The Incurable Itch

Remember Man of Yah back in 2010 when I told you about the boil I had? I started exercising again in 2010 but before I started exercising I noticed a lump on my left side by my ribs. When I started exercising it got larger. Then I knew it was a boil. I showed the contents of the boil, large sacs filled with bacteria-pus to my family members when it finally burst open. They looked at it in horror saying they had never seen a boil look like that before.  No one knew that boils can have sacs within it. Gross I know. The boil is gone now. I think the heat of exercising my body brought it to a head.

This evening in Shabbat Class someone in the assembly was talking about an ear infection and digging in the ear is not good. The person found out that eczema was in the ear canal from the doctor. Several other people exclaimed they had itchy ears too. I also have that ‘syndrome’. I have had it since I was a teen. My grandmother use to scratch her ears too when she was young my mother told me and also my niece has itchy ears. In our family, it’s hereditary. We have psoriasis (some worse than others). My mother has psoriasis only on her scalp and forehead but my grandmother,  niece and I have it in the ear canal. It is very itchy and makes one miserable. No matter how clean I keep my ears (with soap and water), the itch is always there. I recently learned that taking an allergy pill gives me one day of relief.

A few weeks ago I went to Yah in prayer asking why my ears are like this? Yah showed me this scripture soon after. Deuteronomy 28:27 Yah will strike you with boils of Egypt (remember I had the boil) with tumors with the scab and with itch from which you cannot be healed. When I read that, I knew that my walk is not perfect yet that is what Yah was showing me about why I have this incurable itch.

But Yah willing I (we) will get this thing right. In the wilderness or kingdom the living waters will heal us. Or maybe you will heal me Man of Yah with Yah’s Power through Yahoshua? Yah will reveal in time. HalleluYah.

*Oh yeah, sometimes I take a q-tip and rub aloe vera plant on it and rub it on the outer ear canal (only) for relief.

*03-08-2016: Yah cured my itch the summer of 2015. I had a major ear infection in my right ear and the doctor said it was a bi-lateral ear infection because it was starting in my left ear. Since it has cleared, my ears no longer itch like crazy. HalleluYah, this curse is gone from me.


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