Marrriage Sex Divorce and Remarriage p. h

So as we are looking at this…divorce as Shaul was breaking it down to the Corinthians that a woman must remain unmarried because that’s her only 2 options if she has been put away to remain unmarried. And not to send out her husband if he’s an unbeliever and so on we just read all that.

So let’s go back to Matthew chapter 19, I am going to explain this whoring. We are closing out after a few more scriptures. We read this 2 or 3 times already but we are coming back not to be repetitive but to show you the greater points that we are trying to make here, the greater understanding that we are trying to get from what Yahoshua said. Now we understand that the certificate of divorce had to be given in order for the process of divorce to be fulfilled. Then once the certificate of divorce is given then you send her away.

Mattithyah 19:3-11, v. 3 Now remember to put away is separation. (It’s saying) or is it right for a man to separate from his wife for every reason? v. 4-8 Read. Now look at this. He said Moses allowed you to put away your wives. He didn’t say Yah allowed, he said Moses because Yah said He hated that putting away. So right here it says Moses allowed you to separate from your wives. Because we know that Yah allowed divorce. But He said Moses allowed you to separate from your wives.

v. 9 ‘Whoever separates from his wife’ without giving a certificate of divorce. (Continues to read the verse) Now to show you that Yahoshua is taking you on the deeper understanding look at what He continues to say. v. 10-11 Read. So the apostles did not understand it and Yahoshua just broke it down. This is what I love! I love when He does this! When they don’t get an understanding, He said hey it’s not for everybody. Not all receive this Word but only those whom it has been given (will receive the understanding to this Word).

So they are saying if I can only divorce my wife for the cause of fornication or whoring…is it good that I not even get married? Because they can’t understand. They are looking on the physical. Yahoshua is taking them on the spiritual. He is giving them a deeper understanding and He said it’s not for everybody. It’s not for everybody to even understand this so right here what He is telling them is that we still have to give that certificate of divorce because Yahoshua did not mention divorce nowhere in here. But you read putting away which is the first step in divorce. We read about those men putting away the women.

(Reads v. 9 again) So whoever puts away his wife and doesn’t nullify the marriage by giving her a certificate of divorce but He says here except on the grounds of whoring.

Now when we look at the marriage, when a woman goes outside the marriage, that’s considered adultery. But she’s also whoring if she goes out and it’s also considered adultery. Yahoshua did not say it was adultery, He said it was whoring. So what Yahoshua is talking about as He is telling these brothers… because they are looking at it from the physical. They said well a man should not marry if he can only get rid of his wife just for whoring. You know, what if she does burn my lamb chops every night? I don’t want that. I can’t deal with that for the rest of my life. I want to get rid of her after that. But that is what they are looking at, so is it just good if a man does not get married? So Yahoshua said hey not all will receive this. This is what Yahoshua is talking about.

When He says whoever puts away his wife and we know that He means whoever puts away his wife without giving her the certificate of divorce except for whoring. In the KJV it says on the grounds of fornication. What type of whoring and what type of fornication is Yahoshua talking about here? He’s talking about those that are spiritually whoring and spiritually fornicating. Because spiritual whoring or fornication is spiritually going out and having intercourse with the gods of darkness. Going out and having spiritual intercourse with demons by worshipping them.

So a spiritual whoring would be when our people go into Sunday morning and lay down and spread their legs wide and show Jesus everything they have and let Jesus come and have his way with them. That’s spiritual whoring. When our people go into the mosque on Sunday and lay down and spread their legs wide and let Allah see everything they have, that’s spiritual whoring.

So Yahoshua is saying here that except…He said on the grounds of whoring. So He’s saying you don’t have to give the certificate of divorce if your mate is out there spiritually whoring. Do you know why? Because you don’t have to give the certificate of divorce because if the 2 have not become ONE and on the same page in loving and worshipping Yah, then you were never married. Because didn’t Yahoshua say over here in Matthew chapter 19, He had to break it down to these Pharisees what a marriage was. He had to recite Torah to them, that marriage is the two becoming one. Let’s read that again.

Matthew:4 He said did you not read? Where did they read this at? In Genesis, in the Torah. (Finishes reading v. 4). So He’s showing you who a marriage is between. It’s between a man and a woman. Yah made them male and female. v. 5 Read. He said did you not read this? This is what a marriage is. Then He said, they are no longer two but one flesh therefore what Yah has joined together let no man separate.

So Yahoshua had to break it down first and explain to them, marriage. Now a vow and a covenant makes you married but the actual marriage, to have the actual marriage work is the two becoming one. So if you are in a situation how can two become one when they are of two opinions and they are of two different thoughts. How can two walk together unless they agree?

So if you are worshipping Yah, through His truth and through His Messiyah and your wife is worshipping Jesus, that’s not a marriage. This is what Yahoshua is saying that a certificate of divorce did not have to be given in this case because that person is spiritually whoring then y’all are not even married because the two have not become one. If the two have not become one, you don’t have a marriage. Although you have a marriage covenant which looks like a marriage but it is not a marriage because the two have not become one.

So let’s look at this spiritual whoring. Remember Ysrayl is what? Married to Yah. Right? Ysrayl is married to Father Yah. As Yah took that engagement with our father Abraham. Then we saw the actual marriage take place in the book of Exodus. Let’s go to the book of Leviticus chapter 20. Let me show you what this spiritual whoring is. Yahoshua said whoever puts away his wife except on the grounds of whoring…see this is why the apostles could not understand that. Because they were just looking at the physical when Yahoshua was giving them the spiritual. Then He said hey I don’t have time to explain it to you, it’s not for you. Not all will receive this, it’s only for those whom it has been given…the understanding of what He is talking about here.

Because if two cannot become one as Yah stated what a marriage is when Adam said she is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife and the two shall become one. Then if you look at John chapter 17 which we will read in a moment that, that oneness that they are speaking about is when they are on the same purpose, character and goal. Because Yahoshua says in John chapter 17, Father, I wish that they be one as we are one. Yahoshua is letting us know that He is one with Yah in purpose, character and goal. They are on the same page, on one accord. Everything that Yah wants is the same thing Yahoshua wants. They don’t differ on anything. So that’s the type of marriage that we are supposed to have. That oneness. Coming together. So if you don’t have that, then how can you be married?

If you are serving Yah and your spouse is not, not just the wife but the husband, if the wife is serving Yah and the spouse is not, how is that a marriage? When Yah has already defined for us…that’s why Yahoshua broke down…before He said anything else, He broke that down first what a marriage is in Mattithyah 19:4 what we just read. He broke it down. He recited Torah to them. Genesis 2:21-25, do you understand where it talks about getting his wife and marrying her.

So let’s go to Leviticus chapter 20. So Yahoshua said hey he who puts away his wife without giving her that certificate of divorce because we know that we have to give that certificate of divorce. That he who puts away his wife except for whoring, so He is saying you can put your wife away because if she is spiritually whoring…she’s not yours because if a woman goes outside of her marriage and commits adultery and commits whoring she can be forgiven. Did not Yahoshua forgive the woman in John chapter 8? After she was found in adultery, He said go and sin no more. That woman can be forgiven. Right? Yet when it’s a SPIRITUAL WHORING and she has not become one with the husband, the husband has not become one with the wife then you were never married. That’s not a real marriage. So you don’t even have to give a certificate of divorce there because it’s not even a real marriage. That’s what He’s telling us.

Once again, I’m not promoting divorce. Yah wants us to be married but He wants us to be in Yah-given unions. Because when Yah put His servants out there, His servants will take all the slack from the world and he don’t need to come to his home and come to confusion that he’s getting out in the world. As the world is going to HATE Yah’s people with a passion. And if you have one of those haters in your household, you will catch double. You will go out into the world and try to spread this Word of Yah and they will reject it. Then you come home and your spouse is rejecting it? Man.

Leviticus 20:5-6, v. 5 Molech was one of these ancient pagan gods. And the Children of Ysrayl, they worshipped Molech. Yah said you go whoring after Molechs, you go whoring after gods. v. 6 Mediums=pychics and all that. Spiritualists=pychics. So you go whoring after these mediums, after preachers and pastors. You go whoring after them because they are promoting their false gods. You go whoring after a psychic who is promoting some type of falsehood. She can get you to communicate with the dead and all that stuff. She’s a witch! He’s a warlock! So you go whoring after the gods and the prophets, priests, teachers of those gods. When  you go whoring, it’s just like physical whoring. When a woman goes out just having sex with anything that walks, anything that’s there, anything that passes by, that’s how the Children of Ysrayl went after the gods. That’s why Yah was so upset. He divorced the 10 tribes and sent her away. That’s why because she was whoring to the gods.

So when Yahoshua mentions except for whoring, when you go whoring after the gods. Let’s go to Judges chapter 2. Once again, I’m not promoting divorce here but I am showing the Word of Yah. This is what was allowed. This is what Yahoshua is talking about. Like I said, have patience.

If that certain spouse is not coming around, they will let you know. There will be a certain drop off point where you say no there is no hope for this person. So you must have your house in order. Especially you brothers that Yah has given this authority to lead and guide, you must have your house in order.

Judges 2, if there is a physical whoring going on, you probably can forgive that but a constant spiritual whoring  that’s the more dangerous one. Do you think that Yahoshua would just say if a woman was just physically going out here and physically whoring that you wouldn’t have to give her a certificate of divorce, what would be the reason for that? That would be a cause for a certificate of divorce. So she can be protected. Because if the brothers constantly see her out her whoring…but no He did not say whoring but He would have said if it was a married woman…because remember He who puts her away. You can put her away if she’s your wife. He would have used the word adultery, except on the cause of adultery. But no, He said on the cause of whoring. We are talking deeper here. That’s why He told the brothers that. We are talking deeper here. We are talking about on the spiritual level.

Because if that woman or man is out there spiritually whoring that-is-critical there moreso than a woman going out here and fornicating. You can forgive her for that as I told you Yahoshua forgave the woman in John chapter 8 for her adultery. So you can be forgiven Yahoshua tells us if our brother offends us, we forgive him 70 x 7. You continue to forgive him.  So if your wife is out there physically whoring that can be forgiven but if she is spiritually whoring, He said hey you don’t need no certificate of divorce…because you weren’t married because the two have to become one to make a marriage.

So brothers, I’m not saying if you are having problems with your wife, that you just go out here and just throw her away and get that certificate…no, I’m not saying that. That’s between you, her and Yah. Obadiyah is not promoting anything here I know that the haters and all those people who want to accuse me of saying things that I never said. I’m not saying that. That’s between you, your wife and Yah, if you want to go through a divorce. Whatever reason, it’s between y’all. I’m just showing you that the scripture says that divorce was allowed. I’m showing you that divorce is the nullifying of that covenant. I’m just showing you what marriage and sex is. I’m just being real with you. I’m not telling you to do anything. That’s between you, her and Yah.

Judges 2:17 Do you see that? Yah is talking about these Israylites, they have gone whoring after the gods. They have gone whoring after the elohim or mighty ones. So you see whoring is a spiritual fornication. Going and bowing down to the gods. You go whoring this is what separated Yah from Ysrayl when we went to go whoring. Let me take you to Exodus 20. This just popped on my heart right now. That’s the ten commandments. Right? You all know that. What is the first commandment? To prevent us from being a whore after Yah had taken the marriage vow and covenant with us as we read in Exodus chapter 19. And then in Exodus chapter 20 in v. 3 this is the first commandment.

Exodus 20:3 You have no mighty ones against My face! You have no elohim against My face! You have no gods against My face! That’s the first of the ten commandments. That we are not to have any gods, elohim or mighty ones before the face of Yah.  Yah is telling us right here not to go whoring with them. We are not to worship and bow ourselves down to those gods. Because if we do, that’s spiritual whoring.

Let’s go to Judges chapter 8. We will be closing out in a moment Hebrews and truth seekers.

Judges 8:33 Do you see that? They went whoring after the baals, the gods, the elohim, after the mighty ones they went whoring after them. And I say he who puts away his wife without giving her that certificate of divorce except it be for whoring…so what whoring is He talking about? What whoring can be that serious that you could put your wife away without giving her a certificate of divorce? What whoring could be that serious? We are looking at spiritual whoring.

Like I said physical whoring you can forgive her for that. If you want to separate from her for physical whoring, hey you can give her a certificate of divorce for that. But He said no, not the spiritual whoring because that’s what He is talking about. That’s even why once again…I know I keep repeating myself but I must, Ysrayl. That’s why Yah repeats things over and over because we are dealing with a hard-headed, stiff-necked people. Sometimes we can’t get it in one, two or three explanations. We have to get it over and over again. So that’s why I’m bringing it to you like that.

Let’s go to 2 Chronicles chapter 21. We are just looking at this spiritual whoring. The Children of Ysrayl went whoring after the gods, the baals and all that. That’s what spiritual whoring is. This is 2 Chronicles in the old testament not 2 Corinthians. Corinthians were a European people. The Chronicles of the kings.

2 Chronicles 21:11 He caused the inhabitants of Yahrushalim to commit whoring. What kind of whoring was that? It said he (Jehoram) put high places in the mountains of Yahudah and caused the inhabitants of Yahrushalom to commit whoring. So we are talking about spiritual whoring. Because a high place was a pagan altar and temple that was built in Ysrayl and throughout the ancient world and they built them on high mountains or high hills. And by building an altar or places on high mountains or hills, they felt that they were getting in closer contact with their god. So a high place is a pagan worshipping temple. It said they made  high places in the mountains of Yahudah and caused the inhabitants of Yahrushalom to go whoring. That whoring is that spiritual whoring.

Let’s go to the book of Hosea chapter 5. Do you all see? By the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses all matters shall be established and that’s what I’m doing. I’m showing you several places in the scriptures, in fact I’m showing you 5 and this is the 6th place I’m showing that, that spiritual whoring is going after gods. Bowing down and worshipping the gods…giving yourself over to the mighty ones, the elohim, el and all that stuff. When you are supposed to be strictly with Yah.

Hosea 5:4 See that spiritual whoring separates you from Yah. So if you are in a marriage and you are spiritual whoring, you have been separated from your husband who is the representation of Yah in your family. Remember let us make man in our image, Genesis 1:26. So Yah created man to be in the image of righteousness. So if you are spiritually whoring against your husband, if he has been redeemed by Yah and if you are spiritually whoring against Him you will not know Yah. Ain’t that what it just said? It said the spirit of whoring is among them and they do not know Yah.

So if you are in a marriage and you are spiritually whoring in the marriage that means that you do not know Yah and that is not a marriage that Yah put together because Yah will not put a believer with a non-believer in a marriage. That’s something you did on your own. You did that for whatever reason. Maybe you liked her smile. Maybe you liked the way they smelled. Maybe you liked the way they walked. So forth and so on but you chose that.

So those who have that spirit of whoring, spiritual whoring…they do not know Yah. So this is why Yahoshua said that a certificate of divorce is not needed in that case. Because that person does not know Yah. They are not married.

So when Yahoshua gives us this understanding, it’s obvious between a person of Yah and a person not of Yah. So if you have 2 Christians getting married of course that’s spiritual whoring (laughs) but you will  not have that Christian man to put away his wife or that woman to put away her man based on them serving Jesus because they both serve Jesus. If they get divorced, it’s based on something else. The sex was not right, the money was not right, I needed a new car and he didn’t buy it. But it’s not going to be based on spiritual reasons unless one of them goes out and starts serving Allah.

But what Yahoshua is giving us is for the believer. What did He say? It’s for those to whom it has been given. Yah gives His truth to whom? His servants and prophets. Yah gives His truth to whom? The Children of Ysrayl who are also His servants. So the truth is in the hand of Ysrayl so this understanding is going to come to Ysrayl.

So I wanted to read to you this situation that took place in the Book of Ezra where those men were putting away their wives but I’m going to end it here. We have broken it down and given understanding. I hope that you have gotten an understanding of this lesson. I pray that Yah has opened your understanding to believe and know what marriage, se, divorce and remarriage is.

We read and understand what the Messiyah said and it lines up with scripture. It lines up with the Torah. So Yahoshua was not speaking against divorce. He was speaking against putting away wives without proper detachment or putting away period. Putting away was what He was against, just putting away without properly sending them away. But if you are in a situation of spiritual whoring…understand that Ysrayl.

…Okay Ysrayl, I’m out of here. I say todah and pray that this was a blessing to you giving you a greater understanding of Yah and just what He requires of us in a marriage, sex, divorce and remarriage. So I’m going to leave you in peace as I came to you in peace with the ancient Hebrew word for peace, shalom-shalom.


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