Cleanse Me with Hyssop


Hyssop in a random garden.

Hyssop is a cleansing plant. It is associated with salvation. It is pronounced Ezob in Hebrew. Hyssop is also called Agastache in English. Exodus 12:21-25 Moses told them to dip Hyssop in the lamb’s blood and strike it on the lintel and 2 side posts of the doors. Hyssop was used in purifying, Numbers 19:6,13-18 also as in purifying someone who had touched the dead. Hyssop along with other things was used to clean lepers and leprous houses, Leviticus 14:4, 49-52. Hyssop use to grow wild in Yahrushalim according to Solomon, 1 Kings 4:33.


Up-close picture of Hyssop. It looks similar to lavender.

Psalm 51:7, Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean. Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow, David said. Hebrews 9:18-19 Moses used hyssop to sprinkle the people with blood and water. Hyssop was dipped in sour wine  and put into Yahoshua’s mouth. It is done, He said, John 19:29-30. John 19:34 The Lamb pierced in the side and blood and water came out.

Spiritual and physical cleansing. I’m thinking of planting Agastache in my garden in the spring to use. It is a member of the mint family of plants.


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