Marriage Sex Divorce and Remarriage p. e

And if you have yourself a righteous husband, he will speak the words of Yah to you. If you have a righteous woman, she’s going to speak the words of Yah to you. She is not going to speak nothing that separates from Yah’s Word. She is not going to have you out in the backyard sacrificing goats and chickens and telling you that you must sacrifice goats and chickens and telling you that you must sacrifice it to Yah. And many of you all will listen to your wife is she tells you some foolishness like that. Then you will come to the brothers and say hey man we have to start sacrificing goats and chickens. Then you will go into Scripture to show us that we have to sacrifice goats and chickens. When we ask you where you get that from? You have been listening to the voice your wife because she has been listening to the voice of the adversary.

Let’s go to Genesis chapter 36. Remember we are looking at these concubines. But I just had to show you that to be cautious. You always have to check yourself brothers and sisters. Remember we will be held accountable for every word that we speak. There’s  not going to be an idle word. so sisters when you are coming at your husbands, check and see where that is coming from. Is there any type of legitimate reason that you are coming at him this way? If not, it is coming from the adversary and he’s attacking your husband through you.

Likewise brothers, the adversary will come at you and have you abusing your woman. Because abuse is not of Yah. Once again, marriage should be everything that Yah is since Yah ordained marriage. Marriage should be love, justice, it should be righteous. It should be all those things.

So when we read Hebrews 13:4, I’m not even sure if I explained that it but Hebrews 13:4 explained that the marriage bed is undefiled. So what you do in your marriage sex life, that’s between you and your spouse. So you can’t come to Obadiyah or any other brother and sister and ask them what you can and can’t do. That’s in your marriage life. It says the marriage bed is undefiled because that bed has been sanctified by a contract, covenant because marriage is ordained by Yah. Let me read Hebrews 13:4 once again before we go to Genesis 36:12. Well in Genesis chapter 36, I just wanted to show that they mention a concubine there and it says that she belonged to a certain man. Well let me just read that before we go to Hebrews.

Genesis 36:12 Timnah was the concubine of Eliphaz. So she belonged to him, his concubine. He had a covenant and contract with her and that’s what made her belong to this man.

So concubines are women that are in contracts with these men. They are lesser than wives. Many of you have concubines now, you call her mistress and that stuff. (Laughs) It’s funny because many of you all are in these multiple marriages and you don’t even see it as that. Your husband has women all over town that he is taking care of. He has children by these women and that’s lawful in the word.

So you sisters just have to expand your understanding and come into the Word of Yah and leave this western mind-set behind. One of the reasons, sisters say well you know there are a lot of diseases out there…that’s an excuse. That’s  not even a factor because if you want to bring in people to extend your household why don’t you all go get tested for diseases? But if your husband is out there and he’s fornicating you know going into the clubs on Friday nights and he’s sleeping with everything that walks in the club both men and women…that’s the cause for disease. That’s unhealthy there. There’s no benefit to the family with that. Yet when you are calling another sister in to extend the family that’s what it is you must look at it as a benefit to the family. So that is how you look at multiple marriages not as how the world sees it.

We read Hebrews 13:4 but I just want to read it to you again. That the marriage bed is undefiled because it’s sanctified and separated by Yah because marriage is of Yah.

Hebrews 13:4 So it said let the marriage bed be respected. Let marriage be respected by all. It’s respected by all because marriage is sanctified by Yah. So l et it be respected by all. You respect marriages. They go married in Christianity but we still have to respect that. Just like Joseph had to respect that his slave master’s wife was his slave master’s wife. Do you understand? It’s respected by all because marriage is universal. It’s given directly from Yah.

Now, if you have been married and you were in the church and now you want to come into (the ways of ) Yah and you want to renew your vows with your spouse and given it to Yah, that’s good and dandy. That’s good. It’s on you. Even if you want to do a little ceremony type thing, that’s good and dandy and on you.

But we try to stay away from the ceremony that’s in traditional Christianity because that’s paganism. You know it’s connected to some type of pagan practice. Let me give you a little history fact. Do you understand why there are many weddings in June? Do you understand why when the bride comes down the aisle, she has the bouquet of flowers in front of her face? History fact: That is a European custom, the June wedding. Why? Because in May, May was the month when Europeans took their yearly bath. They took a bath once a year, I’m talking about the Gentiles in the quote-unquote dark ages. They had so many plagues going through Europe killing off folks by the tons because the Europeans did not properly know how to wash themselves. This is fact. When the Arabs went up there and looked at that, they were amazed. They said these people are filthy and these are the filthiest people we have ever seen.

So you look at some of these movies and they show you that. They have rotten teeth, the torn-up clothes because they took a bath once a year. They took it in May. So they tried to have weddings in June because June follows May. So by June that yearly bath was starting to wear off. So they wanted to be clean for their weddings. So they would take a bath in May and by June they were still a little clean.

So as the bride is coming down the aisle with her bouquet of flowers in front of her face because of the stench, because of the body odor. So they were a very dirty people. This is not anything racist. This is fact. They always try to throw…because they have risen to prominence. Yah has allowed them to take over this time frame that we are in, the times of the Gentiles. Because they have risen to prominence, they think that they have always been a great people. But they have not. When the Roman Empire fell, the whole of Europe fell. The people did not even know how to properly wash themselves. That’s why it was called the dark ages. Darkness set over Europe. They had no knowledge. No nothing. They were up thee fighting like cave men and all that stuff.

And during the dark ages the Moors who are a black-skinned people with the Israylites and some Edomites conquered Spain and they brought great knowledge and understanding to Spain. That’s why Spain was the first country to come out of Europe’s dark ages. Because of the knowledge that the Moors and Edomites and Israylites brought up there. Yeah, there were some Edomites up there in Spain. Then some of them left and went back to Ysrayl. But there were some Edomites up there, that’s why they got that name Sarphardim. It means Spanish Jew. Today, it means Eastern Jew. The Edomites in the land are called (Sephardic) Sepharadim.

But just a little marriage tidbit there. And also the marriage ring that is pagan also. We Hebrews don’t wear wedding rings because they are pagan and what scripture gives us is a nose ring and bracelet as the symbol of marriage. I’m going to read that scripture in just one moment. The wedding ring actually started in Egypt. It was passed down. Everything that the Greeks got, they got from the Egyptians. And everything that the Romans got, they got from the Greeks. So that was how that tradition passed on from one people to another. So we don’t see anything in Scripture about the wedding ring as the modern wedding ring because that is of pagan origins.

…My computer is acting up. Satan does not want me to give y’all this information because he wants us to continue in ignorance.

…I think I found the site.

Okay, it says the wedding ring…this is from a site called It says this: The wedding ring is a symbol tied to romantic traditions that have run through the course of time. The circular band as far back to a time when pharaoh’s use to rule the land was seen as a representation of eternity and a love that has neither a beginning nor an end. As time passed the band became decorated with gems which also were symbolic. The red ruby symbolized the heart. The blue sapphire reflecting the heaven and the diamond representing indestructible love. Blessing the hand was believed to give the power to rid disease and guard the wearer from devils. If the ring falls to the floor during the ceremony, it is an omen of future disaster.

So we see that none of these things were of Yah but it goes back to ancient pagan cultures. The cultures and people that we should stay away from. Because they will have us trying to worship Yah as they worship their god. So we are not to take upon their pagan practices. So the wedding ring is one of those practices that have come from paganism. (From) paganism, this is a fact. That’s where it comes from.

So when we get married a symbol of our marriage was a bracelet and a  nose ring in the Hebrew culture. So I just wanted to throw that out there so you can be aware of that. Many of you have asked that question ‘do we wear wedding rings’? The engagement ring, all that stuff was from ancient pagans. They brought all that forth.

Now let’s look at divorce and remarriage. Let’s go to Genesis chapter 24. This is speaking about when our mother Ribqayah (Rebekah) was being chosen as the wife of our father Isaac. Abraham’s servant was sent to choose from some of Abraham’s relatives a wife for his son. That’s when he chose Ribqayah, that the symbol for marriage was that you give bracelets, earrings and nose rings. That was a symbol of our ancient marriage. Read the entire chapter of Genesis chapter 24 and you can see that in there. That, that was a symbol of marriage for the Hebrews. We didn’t wear wedding rings as they wear today. So I just want you all to be aware of some of these marriage traditions, customs.

If you want to do a Hebrew marriage ceremony where you may have a brother to officiate it…a righteous brother in Yah where y’all take the vows and he anoints you all. You know something like that for the sake of the ceremony. You go to your wedding chamber and you stay for days on end consummating your marriage. However you want to do it, the important thing is to have that vow before Yah. The vow, covenant is to be respected by all. Marriage is to be respected by all.

So let’s look at divorce and remarriage. Are we allowed to divorce according to scripture? Yes, we are. We have been taught by Christianity so long that you can not get a divorce. But yes divorce was allowed and we are going to explain it right here. We are looking at divorce and remarriage now. We just looked at marriage and sex. We saw that marriage is a vow and covenant and sex is not marriage in itself. When you are in your marriage, the marriage bed is undefiled. It is sanctified by Yah. It is set-apart by Yah because marriage is a universal institution. Sex is good in your marriage. You should have sex often in your marriage. Woman please your husband. Husband please your wife. That’s what it’s all about because she belongs to you and you belong to her.

Don’t get like these crazy Catholics not permitting men to marry. So you see such a high rate of abuse on children taking place by those Catholic priests and even nuns. Marriage is a Yah-ordained institution that is given to all of mankind. So you can not permit a person (not?) to marry. Since they turn their nose down about sex, it’s funny that anything mentioned about sex and sex is given to us by Yah. We procreate for sex (but) sex has been abused today.

Anything they put on TV about sex, they can just mention sex and then we go to covering our children’s ears up. ‘Oh they said sex’. Yet you will sit down and watch TV with your child and you see within the first 30 minutes of a movie you see 50 people get their heads blown off. Guts and brains splattered all over the place and you will watch that with your child but soon as sex is mentioned…oh-uh get out of here you must go. Something is wrong with that picture. Because the western mind-set which is based on violence, conquests and animalistic behavior…the western mind-set has taught you to turn your nose up on something that Yah has given you. But smile when you see something on TV that Yah told you that you shall not do. You shall not murder. Thou shall not cold-blood murder.

Yet we will watch that all day when we see two people kissing on television (laughs) you are covering that child’s eyes up. But let someone get their heads blown off, you are  making sure ‘did you see that’? ‘Look at the guts over there’. ‘His head is over there’. ‘Whoa’! You are amazed at that. That’s how satan will set it up.

I know that sex has been abused in this society. Now it’s not based on the pureness that Yah has given it to us for. But now it’s animalistic. It has been totally abused. I’m just making a point that we need to be cautious. We need to be very careful on how we view everything in this society. Because sex is good if it’s done in a righteous way and in a righteous covenant. That’s what makes sex righteous. As Yah said, let marriage be respected by all. The marriage be is undefiled. It’s sanctified unto Yah. It’s undefiled do sex is always good. Like I said, if it’s done in a righteous way under that covenant.

But satan has twisted it and sex is all out of hand now. You have people having sex with animals. You have people have sex with kids. That’s not good. That’s not righteous. You have whores and whore-mongers all over the place. They prance across the TV screens, that’s not good. But when you have the pureness of sex as it was meant to be that’s what we should not shun away from.

Deuteronomy 24, we are looking at divorce and remarriage.

Deuteronomy 24:1 Do you see that? He shall write her a certificate of divorce, put it in her hand and send her out of his house. So she was allowed to be divorced. Was she allowed to remarry? Let’s read verse 2.

v. 2 So it says  here if she left his house and went to become another man’s wife as long as she has that divorce certification in her hand, she was allowed to be divorced. It said as long as she had that certificate in her hands she was allowed to be divorced and she could do and be another man’s wife. So she could remarry.

This is what Torah says. Torah the first 5 books of the bible. (Names the first five books of the bible). Those are the first five books. I still get people asking me where they can get a Torah from? They say, I have a regular Bible, I need to know where to get a Torah from? So that’s the Torah.

This is Deuteronomy right here, this is the law. Torah is the law or instructions. This is the law or instructions that Yah gives us. So this is the foundation. Anything else in scripture saying something different from what we just read is a contradiction and not a scripture. So let’s go and see if Yahoshua has contradicted what we have just read. Because a man and woman could be divorced. The man had to put a certificate of divorce in her hand, he had to send her out of his house because there are three steps to divorce. We will look at that in just a moment. She could remarry. Remarriage was allowed.

Let’s go to Matthew chapter 19. Let’s see if Yahoshua is contradicting the Word of Yah, contradicting Torah. Because many of you and many of us through our misunderstanding have pretty much done that. Had Him contradicting Torah but He did not do it at all.

Mattithyah 19:3-9, v. 1-5 Read. Now I’m going to stop right here. Yahoshua is breaking down to them what marriage is! As we have read this in Genesis chapter 2 and I have been saying this throughout this lesson, marriage is , what makes the marriage work is the two becoming one. So Yahoshua is repeating this back to them! This is what a marriage is. The two becoming one.

v. 6 One flesh, they are no longer two like Yah and Yahoshua are one. Right? That oneness is purpose, character and goal according to the Book of John chapter 17. Yahoshua prayed that all His brothers be one as He and Yah are one. We know that oneness is based on being on the same accord. Oneness. The same thought and mind. So the two different thoughts shall come together to become one thought. That one thought is their belief and love for Yah.

(Finishes reading v. 6) What Yah has joined together in marriage let man not separate. Yah is not going to join together a man and woman who is of two different mind-sets who have not become one. Those are not marriages of Yah. Yah is going to bring together the marriages of His sons and His daughters who are one. Who are on one page, one mind-set. Like we read in Proverbs 18, he who finds a wife has found a good thing and has found favor of Yah. See that is what Yah is looking for, those true marriages where the man and woman are on one accord.

So Yahoshua said let no man separate. People take this to say ‘well god gave us marriage so a man can not separate because god brought us together in marriage’. No. Yah is not going to bring two people who are unequally yoked. That’s your doing. That’s your marriage. But what Yah has brought, what is Yah going to bring? Yah is going to bring a righteous brother and sister together. Because they have to till or keep the garden. Right? Yah is going to bring two workers together to the garden. He’s going to bring that brother that will allow that sister to fulfill her Yah-duty role. That sister is not going to rebel against that brother. He will do his Yah-duty role and they will do it together on one accord. That’s what Yah has brought together. That you do not separate.

That’s why I say, if a man has a righteous woman and she is doing her righteous work and woman you have a righteous man who is doing a righteous work, if y’all are on the same page, there’s no need for y’all to be divorced. Because Yah has brought you together and you shall not separate that.

v. 7-9 uh-oh. So is Yahoshua contradicting Yah? Because Yahoshua said whoever marries her commits adultery. Whoever marries her that has been put away commits adultery. That’s what Yahoshua said. But we just read in the Word of Yah, Yah said if that man gives her a certificate of divorce and puts it into her hand and then she goes and becomes another man’s wife, so Yah said she can get remarried. Right? But is Yahoshua saying that she can’t? Let’s see. Let’s go to Matthew chapter 5. We will see Him repeating this here.

But I love this breakdown because the Pharisees were trying to accuse Him. Notice, how many times did you hear the word divorced mentioned? I read from verses 3-9 (*See The Scriptures translation of the Bible). How many times did you hear divorced mentioned here? Not once but you heard put away. Right?

Matthew 5, listen I’m not here to promote divorce or any of that. That’s in your hand. That’s between you and the Father. I’m just here to show you the truth of Yah’s Word. I’m not promoting anything here. I’m just showing you what Yah’s Word is saying. I don’t want any of you trying to put your divorce on me. That’s in your hand, your court. That’s between you, your spouse and Yah. Whatever you decide to do. I’m just saying it was allowed.

Deuteronomy 24:1-3 told us, yes divorce was allowed and remarriage after divorce was allowed. So Yahoshua is saying the same thing as Torah is saying.

Mattithyah 5:31-32, v. 31 This is Yahoshua repeating Deuteronomy 24. v. 32 Do you see that? So it sounds like He is saying something totally different from the Torah. Right? So what is He saying?


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