Moses Spoke of Me the Prophesies of Yahoshua p. 2a

Shabbat Shalom brothers and sisters this is your brother Obadiyah Ysrayl coming to you with another Israylite Heritage Shabbat lesson. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah. Today is July 13, 2013.

My, my, my brothers and sisters there is so much going on in the world. There is so much taking place we are in those times that the prophets spoke about. We are in the times that they seen. We are in the times that they seen. We are in the times that Yah spoke to them and said this was going to happen in that day and in that hour. And here we are as the Children of Ysrayl in these latter days having an understanding of what his real ahk ought to be doing. Having an understanding of what satan is doing to the entire world. Having an understanding that Yahoshua is almost back. The time for Yahoshua is near. HalleluYah, HalleluYah, HalleluYah.

So today’s lesson brothers and sisters…we are going to go head and complete the lesson that we did last week dealing with the prophesies of Yahoshua. It is entitled Moses spoke of Me—the prophesies of Yahoshua the Messiyah. So this is going to be part 2 of that. Let me tell you why I decided to go ahead and do part 2 this week because I was going to go ahead and do the pre-existing lesson this week but Yah placed it on my heart to finish this up because this is so important. Why? Because that spirit…that foul deceptive spirit out there is not of Messiyah, the non-messianic-ism is talking shape and really it’s taking hold on the hearts and minds of the Children of Ysrayl.

So you have those who use to say messianic, they are not crying non-messianic (saying) there is no Messiyah, there are no prophesies about Yahoshua. Oh those prophesies were about the Children of Ysrayl this and that. So Yah said listen, we must get this understanding. We had a beautiful lesson last week on part 1 but we have to get part 2. I was going to do part 2 some other time down the road but Yah said no don’t you do another lesson until this is done. So I said okay I have to listen to Yah so the decision was made, go ahead and do part 2 today and that’s what we will do. We are going to pick up where we left off. We will go through the prophesies that are written in what is called the old testament and we will show how Yahoshua’s walk fulfilled those things that was said He ought to come and that what He was to do.

So we know the prophesies that are spoken by the prophets who spoke of the coming Messiyah. Yet we have eyewitness account of no other man on this planet fitting those prophesies other than Yahoshua. Other than the time He lived in over 2,000 years ago. So we have no other man that we can point to and say yeah He fulfilled these prophesies. So it’s like when you look at what the prophet said and if you understand what they said because remember Yah’s sheep hear His voice. so if you have an understanding of what they are talking about then you will understand that yes they are talking about Yahoshua because you can’t find another. Because they did prophesy of a coming Messiyah. So who is that man? How can we identify Him if we are not going by what the prophets wrote? For Yahoshua Himself said and He only spoke the truth…He said that He was spoken about in the law of Moses, the Torah or the first 5 books of the Bible, the writings of the prophets, Isaiah and Jeremiah etc. and in the book of Psalms.

He said all of this is written of Him and we know all this…the Torah which is the law, the prophets and the book of Psalms all of that is called the old testament today. So if you are doing away with the old testament, you will not understand the prophesies of Yahoshua. If you are doing away with the new testament, you will not be able to verify that Yahoshua walked the walk and Yahoshua is the man who fulfilled these prophesies. You need both books as Yahoshua stated that He comes in the volume of the book. It is written of Him oh Yah to do so. So He came in the volume of it. Even the books of the prophets that we don’t have in our hand, they speak of Yahoshua. Even the Pseudepigrapha books speak of Yahoshua. The Pseudepigrapha writings are very, very Messianic. Messianic meaning that they prophesied of the coming of Yahoshua. That prophets themselves believed in Yahoshua as Messiyah.

So they made all these great prophesies so we can understand it. So we can validate who He is. See, Yah gives us signs, powerful signs. Like we looked last week about the virgin giving birth. And ahki Moshe is coming up with a full lesson on that in this series (see the birth of Messiyah vs. the immaculate conception lesson). Because that’s very important to understand because when Yah gives a sign brothers and sisters, it is a sign. These curses are on the Children of Ysrayl as a sign to who we are as a people. So when we go through the books of the curses in Leviticus 26, Deuteronomy 28 and other places throughout scripture and we see what Yah said ought to be happening to the Children of Ysrayl because they have turned their backs on Him. We see these things line upon line, precept upon precept happening to a people who are called African-American. It’s happening to a people called Jamaican. It’s happening to a people called Afro-Puerto-Ricans, Afro-Cubans, Afro-Canadian, Afro Brazilian. All throughout the western hemisphere and Africa and other places around the glob we see that these things are happening to these people. Yah said this is a sign.

So when Yah gives a sign family, this sign is without a doubt something by the hand of Yah. A man going around raising people from the dead. A man going around healing all types of sicknesses just by people touching Him. A man going around and even the demons obey His voice and tremble when they hear His name. See these are signs that Yah has given us. That when you see this upon this man, this is Yah’s Messiyah. This is the deliverer that Yah promised us way back in the Book of Genesis when we first disobeyed Him and when we first fell. That this is the one. So the signs of Yah are very distinguished. You don’t mistake it.

A man falls from a 50 story building crashes to the ground and doesn’t die. He gets up and dusts himself off. Yah will do stuff like that. Yah will let you know that only He can do this. When we are delivered from these curses, it’s not going to be by the hand of man. Jesse Jackson will not be the cause of you coming out to the curses. Al Sharpton won’t be the cause. Bill Cosby wont’ be the cause. Oprah Winfrey…no it’s going to be the hand of Yah.

For as the curses are a sign of who the Children of Ysrayl are, the deliverance of the curses will be a sign of who Yah is. So He has already pinpointed to the world who you are. Now He has to show the world who He is by delivering you from these curses just like He did in the days of Egypt. When we were down in Egypt He delivered us. And by His deliverance of us, all the nations recognized Yah. That’s why by the time of King Solomon, all the world came to hear the wisdom of Solomon and the wisdom of Solomon was the righteousness, laws and commandments of Yah. For Yah said and you know Yah only speaks truth, He said that these laws and commandments are going to be your wisdom in the sight of the nations. They will look at you and say wow this is a wise and understanding people. Who has all this law before them, who has Yah so near and dear to them. That’s what is going to happen brothers and sisters.

So Yah brings signs, so everything about Yahoshua, His whole walk was a sign. His whole walk was for us as an example and it was also a sign that this is Him. This is the prophet. This is the Messiyah, the living Son of Yah. That’s who He is.

Deuteronomy chapter 4, let’s go there. I want to show you this. The spirit is taking me there so let’s go there. This is not in my notes but we must have this understanding about the wisdom of Yah. Here’s your wisdom and understanding. Because that spirit of being non-messianic is so strong and it’s over-taking those who first don’t have the spirit of Yah and it’s over-taking those who do not have understanding and wisdom to discern what Yah has given you. Their discernment is out the door. They try to go through here and say this prophesy is talking about the Children of Ysrayl. This prophesy was talking about another man. No. These prophets were speaking about a man to come that would be Yah’s deliverer.

Deuteronomy 4:5-6 This is your wisdom and understanding and both are spoken of in the feminine and you can’t have one without the other. If your going to understand the truth, you must have wisdom. You must have wisdom to have understanding.

So to understand the truth you must have wisdom to understand. You must have both hand in hand. So if you are lacking understanding then you don’t have wisdom. So if you are lacking wisdom then you don’t have the understanding. So that is how satan is gripping the messianic community but we know this is prophesy for the great falling away shall come. It shall come. Yep. Where they will fall away from the Messianic belief.

We know that the book goes hand in hand, the old and the new as they call it but we know that it is one continuous work. Yahoshua never referenced anything called an old testament nor did He reference anything called a new testament.

So there are so many messiahs out there. Everybody wants to pull out this Zeitgeist movie and talk about the 16 crucified saviors…get that garbage out of here! Yahoshua was not born on December 25th. See, all of that is what satan has thrown to the world because satan is a copy-cat of Yah. Satan is the master deceiver. Yahoshua said satan is the father of lies. To be the father of anything means that you created it. You have authority over it but you created it. That’s what a father is. Right? He’s somebody that has created something. In our world, fathers are men that have children.

So satan is the father of lies, he has created or birthed lies. And that’s all that he does. He does not have your best interest at heart. He hates you. All that he will ever do is deceive, lie and destroy you. You fall for his trick every time. I know some of you all just want to sound smart. Some of you all just want to pretend that you have wisdom so people can say you are a deep and understanding brother when you are not. You have no understanding. Those that follow you, how can they have understanding if the head doesn’t have understanding. So therefore you get the blind leading the blind. So now here you all are talking about there is no Messiyah. You have given away your salvation. You are throwing it away. Satan has not one ounce of salvation that he can give you. He can not exchange your salvation for anything. But you are giving him your salvation for naught (nothing). There’s nothing he can give you that can equal to salvation in the kingdom.

I don’t care if he gives you a hundred billion dollars, there’s nothing…that’s not equal to salvation. Not at all. But he isn’t even offering you a hundred billion because he doesn’t have to. Some of you all, all he offers you is a pork chop sandwich and that’s enough for you. You are glad to eat pork again so you are giving up your crown for that. Some of you he may have to offer you a pork chop sandwich and $5 and that’s enough for you. You will take your crown off your head and say here. You ask him for a second pork chop sandwich and he says guess what? I can’t give it to  you but I can sell it to you. It only costs $5. So there you go giving him the $5 that he  just gave to you for another pork chop sandwich. That’s how you play this game. You give up for pork chop sandwiches and $5. Judas gave it up for 30 pieces of silver. But he still gave it up. As a matter of fact, that’s where we will start off today’s lesson. We are going to look at the prophesies of Yahoshua being betrayed by His boy Judas whom He hand-picked. Out of all the millions of Israylites that existed in Ysrayl in that day, by the Mighty Power and hands of Yah, Yahoshua went around and only gathered up 12 brothers.

You know I don’t know how we Israylites seem to miss this but there seems to be a spirit out there also that is speaking against Israelite camps. (It is) speaking against Israelite congregations, organizations. So I’m like wait a minute, Yahoshua didn’t do these things on His own. But you are telling me that you don’t need a camp or congregation. You don’t need nobody else, you just go serve Yah on your own. But here it is the Messiyah didn’t even do that. He went and picked 12 brothers, made these brothers 12 heads and they started a new Israelite group called ‘the way’. They started a new organization called ‘the way’. They started a new camp called the ‘the way’. They started a new congregation called ‘the way’. Yet you stand against camps and congregations because you say that ‘this’ is wrong with that one and ‘that’ is wrong with this one.

I tell you brothers and sisters, be aware of these people. You have people who go up and down in the nation of Ysrayl from camp to camp, from  congregation to congregation, from organization to organization and they always come bringing trouble. They don’t have nothing good to say about nobody. They find fault in everything that everybody is doing. But somehow I guess they are the most righteous.

They go to individual to individual and they have nothing good to say about each and every individual. They can find no good in Ysrayl. This is what they say. This is what they do. All they do is cause problems. Just check them out…everywhere they go. And they will be the first to get up and talk about ‘oh this congregation this’. ‘Oh this congregation that’. But what about you?!

How is it that you went to all these congregations and you found fault in every last one of them?! Is the congregation at fault? Or are you at fault? You are the common denominator between every group you went to. See, you don’t want to hear that. You refuse to look at self. So you have to be aware of them. We know that there are issues  with this group and that group, Yah knows it too. Yet at the same time when we do find issues with this or that group, you can find something in there that they are doing that is right.

But these people find no right, no where. They just go crushing congregations ‘oh we don’t need any congregation’. ‘Oh I will never be apart of a camp’. ‘Oh they are all wicked’. Is it the camp that’s wicked or is it the individual(s)? Are you telling me that you are only wicked because you joined a camp? Are you telling me that if you are an individual that you are automatically righteous because you are fellowshipping by yourself? When Yah said on the Shabbat to be a Holy convocation meaning that y’all meet up on the Shabbat.

Yahoshua went into the synagogue on Shabbat because that’s where they were meeting at to teach. He went in there and stood up to read scripture. In their face. Shaul went from congregation to congregation reasoning with the brothers making them followers of the way. We can name quite a few Israelite organizations that existed during Yahoshua’s time…’the way’. ‘The congregation of the freemen and these are the ones that murdered ahki Stephanos. ‘The Zealots’, now people think that zealot means to have a zeal for Yah, not the zealots were an organization. ‘The zakari’, ‘the Essenes’ and of course ‘the scribes and pharisees’ and there were others that existed during that time. This was 2,000 years ago when we were still in the land. You had multiple organizations that existed at that time.

Yahoshua spoke about the wickedness that they were doing. He did not speak against Israelites coming together to form unions or communities. He never spoke against that. He only spoke of the wickedness that existed in those particular groups. But these people today they don’t just go around to point out one wicked thing…naw…they spread it around and speak against the gathering of Yah’s people. I tell  you brothers and sisters many of them are agents. They are sent up and down in a co-intel-pro to come and start grief and to come and start trouble. That’s their job. Many of them have felonies over their heads and if they don’t go and split up congregations, then they are going to jail.

So you see this brother came in the midst of the camp, now you don’t see him anymore. What happened? The camp didn’t split up so they locked him up. That’s what happened. I just want to tell you this as we start this (lesson) because you must keep your eyes open because all of this stuff is going on in the midst of the Children of Ysrayl. I’m telling you satan is just throwing those stones. There’s nothing wrong with having congregations or camps or assemblies whatever it is. You can’t find a scripture that says that it’s wrong for us to meet, gather and form a community, to form a brotherhood and sisterhood. That’s what we do.

We shouldn’t be ashamed to say hey we are Israelite Heritage. That’s who we are. That’s what we formed to do. The congregation shouldn’t be ashamed to say hey we are this congregation over here. That’s okay. But we shouldn’t say well we are better than y’all. No we don’t even have to get into that. Y’all are doing your thing over there, that’s cool. And we will do what Yah has us to do over here. We are a community over here. You’re a community over there.

Another thing before we get started is this false unity that’s going on. Stop that! I keep telling y’all to stop that false unity talk. Yah will re-gather the nation because when we came out of Egypt the nation got separated because some served Yah and some did not. It’s always been like that. So you can have one, two or three bad apples that can spoil the whole bunch. We don’t hate you. I don’t hate you ahk. I have nothing against you. Man, if you came knocking on my door saying Obadiyah listen I’m part of this congregation over there but I’m hungry, I need some bread. Come on in ahk, how do you want this bread? Do you want it toasted? Do you want butter on it too? I have an extra steak would you like that too? Do you want it grilled? You want it fried? Do you understand?

Because here we are in Chicago with feed my people and we feed people who don’t know the names Yah and Yahoshua so how can I turn away one that does know the name of Yah and Yahoshua? So we have to weed out these agents. We have to put them on front street. So they can go back to jail or prison…back to their hole where they came from. Stop trying to be a stumbling block to the rest of the Israelites nation.

So that’s what I’m saying. These people have nothing good to say about NOBODY, no Israelite no where. Yeah there are some wild ‘brews out there, there were always wild ‘brews in our midst. What do you think happened in Numbers 16 with that whole crowd? Yah had to open up the ground and swallow them up. What do you think happened in Deuteronomy 32 with that crowd? Yah had to have the Levites go and kill them all. There has always been wild ‘brews so I’m just saying that we have to look out for the wild ‘brews. Because they go around and create trouble and they bring all this false unity stuff. ‘Why aren’t y’all unified’?

Oh we are unified, if we believe in Yah and Yahoshua that’s unity #1. If we are doing what Yah say that is unity #2. If we are coming under the same immersing that is unity #3. If we are coming together under the same teaching that is unity #4. There’s only one teaching so we are already unified. So what are you talking about? Then they will say ‘well I’m talking about the other groups’. Well the other groups that are over there, that’s for Yah. That’s for Yah to bring everybody together. But if you are together in your community…’oh well Obadiyah now you are bringing division into the nation’. The nation has always been divided. Before Obadiyah even knew he was an Israelite, the nation was far divided.

But what I’m saying over here is that we must grow strong over here in our neighborhood. I can’t go over to another neighborhood even if I have a family member in that other neighborhood. I have to take care of here first. If my house is out of order how can I go tell my cousin how to fix his house? I can’t do it. So we are making sure our house over here is in order. If y’all need some assistance, hey. If y’all want to know about these feast days. If y’all want to know this or that, hey let’s talk about it. But we have to get it together over here. We must make sure that we don’t have a large amount of our family here to be apart of the great falling away. So that’s why we  have to understand who the Messiyah is. So I just want to make you aware of that family. Just to keep your eyes open on these people. They always come up and down saying this and that. DON”T be so quick to believe everything everybody says.

Because sometimes you have that stuff on your heart. You would love to believe that Obadiyah is fleecing the people. That he has a Mercedes-Benz that he stole money from I.H. Many of you would love to believe that. As soon as somebody came telling you, you wouldn’t even come ask Obadiyah. You wouldn’t come ask his wife. You wouldn’t come ask ahki Moshe. You wouldn’t come ask nobody. You would just go about spreading that rumor and Yah hates that because that is what’s on your heart. Because truly you probably hate the Word of Yah, that’s why you hate His Messiyah. That’s why you hate His servants. You are just in here out of convenience. Every time you h ear me or ahki Moshe come to the mic to give a lesson, you probably squeal because you are pretending to be. And you have people around you that want to hear the lessons, that want the truth but you just squeal like a little mouse because those demons are crying on you. ‘Get out of here’. ‘They are speaking truth, get out of here’.

But you can’t up and leave because that will look funny to the people who want to know truth. ‘Don’t listen to them’. You better fight them demons! They are up to no good and they can do you no good. Don’t you know that?

Let’s go. Let’s start off in Psalm 41. We are looking at the prophesies of our Messiyah Yahoshua and this even talks about the things that He went through in His walk. So this is so heavy because when the prophets prophesied they covered every angle of Messiyah. So that’s why we must have this eyewitness account of what He did and how He did it that is why we have what is called the Good News books because the Good News of Yahoshua is what they write about.

Psalm 41, brothers and sisters take to heart what I just said to you. Be aware. Watch out for these devils. Steal, kill, destroy…the hireling. Watch out for them. They have not been laboring in the garden. They have not brought forth any good fruit for anybody to speak of. Yet they speak against everybody else. They speak against the order of Yah. Yah has place this on my heart because I feel that it’s real urgent. As we do these lessons here to know about Messiyah because as soon as these lessons leave and as soon as our pal-talk room is closed and as soon as you get through hearing this lesson, satan brings someone your way to tell you, ‘you know what brother, that ain’t true what he just said’. ‘Yahoshua is not the Messiyah, Jesus ain’t the messiah’. ‘All that, that’s true’. Then you fall for that gimmick. Do you understand?

Psalm 41:9 Do you see that? The Messiyah said His own friend whom He trusted, who Yahoshua hand-picked…the emissaries and one of them whom He picked was a devil.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 26. His friend whom He trusted and that’s the one who satan always gets to come against you. The friend you trusted because do you know why? If that friend is not rooted in Messiyah then he’s going to come and unroot you! So this is why you must be careful of the friendships that you keep. This is why you have to constantly be careful of what people are saying to you.

If you are around some ‘brews and you see them at Shabbat Class every week and now you put down your guard because you think that he is on the same level you are and here you are trying to learn. Every time you try to learn that person comes and tries to get you to unlearn what you just learned…you got to watch that person!! He’s a deceiver, a snake. They have slivered their way in, I don’t care who it is!!

Judge him by his character and the words he speaks. Even My own friend whom I have trusted, who ate My bread lifted up his heel against Me. Yahoshua went through it and you better believe the rest of Ysrayl will too. Because there is a parallel between our Messiyah and us. We know that. HalleluYah. But this is a prophesy speaking of what Yahoshua had to go through in His walk.


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