Green Medicine


Good Morning! I have been drinking green smoothies for breakfast almost 2 weeks now. I have much more energy than before. I use to wake up and still feel tired in the mornings. It was almost like I was dragging or in slow motion in the mornings.  I use 2-3 bananas, a bag of mixed greens that is mostly spinach, apple juice (no sugar added) and ice. The apple juice and bananas take away the bitterness of the greens so that it tastes sweet. Later on I’m going to add other greens like kale. I remember in that documentary ‘fat sick and nearly dead’, Phil was at the doctor’s office getting a check-up and he called Joe with the good news on his weight loss and Joe said isn’t it ironic that you are bringing ‘green medicine’ to the doctor’s office for her to try? Phil said yeah that is ironic and chuckled. Green medicine is better than chemically made medicine any day. HalleluYah. Yah gives/will give us green leaves as our medicine it says in Yahzeqyl 47:12 and Revelation 22:2. Praise Him.

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