The Signet Ring


This medallion was recently found at the foot of the Temple Mount. It is the oldest Hebrew ornament ever to be found. It is from the 7th century. The medallion has a Torah scroll, shofar and menorah on it. Some coins were also found with the necklace.


Remember back in the 80s Hebrews use to wear large gold rope chains called truck jewelry? I remember Mr. T was the first Hebrew I ever saw as a kid wearing that much gold. Then later on MCs wore it. This is a picture of Slick Rick.


I remember a lot of girls wore these bamboo earrings back in the 80s. The Israylites always wore a lot of gold.


I didn’t plan of doing a post about the gold of the Israylites until I seen this photo and the next photo the other day. I saw these two photos on an African website. Israylites still wear big gold in Africa. This man is from the Ivory Coast the caption said. He has gold even in his hat! There is a medallion hanging from his chain but the camera did not capture it.


The caption said that these beauties are from Ethiopia or Eritrea. They also are wearing large medallions, bracelets, earrings and rings. Yahzeqyl 16:11-13, Yah said, I adorned you with ornaments, put bracelets on your wrists and a chain on your neck. I put a jewel in your nose, earrings in your ears and a beautiful crown on your head. Thus you were adorned with gold and silver and your clothing was of fine linen, silk and embroidered cloth…


This is an Egyptian signet ring. I wonder if Yoseph wore something similar to this? Genesis 41:42. A signet ring is a small seal as on a finger ring. It is a small official seal for legal documents, contracts. It makes an impression on the document. This is the definition according to Yahudah wore a signet ring, Genesis 38:16-18. The prodigal son was given a ring, Luke 15:22. In Yeremiyah 22:24, Yah says He was going to remove Yahconiyah from His right finger like a signet ring and remove him from the House of Yahudah. But in Haggai 2:22-23, Yah gives ZerubbabYL authority like a signet ring. Yah is symbolically keeping authority in the House of Yahudah here. There were other scriptures on signet rings but those were kings of other nations mentioned.

*The 12 sons were engraved upon the Levite priests like a signet, Exodus 28:9-13.

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