Did Yahoshua Pre-exist? The image and Word of Yah p. 1b

Let’s go to Exodus chapter 3. So do you see, this is what Yah was saying when He said let us create man in our own image. Create him in the image of love, compassion, justice, righteousness. Because according to the Gentile, Jesus was a Gentile with long blond hair. So if you are creating man in the image of Him and Jesus then we should all look like Jesus. We all should look like the lord Jesus Christ. Call us Jesus Juniors. Take off your T-shirt that says I am Trayvon Martin and put on your T-shirt that says I am Jesus. Because I look just like him. That’s if you are saying that Yah created man in the image…if you can’t grasp the spiritual understanding…black gods and all that. Yes, there is such a thing as black (skinned) fallen angels. But what we are talking about here is something deeper and heavier.

Exodus 3:14-15, v. 14 It’s not ‘I am who I am’ It is ‘I will be what I will to be’. Ayah Asher Ayah I will be what I will to be. Yah can will Himself to be anything. This is why He had to tell Moses this because Moses is coming from a place and people who worshipped over 360 gods, the Egyptians. So each god had its own name. Each god had its own certain power over some element of the earth. Water gods, fire gods, dust gods, wind gods, fertility gods, sex gods…gods of this, that and everything.

So Moses said his people were still down in the midst of all these gods. Moses asked whom shall I say has sent me? Do I tell them Amen-Ra, Tut-Moses or Akhenaton, what god should I say has sent me? Yah said tell them I will be what I will to be has sent you. Because the gods in Egypt were gods that had images and those gods could not come out of those images. So the image of Isis, she was stuck in that image as a goddess, as a woman. The image of Hathor was stuck in that image of half dog-half man or something like that. Or half hippopotamus or something like that and half woman.

So the gods can only stay in those images. If they worship the sun and they have the image of the sun as that particular god then that god can only be the sun. But when Yah comes to exert His authority over all the gods of Egypt He said I will be what I will to be. I have the power to be any and every thing that I want to. That’s the authority that Yah has, that is why you can’t limit Him to an image. This is why the Children of Ysrayl never made an image of Yah. What does He look like? We don’t know.

Even when we get tot he new testament times in John  chapter 10 when the brother Philip came to Yahoshua asking Yahoshua to show us the Father and that will be enough for us. Yahoshua had to get on this brother saying listen ahk, I have been here doing this work with you all this time and you say show me the Father but isn’t this work enough that you are seeing the Father through Me? Right?

So you cannot say that the image of Yah is an image of a man. Let us make man in the image of Him and Yahoshua…NO it’s not (saying this). We will see what was first when Yah made creation.

v. 15 This is my name forever and to all generations that He can be whatever He wants to be. That’s His main attribute meaning He can talk to you through the sun, a donkey, a cat because He can be whatever He wants to be. So He is not stuck to the image of a man. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 5. I want you to understand your Messiyah family.

Genesis 5:3 It said Adam brought forth a son in his own likeness after his image. Just like Yah brought forth Adam after His likeness and in His image. So what was Seth? Seth was a righteous man. Adam taught him everything that He knew about Yah and brought that forth to his son. We saw that Cain and Abel were taken from Adam’s life but this son was after his own image and likeness. So Adam learned a lesson from what happened to those two. So now he is better with this son.

But just like Yah said Adam was in His own image and likeness, this is the same thing it says right here that Adam had a son in his own image and likeness. Is this just saying that Adam had a son with 2 arms and 2 legs? No. Cain and Abel had 2 arms and 2 legs and a head. They were human too. So don’t even get into that old serpent seed doctrine that Cain and Abel were both the children of the devil. Cut that out! Cut that foolishness out.

So you see Seth right here created in Adam’s likeness, after his image. So Adam taught his son and Adam brought forth his son after his own self. It’s just like (how) we are raising our sons ahkeem. You want your little boy to be a spitting image of you when he grows up. You want him to be just like you. You want him to serve Yah like you serve Him. You want him to submit to Yah like you submit to Yah. You want to teach him to honor Yahoshua like you honor Yahoshua. And (this is how) you have a son after your image and likeness. Yahoshua came in the image and likeness of Yah for Yahoshua was the new Adam. The new Adam is better than the old Adam because the new Adam is spiritual. Because the first is natural and the second is spiritual.

Let’s go to 2 Corinthians chapter 4. One of the things that the Christians do that really damns them and even Israelites (do also) is that they go tot he back of the book first and then they will take a quote here and ta quote there without having understanding of what the prophets have said and not having understanding of what the book of Psalms has said. Not even having an understanding of even what Moses has said. So now they don’t have that understanding from the front of the book. Now they want to go to the back of the book and somehow teach knowledge. It doesn’t work like that.

Why is this the only book in the history of books where people go to the ending of the book and then expect to understand the whole book? You don’t do that for no other book in this world. What’s that book causing in uproar? oh yeah, 50 shades of Grey, whatever that is. You aren’t going to the back of that book. What about the Hunger Games? You aren’t going to the back of that book and trying to read it from the back to get understanding. Why is the Bible the only one? Name me one book where people start from the back and try to get understanding.

So a lot of Hebrew Israelites who don’t even understand what’s written in the old, don’t understand prophesies of the Messiyah will go tot he back of the book picking and choosing something Paul said and Paul was speaking about the Messiyah coming just like the prophets did but you don’t even know what the prophets have said. So now you are confused and you are teaching others your confusion. Because you still think that Genesis chapter 1 is talking about Yahoshua. We will see where was He at. We will see why wasn’t He spoken of anywhere in doing the job that the Messiyah now does. The Messiyah now is the intercessor but what was He doing during the days of Moses? The Messiyah is now the high priest. What was He doing during the days of the Levitical priesthood? He’s now the high priest. Where was He after satan fell if He was already up in heaven? And why is satan the high priest up in heaven? Where was Yahoshua at that time? He was anointed because Yahoshua has been sent to man as our Messiyah to redeem us back to Yah.

Because the fallen angels cannot be redeemed back to Yah. You can. So Messiyah is for YOU, man. But Yahoshua has conquered both heaven and earth. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Yahoshua is indeed ha Maschiyach. So you have to ask yourself where was He during this time? Yah sought out and looked saying I’m looking for a man to stand in the gap to tell me why I shouldn’t destroy the land. Yah said I’m looking and I can’t find one (Yahzeqyl 22:30). Where was Yahoshua when Abraham was pleading with Yah not to destroy Sodom? Yahoshua is the today but if He was pre-existing shouldn’t He have been the intercessor that day too? We will look at all this family.

2 Corinthians 4:4 Do you see that? The esteem of Messiyah who it the likeness of Yah. What is the likeness of Yah? Love, righteousness, justice, compassion, kindness. Did not Yahoshua show forth love by giving His life for His brethren, for the assembly, for the nation? Didn’t Yahoshua show compassion and mercy by forgiving the woman who was caught in the act of adultery? John chapter 8 did not show the attributes of Yah? Everywhere He went He said He is the truth. He showed all those attributes because He was the likeness of Yah. He became the likeness of Yah when He walked the walk and talked the talk. He taught that truth talk.

Let’s go to the Book of Isaiah chapter 40. We are still looking at what is the image and likeness of Yah because we have to break this thing down. This is just the basics. We will go into the heavier stuff family about the pre-existing of the Messiyah. We are just doing the basics right here. Did Yahoshua pre-exist? The image and word of Yah. What is the image and word of Yah? What is His likeness?

Let us make man in our likeness. Because we know what when Yahoshua came here, He was a man. When He came through the womb of a woman, He was a man. But we see that Yah is not in the image of a man because Yah will be what He wills to be. We know that some of the malakim up there don’t look like men. So when He said let’s make man in our image He could not be talking about the image that you see of man right now on the physical. He’s talking about the spiritual. The spiritual is the higher understanding. This is why some Israelites can’t understand this today because they don’t understand the spiritual.

Yesiyah 40:25-26, v. 25 The set-apart one is Yah. He said whom do you liken me to? Whose the same as Me? Because He is High Yl. He is the Power. To whom am I compared? You can’t compare Jesus to Yah. You can’t compare Jehovah to Yah. You can’t compare Zeus to Yah. Who od you compare Him to? NOTHING. Because He is Yah. He is the SELF-existing one. The only entity in all creation that exists off His own power.

v. 26 Who is like this? I’m reading this because Yah is asking this question. So for those of you who want to say that Yahoshua is equal to Yah in power and that He was there during creation helping Yah to create…but Yah says who do you liken Me to? Who am I compared to? YOU have no answer for that. Mankind has no answer for that.

Real quick, let’s go over to the book of John. Let’s read John 5:19. Then we will go back to Isaiah chapter 45. Let’s go over to John 5. Yah said who do you compare Me to? Who is liken to Me? So you say Yahoshua was there during creation and both of them were sitting on thrones as equal ‘gods’. But Yahoshua always put Himself under Yah’s authority. He never rose Himself up. Do you know what’s so funny about this pre-existing doctrine? Yahoshua never said anything, never eluding to anything about Himself pre-existing.

Yes, we will go through what He said in John 3:13, except He who came down from heaven the son of man is going to heaven giving my glory as I had before. We will understand all that family. You will understand Yah willing by the end of this lesson series. You will understand what Yahoshua means by give Me My glory with you. Because we will get that understanding right here what that means. Watch this.

John 5:19 Do you see that? He said He can do nothing by Himself. He cannot create. He can do nothing by Himself. But Yah can. Yah said I am and who can you compare Me to? So Yahoshua is beneath Yah in authority. Yah created Yahoshua. But when did He create Him? We will look at that.

Let’s go to Isaiah chapter 45. The Messiyah said He can do nothing on His own. He can only do what Yah tells Him and what the Father gives Him power to do. There have been Israelites over the years to promote this pre-existing doctrine and it has caused a stir. So by the time we get tot he end of this lesson series, we are going to address a lot of the thing that are being promoted out here about the pre-existing of the Messiyah. Like I said, where was He at creation? Where does He fit in, in the ranking system of Yah? Was He Yah #2? We can not find anything about a Yah #2 in the scriptures because Yah said I alone have done these things.

Yesiyah 45:11 Yah made Ysrayl, so that’s what it means by the set-apart one of Ysrayl and His maker. Yah is the maker of the Children of Ysrayl. Do you command Me? Nobody commands Yah. Nobody. He’s higher in authority than all. You ask Me of My sons what’s to come. Let’s go down to v. 18. Check this out.

Yesiyah 45:18 He created the earth. He made it. He created in 6 days for the inhabitants to come upon it. He did all this. He said He is Yah there is none else. Who else is up there creating with Him? To create a perfect creation, to create a perfect man. Listen to what Yah says family. Yah is the only one with the Power. Let’s go down to verses 21 and 22.

Yesiayah 45:21-22, v. 21 There is no elohim besides Me. It’s not saying there is no elohim other than Me. There is no elohim sitting beside Him. There is no elohim ruling along with Him is what He is saying. ‘A just Power and a Savior there is none besides Me’. This is coming from Yah’s mouth.

v. 22 Yahoshua said I can not do nothing on My own. What the Father commands Me to do is what I do. So Yahoshua’s Power comes from Yah. So as Yah was sitting up there creating everything and we will see next week that satan was the high priest in heaven. Where was Yahoshua? When satan was cast down, why didn’t Yahoshua fulfill the rose that satan was in because He fulfills it now after He came to earth and His walk. What I mean by ‘came to earth’ is that we have all come to earth. So if you want to say that He was in a pre-existing state as in the thought and mind of Yah, yeah. But He wasn’t in a pre-existing state up there in heaven where He is now sitting on the throne next to Yah. Like Yah sitting on a little throne…no that wasn’t the case. There was no need for Him to be on a throne up there at that time. He had to come and do what He had to do. Walk the walk. Talk the talk. Live how He lived and then die then ascend up into heaven. That’s what the prophets prophesied the Messiyah would do.

Let’s go to the Book of Proverbs chapter 8. We will see what Yah created first. If you have your Pseudepigrapha near get those out because we will go to it (soon). We will go to the Apocrypha the book of Ecclesiastes of Sirach.

I’m making this as simple as possible. I’m not trying to give you anything complicated because this is foundation and we must build up to the more advanced understanding but even the more advanced understanding is not complicated. It’s not complicated.

Proverbs chapter 8, we will see that Yah created wisdom first. When He made His first creation, He created her first and she is spoken of in the feminine. Oh wow. So wisdom is the queen of heaven. We know that satan wants to be like Yah. We know that satan tries to jack Yah’s authority. Everything Yah does, satan does. Yah has a queen of heaven, satan made a queen of heaven. Yah has a Messiyah, satan will have a messiah. ‘He shall be like Yah’ (satan wants to be like Yah).

So wisdom has been there from the very beginning as we will see how Yah made creation as He spoke everything into existence. She was the first that He spoke and everything that precedes from wisdom. Everything that is born in this creation proceeds from wisdom. Wisdom is in everything. Because you have to be wise to understand. Wisdom and understanding go hand in hand.

Proverbs 8:15-36 Read. This is wisdom speaking here. She was the very beginning of all of Yah’s creation. So if He created wisdom first, where was Yahoshua at that time? then the malakim are created. Then all the worlds and then Yah decided to place man on earth and this happened after satan fell.

So wisdom was there to see all of these things. So if Yahoshua was already on His throne, why didn’t wisdom speak of Him? Like I said, this is not lessening anything about Yahoshua’s walk or anything about who He was. It’s just bringing forth the truth.

Let’s go to the Book of Ecclesiastes of Sirach. What we just reach in Proverbs chapter 8 will be reported in this Apocrypha writing.

Ecclesiastes of Sirach 1:10 Read. He has given wisdom in some way to all mankind because we are all born with wisdom. We cannot understand without having wisdom. It’s said that king Shlomo (Solomon) was the wisest king and Yah says these laws and commandments are your wisdom and understanding in the sight of the nations.

He created wisdom first then everything proceeded from wisdom so everything that wisdom, everything is wise. How you choose to use your wisdom and understanding is up to you. Because it says ‘to all of mankind He has given some measure (of it) but in plenty to those who love Him’. So you cannot have understanding without having wisdom and Yah gives plenty of it to those who love Him. That’s why you can understand the Messiyah. Because Yah loves you because you love Him because you keep His commandments and you do what the Father needs you to do. HalleluYah.


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