In the Garden


Last weekend when I was cleaning out the fish tank, I had a visitor. He was on the side of the house lurking my dad said.


My ‘lil nephew gave him some cool water then the turtle moved on, to the pond across the street.


I made this floral arrangement a few days ago. Purple Torenia, white Torenia and hot pink Purslane or some people call them 12 o’clocks because they open around noon. It’s also called the time flower.


This is a picture of peppermint. I also have spearmint but I didn’t take a picture of it. Peppermint is a cross between spearmint + water mint. Spearmint lowers excessive testosterone in a woman’s blood so that she does not have excessive facial and body hair (from poly-cystic ovarian syndrome or hirsutism). Yah gave us a medicine so we will not be a gorilla-bear lol. Most women drink 2 hot cups of peppermint tea a day. It also controls hormonal acne.  I drink mine without sugar.


Last week I planted begonia in this shady area. It looks better in person. Before I had Shasta Daisies planted over here and it looked to wild.


Front view.


Today, I bought one green bell pepper, one yellow bell pepper, one mucho nacho jalapeno pepper and one orange zinnia to draw in the pollinators.


Tomatoes growing next to a rose and also sunflowers but the sunflowers are still young so you can’t see them well in the picture.


Beets, onions, and cucumbers growing here in pots.


Ponderosa lemons are starting to grow again.


Last month, I bought this Hamlin orange tree. I just planted it this week.


Young sunflower growing. I grew this from seed.




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