The Drinking Gourd


Beautiful gourds made in Africa made for carrying and storing water.


Notice the gourd bowls and especially the gourd spoons. Someone is ready to cook or serve food in Africa.


Children in Africa making gourd bowls probably to sell. When we were in Africa we also used gourds for our cooking utensils. We also used gourds for the base of our drums and we used the gourd for a string instrument called the kora.


Fulani woman with a gourd bowl on her head.


The above link is from NASA and  explains the codes in the secret song the drinking gourd that the slaves used to escape.  I read there were at least two versions of the song. I guess the song depended on what route or rivers they were crossing and on the big dipper.


Children’s book: The Israylites called the big and little dipper gourds or drinking gourds. The slaves followed their way north via the north star or the drinking gourd.


The big dipper in this picture: The big dipper lays in the northern sky. It is apart of a constellation called the great bear. The big dipper is composed of seven stars. The bible refers to the formation as ‘the seven stars’ in Amos 5:8 KJV.


Image of the big and little dipper with the north star. The far part of the big dipper will lead one to Polaris or the north star which is part of the little dipper.

Update 11-07-2015: After I made this post, I came upon another scripture but I did not come back to this post to add it . But, after hearing the Israylites do a lesson about constellations and stars yesterday, it reminded me of the scripture that I marked in my bible. Revelation 1:16, Yahoshua has 7 stars in His right hand. We know that the right hand represents authority so these stars are under His authority.

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