Did Yahoshua Pre-exist? The Image and Word of Yah p. 1a

Shabbat Shalom brothers and sisters. How are you doing? This is brother Obadiyah Ysrayl coming to you again with another pre-recorded Israelite Heritage Shabbat lesson. Today is July 27, 2013. My-my-my time is flowing. HaleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah. As we are here on this blessed Shabbat day, we give all praise and honor to Yah for giving us the breath of life so we can see this day. So that we can return to this day and so that we can be fresh for this day and we can repent of all the sins we did yesterday and the ones we did 2 minutes ago. We have breath of life in our bodies and we can repent of those crimes we have committed against Yah. So HalleluYah family, it feels so good to come before the face of  the Children of Ysrayl. It is always a blessing when we can bring this information to you all and give Father Yah all the praise, all the honor and all the esteem. HalleluYah. I tell you it’s just a blessing. It really is a blessing.

So here we are with today’s lesson. We are continuing in the Messianic series and today’s lesson is called Did Yahoshua pre-exist? part 1: the image and word of Yah. So that is what we will be concentrating or focusing on in this particular part of the Messianic series. Now as we have gone through all the lessons, we have identified Yahoshua is that promised one to come, that promised seed to come that will redeem the world and bring us back to Yah, to be that land bridge between us and Yah.

Yahoshua’s walk was a very powerful walk. The most powerful walk of any man on this planet. So when we look at the life of Yahoshua and when we look at the prophesies concerning Yahoshua and we see how the two are interlocked and the two are connected, one of the things we must look at as we look at this topic of did Yahoshua pre-exist and this is part 1. We are going to have at least 4 lessons to deal with this. This is an epic lesson family because there is so much information dealing with whether Yahoshua pre-existed or not. I know that there may be a lot of you that are new to this walk, to this truth and you may have come out of Christianity and have not been properly taught about that doctrine because that doctrine of a pre-existing god or a pre-existing messiah or whatever you want to term it is an ancient doctrine.

It is an ancient pagan doctrine. It comes directly out of paganism. The Hebrews didn’t have this thought. This wasn’t a thought of ours. This was a thought of the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and all those other nations that had this pre-existing thought. These are the same nations that teach you that you go to heaven or you go to hell after you die. So all of this pre-existing messiah, going to heaven or hell…all of this comes from the same source. Of course, the ultimate source where this stuff originates from is satan himself.

But as satan passed this doctrine on to men and we look at these ancient nations, all of it is the same thing. There’s no difference between the life after death doctrine and pre-existing of the messiah (doctrine). It comes from the same spoon, from the same plate. So we will look at this. Man, we did this lesson years ago, maybe in 2009 right before we were about to release ‘the curses’ (documentary).

So we still must have this information. It’s one thing to do the lesson last year or the year before that but you have to study and learn this information. This is a heavy topic and it contains a lot of information. So as we begin part 1, we are going to keep it foundational or basic. So we can build up  to part 2 and 3. Y’all know how we like to do it when we have a series. You know we have to give you the basics because as we are going along in that series and we are building up and up and by the end of that series you have a greater understanding. So this particular lesson, I say there may be up to 4 parts. We will see as we go along. The first thing that I want to start off with as we talk about the pre-existing of Yahoshua is that, if you believe that He pre-existed then you have to find a spot for Him in the ranking of Yah’s heavenly hosts.

So we know there are malakim and even within the malakim there is a ranking system. We know there are 7 malakim or spirits that stand before Yah. Michayah is called the chief malakim so there is a ranking system even in the heavenly hosts. So even within this ranking system, where did Yahoshua fit?

If we look at the term Messiyah or Machiyach, the anointed of Yah…He’s the savior, deliverer. Why was there a need for a savior or deliverer before man disobeyed Yah? We know that the job of the Messiyah now is to come and save mankind from death. We have gone over that in previous lessons so that’s what we know the Messiyah’s job it. But prior to death entering in among mankind, if the Messiyah was already existing, what was His job? Because He didn’t need to redeem man (at that time) because man had not fallen. But you say that He existed and was in heaven with Yah.

So this doctrine of two gods, t his is the foundation of the trinity doctrine. We are going to talk a little bit about that too. Because (there are) those who say that Yahoshua existed before Miriam gave birth to Him in this pre-existing state as in having a conscience siting on the throne with Yah. Now, we all sit in the state of Yah’s mind. Yah knew everything that would happen, when it would happen, how it would happen and every person that was ever born…He know that before you were born. That’s in Yah’s understanding. Yahoshua has been in Yah’s plan of salvation from the time man fell. Prior to man falling, we hear nothing about a Messiyah coming but after man fell, we hear about the seed of the woman who is coming. Yah did not say that He is here but He is coming. Every prophet that ever spoke a Messianic prophesy which all of them did starting with Enoch…all of them did and they all spoke of a Messiyah coming. They didn’t speak of Him being here.

They spoke of this man coming through the womb of a woman and going through all types of trials and tribulations as men do, as Yah’s servants do. But never once were they prophesying of something that had existed before.

So we are going to look at this family and we are going to break this thing down. Because you have to put Yahoshua in some spot. Where was He at creation? That’s what we will look at, where was He in creation? Because next week’s lesson we are going to talk about satan and satan’s fall from the messianic high priest spot in heaven. We will look at that. We are going to break that down even farther than what you may already know about that.

So if you say the Messiyah pre-existed, you have to find a spot to put Him. Because Yah sits on His throne alone. Yah did all of creation and we are going to see what was the first of Yah’s creation and it was not Yahoshua. So you want to say that Yahoshua was there during creation and He wasn’t even created.

Because creation, when Yah started creating, we will see the first of His creating then we will see the second which were the malakim and everything else. This was even before satan fell. Satan was created perfect as scripture tells us. We will go into that next week.

So not one prophet spoke of a pre-existing spirit that would come to do as Yahoshua did whenever a prophet spoke of Him they spoke of Him as a man. ‘He’, the man Yahoshua, they spoke of Him as a man. Because it is the example of a man, like ahki Moshe gave you in the lesson last week about the immaculate conception vs. Yahoshua’s birth. He showed you why Yahoshua had to be a man. It was a man who fulfilled all these prophesies. Every prophesy that was spoken was spoken of as a man coming (future tense).

Let’s take a look at this. In this lesson we will look at creation and where was Yahoshua because this is the beginning so if He pre-existed we have to find Yahoshua in the beginning. We have to get an understanding if He’s there. Now what I’m saying here is that I don’t want you Israelites to try to lessen who Yahoshua is. this does not lessen. It gives more power and strength, that a man who came through the womb of a woman, who came into this world and lived His whole life without breaking Yah’s commandments. That’s powerful. That shows how powerful this ahk is.

But how hard is it for a righteous malakim who has not broken a heavenly law to come down here and not break an earthly law? He didn’t break Yah’s laws in heaven, Michayah. Michayah is not breaking Yah’s laws in heaven. So it would be a piece of cake for him to come down here and not break Yah’s laws on earth. If he went face to face and toe to toe with the adversary and did not fall with the adversary because he did not follow the adversary because he did not sin with the adversary. How easy would it be for Michayah to come down here and not sin?

But we saw Yahoshua struggle. We know Yahoshua’s pain. Because we have the same struggle and the same pain in our existence right now. We know what it’s like to deal with family members that are stiff-necks. We know what it’s like to deal with friends. We know what it’s like to deal with society that are stiff-necks when we try to deliver the truth. And as He was murdered, many of us will be murdered in this day as many servants of Yah have been murdered in the days before us for delivering the truth and standing for the truth.

So we know this man’s sorrow. We know His pain. Scripture said that He would have sorrow and He would have pain, by His strips we are healed. That doesn’t sound like an angel to me. That doesn’t sound like a pre-existing spirit to me. Everything that Yahoshua is, He became that. There is no scripture that says that He was the high priest before He did His earthly walk. Before He was born into the world, did His mission, ascended into heaven, there’s no scripture that says that prior to then that He was a high priest in heaven. There’s no scripture that says that. But He BECAME the intercessor. We will look at all this. He became the atoning sacrifice or offering. He became those things after He walked, after He was executed and after He ascended into heaven. But prior to that He was a man who had the Ruach of Yah upon Him.

So you are going to get this understanding and I pray that you do family. So let’s go to Genesis chapter 1. We must understand because if we don’t know our Messiyah how can we call ourselves Messianic? Right? Then we might as well call ourselves Christians if we don’t understand Yahoshua being Messiyah. If you think that He is some pre-existing being and a lot of them have been so deceived with that false doctrine. Because when you say a pre-existing messiah, you are not talking about Yahoshua, you are talking about Jesus. And if you gave Jesus a Hebrew name, now you have yourself a Hebrew named Jesus. That’s it. You have Jesus with a Hebrew name who you call Yahoshua and you say pre-existed.

But this is why Yah has given us all this information about Yahoshua so that we can know who He is that’s why the prophets had to prophesy of His coming. Because had they not prophesied of His coming we wouldn’t know He was because so many men have stood up saying they are Messiyah. And so  many more will stand up in these end days and say they are Messiyah.

Let’s go to Genesis or Berishith chapter 1. A lot of people say that this is Yahoshua right here. We are going to break this whole thing down to see if they are telling the truth or if they are telling a lie.

Genesis 1:26-27 I remember when I had just begun my walk in truth back in the day…there was this whole black nationalist feel  behind the Hebrew movement which is still there with some Israelites. I remember that I was taught that Yah was black like us. Because He said that He created man in His image and the first man who was created and even scientists have said that the first man who was created was a black man. So if Yah is creating man in His image and if this man is black with kinky hair, big nose and thick lips then that must be how Yah looks.

It wasn’t until Yah gave me greater understanding as I started to mature in my walk, Yah said Obadiyah you think I’m that weak that My image is comparable to that of a man? A lowly, defiled man who struggles to keep the commandments of Yah. Do you think Yah is in that image? And then I said nope. I said no way. Yah said what do you think My image is? Yah showed me some scriptures that Yah’s image is the image of love, truth, righteousness and justice. This is what Yah is. So you cannot equate Yah and bring Him down to a lowly man. Because Yah is too powerful for that. Yah is way above men, fallen angels and demons. He’s not in the category  (with them). So in the image of Yah, Yah’s image is righteousness and love.

So man was created in that image. So when He said let ‘us’ make man in ‘our’ image according to ‘our’ likeness, who was He talking to? It was not Yahoshua. Because before man was created, why did we need a deliverer and a savior? To deliver and save us from what? This was before man was created…let us make man in our image. The ‘our’ and ‘us’ are the righteous malakim that existed at that time with Yah. Along with His first creation which is wisdom, which we will confirm in just a moment.

Wisdom was sitting up there with Yah and the righteous malakim was sitting up there with Yah because by this time there had to be made a distinction between the heavenly hosts. You had the ones that fell with satan, the wicked angels or fallen angels. Then you had the ones that remained with Yah, the righteous set-apart angels.

So Yah said let us make man in our image. What’s our image? We are righteous so we are made in the image of righteousness. We are made in the image of love. Let’s go to 1 John 4:8. So when Yah said let us make man in our image, He was talking to wisdom and the righteous malakim. That image we will see is this: what is Yah’s image because Yah doesn’t have anything on this earth to compare Him to. That’s why we are going to go into the book of Exodus in just a moment and we will see that when He introduced Himself to Moses, Moses said what is your name? He said My name is Ayah Asher Ayah which means I will be what I will to be. You can’t limit Yah to an image of anything on this earth. If Yah wants to come and talk to you through the sun, He will talk to you through the sun. If He wants to come and talk to you through a donkey, He will talk to you through a donkey. You can not limit Yah to an image. That’s why He said don’t make any images of Him or anything that’s in the heaven. You can not say that this is Yah right here, the image of a black man. That’s blasphemy. You cannot say that this is Yah right here, the image of a cat. That’s blasphemy. Yah can be ANYTHING.

So let us make man in our image. Some of the malakim have 4 wings. Some have 6 wings. Some have numerous eyes. Some have 4 faces. So how do they get all those different images if Yah looks like us? Why do they look so different? You can’t even see Yah and live because what He is, is too much for your brain to calculate. It would be information overload and your head would explode on your body if you seen Yah. That’s why He sends malakim. That’s why He talks to us by other men. You can’t even hear His voice because you can not comprehend His voice. It’s too much information for our puny brains.

You see Him through His servants. You see Him through His word. You see him through His works. That’s how you see Yah. In the flesh, you can not dwell in the kingdom of Yah that is why you have to be transformed into spirits and then you walk into the kingdom then you see Yah. But these bodies are not made to comprehend that much information.

Like my computer that I’m working on right now has a terabyte on the hard drive that is how big it is. It can only  hold a terabyte of information. It can’t go a terabyte and .2 of information. It would overload and my hard drive would crash. So it is limited in the amount of information it can hold. Your human brain was only built with limited amount of information that is can hold after you fail. Seeing Yah is just too much for you to comprehend. Hearing His voice is too much for you to comprehend. You have to wait until Yah expands your hard drive, where you can start getting 5 terabytes of information.

1 John 4:8 This is the image of Yah. He is love. So when Yah created man in His image and after His likeness, He created man in the image of love. Didn’t you see that Yah said I give you dominion over everything. Yah gave us dominion. So Yah created us in His image. Yah has dominion in heaven and He gave man dominion on earth. Man has so much dominion on earth that Yah gave in His authority to name all the creatures. All the animals came to him (Adam) and he named everything. Because that’s the authority that Yah gave.

It’s just like a father naming his son. The son doesn’t name the father, the father names the son. Just like Yah named Yahoshua. Because Yah is in the authority and Yahoshua is under His authority. So Adam had authority over the whole earth like Yah has authority in the heavens. So we were made in His image. Yah is love and man was created in the image of love. That’s why when we exit our mother’s womb and we come out screaming, do you know why we come out screaming? Because we are looking for love. As soon as they wrap that child and put it in its mother’s arms…he’s settled down. Because he’s found love. He hears that mother’s heartbeat, that same heartbeat he has been listening to for the past 9 months…he has found love.

Whenever a human goes without love, he turns into a creature. All these serial killers, you ask them ‘well my childhood was bad and my mother didn’t love me and my father didn’t love me’. So they did not experience love and they turned into monsters. So if a man ever loses his ability to love, that man is no longer human. He is a monster. Satan knows this, that’s why he always gets us not to love. You know love is an action word.

Let’s go to Psalm 89. Because they say that is Yahoshua right there…let us make man in our image. We are showing what the image of Yah consists of. It consists of love and righteousness. It’s not an image of a man. You have men that don’t even want to be in this image so why would Yah choose to be in it? Right?

Men are trying to add wings onto their backs and sewing extra ears on their foreheads and doing all types of abominable thing to their bodies. They want to be half robot-half men. (They want to be) half animal-half men. They don’t even want to be human. And you think Yah looks like this? Remember that song, ‘what if god was one of us’? ‘Just a slob like one of us’. I think that was a Sheryl Crow song back in the 90s. So how are you going to limit Yah? That ‘our’ and ‘us’ that is Yah speaking to wisdom and Yah is speaking to the righteous malakim. Let’s make him righteous. Let’s make him after our likeness. Let’s not make him wicked like satan.

But then once man was created, satan came in the garden and he changed man from the image of Yah, into his image. The image of rebellion. The image of sin. The image of lies. No man is fashioned in the form of satan but Yah let’s satan rule over man. This world was to be a world filled with the knowledge of Yah with the name of Yah but satan came in and took that dominion from us by deceiving, lying to us and murdering us.

So we are looking for Yahoshua in the beginning. Psalm 89, gods descend down to the earth. They descend as fireballs ripping through the atmosphere. And when they come down, they make themselves known. What would be the reason for Yah sending the malakim to live as men? When the malakim are the malakim and men are men. Yah said don’t mix the two. Yah sends malakim, they are messengers or Yah sends a man and that man is to go speak to the people.

When a group of angels stayed in our presence for a certain amount of time, they fell. They rebelled. They saw what men were doing and they wanted to do likewise. Do you see how this thing goes? An angel caused man to fall and men caused angels to fall. So now you have this unholy mixture going on here. How do we clean that up? Huh? Yah found a man who would keep His laws, statues, commandments and judgments and that man’s name was Abraham. Yah said through you the Redeemer is coming. Through you, a mighty, righteous nation is coming because you have been obedient to Me and your heart is aimed towards Me. But you Abraham, cannot be My deliverer because from your seed will come one greater than you.

Psalm 89:14 So what is Yah’s image? It’s the image of love, righteousness, right-ruling or justice, kindness and truth. So when Yah made man in His image and likeness that’s what man was created in the world to be.

Let’s go to Psalm 116. So this talking about let’s make man in our image is not talking about Yahoshua. He was not there at that time.

Psalm 116:5 Righteousness, justice, love, compassion, mercy, kindness and truth, that’s what man was created to be.

Prior to his fall, Adam was obedient to the ways of Yah. Because he was in the image of love. Soon as Yah created the woman and brought her to the man, Adam instantly fell in love with her. It said for this cause a man ought to leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife. He instantly fell in love because he was created in the image of love. You better believe that he loved all the animals that he named, that Yah gave him dominion over. Yes indeed because he was created in the image of love. That’s why Eve was so naïve to the power of the devil, to the power of the serpent. She had no reason to believe that the serpent would come and deceive her because she loved. she was created in the image of love. She was created in the image of kindness and compassion and righteousness. That’s all that she knew. That’s all that they knew. So there was no need for them to not trust the serpent. Because this world was filled with love. It was filled with the truth of Yah. Pick any tree in the garden you want even the tree of life and live forever.


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