Moses Spoke of Me the Prophesies of Yahoshua p. 2d

Acts 2:24 Read. Let’s go down to v. 27. Where did the brother get this from that they are about to say right here? No, let’s read starting at v. 25. We just read v. 24.

Acts 2:25-28 This is what we just read in the book of Psalms chapter 16. v. 29 Do you see that? David died and was buried and his tomb is with us to this day meaning that we can go to the tomb of King David and he’s still there. His bones are there. So this was not a prophesy about Kind David. This was a prophesy about Yahoshua for He was risen from the grave on the 3rd day. He did not see corruption. He did not see decomposition of the body for Yah raised Him. But David saw decomposition. David is a skeleton now, he is dust and his breath is with Yah. So who has fit this? Where is the man who is supposed to rise up from the grave if he is our messiah? So you are telling me that if you are waiting on a messiah to come that he is going to be killed then we will see him rise from the grave on the third day, huh?

But see we say that when Yahoshua comes back, He’s coming with all power and esteem. There is no more killing Him. They already did that once, they aren’t going to do it again. They only did it once so the prophesy could be fulfilled and that’s it. So you either believe that your Messiyah is coming back and He had to go through all these prophesies or you don’t believe the Messiyah is coming at all. So there is no redeemer coming to deliver you from this curse. Oh I guess, you are so big and tough that you are going to deliver yourself. humph. Right? That’s what you are going to do. You have the power. (sings) You have the power. You can’t even keep your lights on but you have the power to resurrect yourself from the dead. Humphf. I guess so, you must be a little god then.

Let’s go to Psalm 49, the Book of Tellihim. I hope you are following along, Ysrayl. This thing is real family. It’s not fake or phoney. This is an eyewitness account of Yahoshua. Don’ you go falling away because that man of sin is going to pull fire down from heaven in the presence of men. That’s nothing. Yahoshua is going to pull your breath from your body and put it in the lake. So you better stop and you better not be fake. (Talks to someone) Yeah Dawid, you can have that in your next rap ahk. You know I don’t mind you taking my stuff. I don’t care ahk, hook it up. You can share with Warriyah if you want to. ‘Yahoshua is going to put you in the lake so don’t be fake’. Alright here we go.

Psalm 49:15 Selah means to pause or stop because when you read something in scripture sometimes and it is so profound that you have to take a moment to let it sink in. (Reads verse again). So Yah brought Yahoshua up from the power of the grave. The grave does have power. Because once you go down the only way you can come back up is if Yah calls you and releases death’s grip from you and returns your breath to you when you come out of the grave. So the grave does have power. But Yah redeemed His being, His soul from the power of the grave. So tell me if you don’t believe in a messiah who is going to deliver you from the grave? Yahoshua did not deliver Himself but Yah delivered Him from the grave. So if you don’t believe in Yahoshua, you don’t believe in the deliverer whom Yah has made to be the deliverer because Yah has delivered Him and Yah has given Him the authority to deliver the rest of us.

Let’s go to the Book of Mark chapter 16.

Mark 16:5-6, v. 5 They called him a young man but this is a malak. This malak is probably a trillion years old but he’s looking like a young man. You would never be able to tell the age of the malakim. They can appear young or appear old or middle-aged. Whatever they want to be, they can appear as that. But he looks like a young man here. Forever young that’s where the Gentiles get this stuff from like the fountain of youth and the tree of life, you can live forever.

So if you are living forever, you never age…’anti-aging cream’. If I were in the world, hey I could be a super rich billionaire because I have the ultimate anti-aging cream…It’s called DEATH. Pay me and I’ll stop you from aging, quick. But I’m not that man. I don’t understand why they want to stop aging when  you stop aging you are not breathing. Wrinkles and gray hair are beautiful. But they want to look like the gods. The gods are forever young. The angels are forever young. And that’s what they want.

(Let’s read that again. Mark 16:5-6). Do you see? He is gone. The sting and power of death, Yah raised Him up out of there. Yah resurrected Him and He is the only man who was ever resurrected and is still living. Lazarus and everybody else that was resurrected during this time, those people died again and they are still in the grave right now.

They were only resurrected so the power of Yah could be shown through His servant Yahoshua. So that’s why Yah resurrected them. But Yahoshua, that was His reward. You, all will get your reward. Every man who has ever died or will die will be resurrected from the grave either in the first or second resurrection and he will either go into the kingdom or the lake of fire. That’s it. So you will have to be transformed into spiritual beings.

Let’s go to the Book of Psalms chapter 68. When the Messianic House of Ysrayl gathers together (for events) it brings electricity to the atmosphere. We have all those malakim that are watching over us and they are there and it’s a joy to see the people of Yah just in the presence of one another and that’s our joy.

We don’t have to come together to see a booty shaking contest or none of that stuff. This does not excite me. Just to see you all again (does). Just to embrace you as my brothers and sisters as the little sons and daughters just to have that embracing and that loving feeling that’s all that we ask for. That’s what the Father is granting us. HalleluYah. Mercy from the Father Yah through Yahoshua the Messiyah be upon each and every one that makes it to that conference. Peace and mercy whenever the Children of Ysrayl can get together. Whenever any camps can get together, it’s the same atmosphere so we say peace and mercy that Yah grants us. HalleluYah.

Psalm 68:18 If you have the translation called the Scriptures it has ‘that Yah might dwell there’. Who has ascended on high?

Let’s go to 1 Corinthians chapter 15. You have ascended on high. Is this talking about King David? Well let’s see if this is talking about King David ascending on high because we see that Yahoshua has said that He has ascended on high. On high means where Yah is. You have led captivity captive. Even captivity is captive to Yahoshua because Yahoshua is higher than anything except Yah of course.

Let’s go to Acts chapter 2 before we go to 1 Corinthians. Did David ascend on high? Because a lot of the non-messianic want to say that David was the Messiyah.

Acts 2:34 So David did not ascend into heaven. So where it says ‘you have ascended on high’, that’s speaking about Yahoshua.

…I hear sirens out there, I wonder what Ray-Ray has done now. My goodness, we can’t have a descent day without Ray-Ray doing something that upsets the police. It’s either that or Ray-Ray has stolen a police car and is giving the kids a free ride through the ‘hood. It’s only $15 per child. Ray-Ray will give you the cheapest rates. When Ray-Ray steals a police car or ambulance, he gives you the cheapest rates of everything. He will take you to the hospital for $2. Y’all know about them Ray-Rays out there. There are several of them in every community not just ‘hoods but in communities. There’s wild Hebrew Ray-Ray and there’s wild Gentile Ray-Ray. Yeah the wild Gentiles have Ray-Rays too.

1 Corinthians 15:3-4 He was buried and He was raised. Let’s go to Mark chapter 16. Yahoshua ascended on high.

Mark 16:19 He was received into heaven for no man has gone up there except Yahoshua. SO you know the ship came and it beamed down the bright light and beamed Him up. He went to the highest of highest of what we call the universe. That’s where Yah is. Yah sits on top of the universe. The universe is beneath His feet and He looks down on the universe. Yahoshua has been taken up there and that’s where He now dwells. Can you imagine what that day was like? When now the messianic high priest…because that office was empty for a long time because that was the office satan held in heaven, he was the messianic high priest. Then he had to be cast down for his disobedience in rebellion.

Then here comes Yahoshua a man, for satan himself said that he was not going to bow down to a man because a man is a lesser creature than he. Here it is that it was a man who Yah brought into the heavens and this  man now sits in the seat that satan once had. Can you imagine how the malakim felt that day when Yahoshua arrived? When the heaven saw the King in His esteem, in the image of Yah walking in their face. The whole heavens, all the righteous malakim were on their knees bowing down to the image of Yah, the exact representation of His substance. Something satan said he would never do but even the righteous ones have done. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah.

Let’s go to Ephesians chapter 4.

Ephesians 4:1-10 We just read this in the Book of Psalms. So now we are going to see the full fulfillment of that in this prophesy right here in Ephesians chapter 4. v. 1-2 Look at that, with humility and meekness. Being humble and meek with patience bearing with one another in love. I have patience for my brother, he may be struggling with something but the same patience that Yah has for him, we must have for him. The same patience that Yah has for us, we must have for our brother. Man, he may not be comprehending something right now. Well, go teach calculus to a 2-year-old then after you teach him, I want to see him come back and teach me. It can’t happen right now. Be patient with love. You love your brother and want to see your brother do right. You don’t want to see  him sin so you must be patient with him. That’s what this is saying family. I know sometimes my brothers have gotten on my nerves man. I just want to bounce them on their heads just a few times and ask them are you getting it now? Now do you understand? ‘But I just get the name Yahoshua’. ‘I just…it’s Jesus, Jesus’. Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow sometime. Go listen to the lessons. But you have to be patient. I never said man, I’m never going to speak to you again because you are stupid. No, you have to be patient with them. That means you may not deal with them tomorrow how you deal with them today but you still have not given up on them. You still have patience with them.

Let them digest the little bit that you just give them. Part of the problem may be that you are trying to overfeed them and he’s throwing it up. You know when you are too full you are going to throw that food back up. So just let them digest a little at a time. Then they will come back the next day and I know he’s hungry again and he maybe will digest what you have for that day. Have patience with them in love because if you don’t love them you will give up on them. But you don’t give up on your brothers, Yah didn’t give up on you.

v. 3-7 Read. v. 8 Read (Psalm 68:18). v. 9 What’s in the lower parts of the earth? Hell ain’t down there. The fallen angel prison is. v. 10 ‘Far above all the heavens’ Yah sits on top of the universe. all the many levels of heaven, Yah is on top of all of them. That’s where Yahoshua is. Powerful and beautiful. Yahoshua went down to the lower parts to tell the fallen angels that He has taken satan’s place, all those in prison. And when He came before their face, guess what? They bowed too. Everything is going to bow and every tongue is going to confess that Yahoshua is the Messiyah. That is a shame that you didn’t believe in Him in this life but right before you see the lake, you will see Yahoshua. You will confess that He is Messiyah but it’s too late because you didn’t live it when you were here when you had the chance to. But you will see the King sitting on His throne next to the Father Yah. You will see Him in His esteem. Yes you will.

So HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah. So you better get it right while you have time family. Yes while you have time. Yah is merciful to you right now to give you His truth. HalleluYah. So what I want to do is I want to end this lesson right here. So I’m going to close out with this scripture right here. I want to read Matthew chapter 16.

Mattithyah 16:13-18 Shimon Ben Yonah or Kepha. What did Kepha say? Kepha said you are the Messiyah the Son of the living Yah and Yahoshua said flesh and blood has not revealed this to you but Yah has. Obadiyah can not reveal this to you but Yah has. Obadiyah can not reveal who the Messiyah (is) Yah (reveals) and Yah is the only one who can. So if you understand that Yahoshua is the Messiyah HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah. Yah is revealing it to you because you love Yah and He loves you. But if you are not understanding that Yahoshua is the Messiyah then Yah is not revealing it to you and you do not love Him because you are not even keeping His commandments. Because if you love Him, you will keep His commandments.

So your whole walk is a sham and is in shambles. You are just a toy. You are just pretending. You aren’t a soldier. You are not even a toy soldier. You are an invisible soldier and you are fighting an invisible battle. You aren’t standing against the adversary. You aren’t proclaiming Machiyach. You aren’t proclaiming the love, compassion and mercy of Yah. You are  not. Because it has not been revealed and manifested to you who Yahoshua is. Just like flesh and blood can not reveal it to you. And it’s not flesh and blood’s fault that you don’t believe. That’s your own fault.

So with that brothers and sisters that will end this week’s lesson, Moses spoke of Me the prophesies concerning Yahoshua the Messiyah part 2 has come to an end. We will be back with more Messianic lessons in t his Messianic series. We still have about 3 more to go. The pre-existence of the Messiyah, the virgin birth and persecuted for His name’s sake. Those will be the next 3 lessons we do in the next 3 weeks of the Messiyah lessons.

So HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah, Hal-le-lu-Yah for Yah’s mercy, compassion, understanding and wisdom that He has given to those that serve and love Him. So as we go through these lessons I want you family to praise Yah for His love if you have understanding. These may be things that you maybe didn’t understand. You didn’t understand how Jesus was supposed to the Messiyah. That was never taught to you. They just told you to believe and give your money. Jesus didn’t fill these prophesies. Because you say Jesus hung the law to the cross when Yahoshua said Moses spoke of Him and Moses did. All the prophets spoke of Him and the prophets are always telling the Children of Ysrayl to keep the law. Why would they speak highly of those telling you not to keep the law? That’s crazy. They spoke of one who would save His people from their sins. Sin is the transgression of the law. So they said that He would come to deliver us from breaking the law. Not teach us how to break it but deliver us and stop us from breaking it. HalleluYah. He did not come to destroy the law or the prophets. He came to fulfill and complete our understanding of them.

So be blessed Children of Ysrayl. May Yah watch over you and may He keep you and may He always be your guiding light in the name of the MIGHTY Yahoshua who has been given to us as a Savior, Redeemer and Messiyah. I will leave you in peace as I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word of peace, shalom.

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