Our Own Feasts

Jeroboam made up his own feast day in 1 Kings 12:32.  Man still makes his own feast days whether they are Israylite or Gentile.  Yah says He despises your feast days and I do not savor your sacred assemblies in Amos 5:21. We make our own Passover and feast of Tabernacle on the days we choose and not the day Yah chose. Remember we use to pray over our turkey on Thanksgiving thinking we were praying to the Most High? Yah says he does not hear the prayers of the unrighteous in Proverbs 15:29 and Proverbs 28:9. He says He turns His face from us when we are sinning in Isaiah 59:2.

Published by blessedwomanofyah

Shalom, my name is AshantiYAH. I am a servant of the Most High Yah and His son Yahoshua. I am a messianic Israylite. My hometown is T'zion.

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