Osmosis 1. the passage of a solvent through a semi-permeable membrane from a less concentrated to a more concentrated solution until both solutions are of the same concentration. 2. Diffusion through any membrane or porous barriers in dialysis. 3. gradual or unconscious assimilation or adoption, as in ideas. The origin of the word osmosis: originally endosmose (1830s) the inward passage of a fluid through a porous septum. Osmosis is just a science-y word for filtration or to filter through.


This is a picture of biologist Jeremy Wade with a tiger fish in the Congo. The people wondered what was attacking humans in the river.

I use to watch this show on the animal planet called River Monsters. The host of the show is a biologist named Jeremy Wade. One of the most interesting and terrifying shows was when he went to India along the Kali River. Kali is the goddess of destruction in Hindi. Mr. Wade went to investigate why people were dying in the Kali River. He found out that the Indian people who live along this river would throw their deceased into the river and the cat-fish would eat up the dead bodies. The problem was the cat-fish began to eat the people who were bathing and fishing also. The cat-fish in this river are hundreds, upon hundreds, upon hundreds of pounds. Mr. Wade said the cat-fish kill  humans similar to how an alligator kills its prey by doing the death roll and simultaneously tearing off its flesh. Cat fish eat humans this is why Yah doesn’t want us to eat them.

I have been a fish keeper on and off since I was eight years old. My mother bought my first gold-fish tank. I’m a biologist too, well at least on paper. Have you ever thought about how a filter works in an aquarium? Aquarium filters remove physical and soluble chemical waste products from the aquarium like old food and nitrogen from their fecal waste, purifying the tank. The aquarium filter purifies the closed volume of water compared to the natural (open) environment of most fish. See, biologist copy Yah’s filtration system. Yah uses animals to filter the ocean water and to also clean up the ocean floor. In my fish tank, I have a filter on the back to purify the water. I also have a fish that eats up all the algae from the sunlight called an algae-eater (common name of the fish).


This is the interior of a clam. The gills are what filter the water much like our lungs.


Picture of clams outside anatomy with siphon (filtering) system.

Yah uses animals such as clams, oysters, mussels and scallops that have bivalves (or 2 shells) to filter oceans. They are called mollusks. They have two shells that open and close, filtering the water through its siphon and gills.

Yah also uses shrimp to filter fecal wastes out of the oceans. I was watching an episode of the food detectives on the food network a couple of years ago. They did this experiment with shrimp  in a tank and sure enough the shrimp filtered out the contaminated fecal water. Food Detectives doesn’t come on television anymore, that I know of. They put that information out, then take it away quickly. It’s for those its meant to be seen by. Anywho, crabs, lobsters and crawfish (northerners say crayfish) clean our rivers and ocean floors of dead animals and humans.


Octopus are called cephalopods. The word cephalopod means brain or head and foot. It is a mollusk like the clam but it has a big brain. Did you know the octopus is a critical thinker? I saw this documentary where a scientist put an octopus in a jar and the octopus figured out how to get out. Then he put a crab in a jar and the octopus figured out how to get the crab out to eat it. The scientist let one octopus observe the other octopus figuring out how to open the jar with the crab in it. Then put a jar with a crab near him (the observing octopus), the octopus went right up to the jar and opened it without having to figure out how to do it. The octopus learned by watching the other octopus. They are as smart as a dog, cat and even some birds like parrots and crows. I once saw a crow shaking a brown paper bag at the grocery store parking lot. It was trying to shake out food. Animals have plenty of sense.

Yah gave us clean and unclean animals to eat and not to eat in Leviticus chapter 11. The ancient Israylites may not have known why Yah said not to eat certain animals but we know more today about why. Yah tells us when we need to know. Daniyah didn’t understand prophesy, Yah told him to close the book. It wasn’t for him to understand. It was for us to understand. Yah said in the last days our knowledge would increase, Daniyah 12:4.

*The same way Yah has animals to clean the oceans and rivers, He has animals to clean the land. I just chose to focus on some animals of the ocean for this post.


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