that I’m not sure of on the right. Yah’s high priest had pomegranates and bells on the hem of his robe, Exodus 28:33-34. Not only were there lilies on the pillars of the temple but there were also hundreds of pomegranates, 1 Kings 7:18-20. What do pomegranates represent? The word pomegranate comes from the Latin words pomum ‘apple’ and granatum ‘seeded’. In Hebrew it is pronounced ‘rimon’. It is thought to be the fruit that Hawah ate of and gave to her husband to eat. But I don’t know. Do you see the crown on the top of the pomegranate on the coin? Some also say that Solomon designed his crown based on the ‘crown’ of the pomegranate. When I open the pomegranate up, I count 7 membranes or chambers or sections. I could be wrong about the number (After the crown is off the top of the pomegranate you count 6 sections but there is another section on the bottom like a hidden chamber, this is why I said I count 7 sections). But notice in Song of Solomon chapters 4:3 and 6:7 that Solomon compared the temple to the chambers or sections of the pomegranate. Solomon also mentions the pom in S.O.S 7:12 and 8:2. What do you think about the pomegranate? A shekel for your thoughts.


This looks like a coin but is a Hebrew medallion with shofar, scroll and menorah.

As I was reading last night, I wondered if there were any ancient Hebrew coins ever found and  I found the above.

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