Marriage Sex Divorce and Remarriage p. d

Let’s go to Exodus chapter 24. We are going to see it again. But you will get a little more detail here. As we see Yah fulfilling this marriage, Yah said in Yeremiyah chapter 3, I’m married to you, Ysrayl. We see the engagement process took place with Abraham but the actual marriage covenant is being fulfilled right here.

Exodus 24:1-8, v. 1-2 Read. v. 3 So they are saying it again ‘all the words which Yah said we will do’. We are taking this vow with Yah. We are signing the covenant right here. This is what we are doing. v. 4 Do y’all understand that these 12 standing columns are still standing today at the real Mt. Sinai? There’s a good book called ‘The Gold of Exodus’. It’s kind of hard to find now but if you can get your hands on that book check it out It’s about these two Gentiles who were treasure hunters or adventure seekers and they had the Bible as their map and they found the real Mount Sinai which is in Saudi Arabia. The top of the mountain is still blackened from where Yah descended down right here as the marriage was going on. Wait a minute…I wanted to read to you about when Yah came down on Mt. Sinai and it said that He came down in like a fire and burned the mountain (Exodus 24:17?). So the real Mount Sinai is still burnt. And these 2 men found even the 12 standing columns right at the base. It’s a very good book. They were looking for the gold that the children of Yrayl got from the Egyptians as we left Egypt (Exodus 12:35-36). Remember as we left out, Yah told us to go and take the gold from the Egyptians as we were leaving out.

So the book is called ‘The gold of Exodus because that’s what they were looking for, the gold. These wild Gentiles are not looking for something that proves Yah exists, they are looking for the money. So they were looking for the gold of Exodus and they believed it is buried at the base of this mountain. There has been a security fence, the Saudi government has put a fence up and now that area is guarded. So you can’t even get in there anymore. But it’s a very good book. But these 12 standing columns, they found those. They are still there.

v. 5-7 The book of the covenant…then it said all that Yah says, we shall do. This is the marriage right here. This is the marriage covenant being taken by Yah and Ysrayl. v. 8 See, there is blood. There needs to be blood for the fulfillment of the covenant.

Back in the ancient times, when a man took a young woman to be his wife and since the sisters were married off so young that they were virgins. So to prove that they were virgins after they had sex they would bring out the cloth and show that she bled when they had sex. Signifying that she was a virgin. This is likewise in that manner. It’s just showing the blood being spilled for the covenant. Like Yahoshua’s blood was spilled for the renewing of the covenant, for the renewing of the marriage covenant. Because there has to be blood shed for the covenant to be rectified here as we see.

So Moses sprinkled blood on the people and he sprinkled it on the altar. This is the blood of the covenant which Yah has made with you concerning all the words. This is when we were married to Yah. Let’s read v. 15-17. Remember the people here are taking a covenant.

Exodus 24:15-17, So when Yah came down, it said that the trumpets were blowing. It was thundering and lightening and the children of Ysrayl saw this and were terrified. They told Moses, ‘Moses we are not going to speak to Yah, we will speak to you and you go speak to Yah because what we are seeing right here is terrifying for us’. So that was Yah coming to marry His bride. This even goes with the marriage supper of the lamb when Yahoshua returns because right now we are in the opening stages of the covenant being renewed. It’s like when you are separated from your spouse and there’s that period where you may need that separation so you can think things through and get your head right. Then you come back together and you renew your vows. You renew your covenant if you choose to get back together with that person. If they come back and say I’m sorry for all that nonsense I did and I really want to be with you. So as you get back together, you want to renew your vows. So this is what we are in, this covenant that Yah has made with us through Yahoshua the Messiyah, a renewing of the covenant.

But once again, showing you what? That marriage is a vow and it is a covenant. Marriage is not sex alone. Let’s go to Deuteronomy 25. Yah is married to us. But He did not have sex with us. We made a vow and covenant with Him. All that you have said Yah, we shall do. And we are bound to that (covenant) to this very hour. This is why these curses are down upon us because we have forsaken our end of what we told Yah we would do. Yah has not forsaken His end, we have.

Deuteronomy 25, this is one of our laws. If there are two brothers and one brother dies without having any children then it is the right of the brother that is left living to take the dead brother’s wife, go in and have children by her and raise them up in the name of his brother. So, some people look at that and say ewww. Speaking against the Word of Yah because they don’t understand out of their ignorance. So if it doesn’t sound good to you brothers and sisters hey so be it. That satan has whorpped our minds. Satan has made down seem up and up seem down. Satan has deceived the whole world as it tell us in Revelation 12:9. He has led the world astray. So do you think that satan’s only deception is that he has fooled people into believing in Jesus as being god or lord? Or do you thing that his only deception deals with religious aspects? Naw. Satan has deceived the world into believing that this is how the world should operate. Everything of Yah, satan is making it seem as if it were bad. He’s even making it seem bad to the children of Ysrayl.

So that’s why when you get Israylites who read this scripture which we are about to read right here and it just blows their mind. Because to them it sounds like some Jerry Springer stuff. But satan has twisted the world’s mind. He has twisted the minds of men. And now men don’t go into the book and read what is here. Men don’t know and understand the laws of Yah so they speak ill against it. Not even comprehending that they are speaking against Yah.

Deuteronomy 25:5 So it says when a brother dies that this other brother is to take this woman, he is to go into her and he shall take her as his wife. He shall make her his wife but it’ not saying that the act of sex has made this woman married to him but he takes her and makes that marriage vow and covenant with here and then she is his wife. Now he can do the duty of a husband’s brother to her. He can do the duty of a husband’s brother meaning that now he is her husband.

So Yah is trying to keep everything in that family so now he can have a son raised up to his brother’s name. (Reads v. 5 again). Stranger=she shall not go to a strange man. Now look at this. It does not say that her husband’s brother does not go into her and he’s married to her. No. It says he goes into her and he takes her as his wife. How does he take her as his wife? He has to make a vow and covenant with her. Now by him going into her that alone does not make her married. Had it said that sex makes you married the scripture would have read like this: Her husband’s brother goes into her and she shall be his wife. Or her husband’s brother does go into her and performs the duty of a husband’s brother to her. Naw, It doesn’t say that.

It says that her husband’s brother goes into her and shall TAKE HER as his wife. So that intercourse alone does not make her his wife. He still has to fulfill that covenant with here and that will make her his wife. That’s when they are married. (read v. 6-10 This was done so the deceased brother’s name was not blotted out of Ysrayl because he died without a son. The child would be named after him).

So let’s go to Exodus chapter 22. Sex does not make you married. We are still talking about marriage and sex here and in a moment we will look at divorce and remarriage.

Exodus chapter 22, I want to present this in its fullness when I did this lesson in the paltalk room, I had to cut it short because a lot of things were going on in the paltalk room. I had to cut it short then but now I want to bring the whole understanding.

We see that marriage is a vow and a covenant, that’s what it takes to be married. The vow, covenant is what makes you married to that person where the actual marriage is the two becoming one. Many of you out there now and those of you that have gone through divorces, you know that you have gotten divorced because you weren’t on the same page as your spouse. Because if you are on the same page and the two have become one then there’s no reason to get a divorce.

If you have a lovely women, that’s down and taking care of the business and doing what she needs to do as your helper and counterpart, y’all are on the same page with equal love for Yah. There’s no need to divorce that woman. And woman there’s no need to divorce for him to be divorced from you, if you are on the same page and have become one. But like I said many of you  have been getting divorces because you have not been one with that spouse.

Exodus 22, And the world sometimes get divorces for silly reasons. Because the spouse is not making enough money. Things like that should not bring divorce. Things like that y’all can work out. Hey, if the wife needs to get out and get a second job or the husbands needs to get out and get a second job then that’s what you have to do. So money should not be an issue because you can work through those things.

But working through wife going to Sunday School and praising Jesus and the husband is at the Shabbat Class  on Saturday…those things right there  man that’s on another level. Exodus 22, we are still looking at marriage and sex.

Exodus 22:16 Do you see that? When a man macks to a young woman, when he runs his game to a young woman who is NOT engaged. Now why did Yah say who is not engaged? Because engagement is the first step in marriage. So if you are going out with a woman and you are sleeping with a woman who is engaged that’s adultery because adultery is as if she is married to that husband. It is like marriage. The only thing left is that they have to go ahead and take that marriage vow, covenant. Yah said ‘and when a man entices a woman’. Maiden means  young woman, who is not engaged. It could be a young woman who is a virgin, who is not engaged and lies with her. He shall certainly pay the bride’s price for her to be  his wife.

Now look, He said if he lies with her that now he shall take her as his wife. He shall pay the bride’s price and then he has to take that marriage vow, covenant for her to be his wife. It doesn’t state that when a man entices a maiden who is not engaged and lies with her that she is his wife. No. He still has to pay the bride’s price because this woman is not his wife yet. But Yah said if you lie with her, you have to take her to be your wife.

So marriage is a covenant, It is a vow. What makes the marriage work is the two becoming one. So there you have it brothers and sisters, that’s what a marriage is.

Now I just want to go through something quickly and explain to you about these concubines. Now in Exodus 22:16 it said that he shall pay the bride’s price and she shall be his wife. It did not say that he can take her as his concubine. But he has to take her as his wife. There’s a difference between a wife and a concubine.

Let’s go to 1 Kings chapter 11. A concubine was a woman who belonged to the man. She was in a covenant with that man and in this covenant she belongs to him. So she was not a wife yet she was in that relationship with that man. The concubine, she belonged to that man so when we look at scripture, we see that many men and his concubine and that she was his concubine. She belonged to that man. She was in a covenant relationship with that man. But she was lesser than a wife. Now in the ancient cultures,  not only just with the Hebrews but with the surrounding cultures also, the Egyptians, the Ethiopians and so forth. The way that this thing went is that you had your great wife which most of the time she was your first wife. Then below her, you had lesser wives if you had a second, third wife they were known as lesser wives. Then below the lesser wives were the concubines.

So the concubine fit in below the lesser wives. She was not a wife yet she was in a relationship with that man. She belonged to that man that she has to covenant with. Men did indeed have sex with their concubines. So it was a righteous relationship because they had a covenant. They were bound by a covenant in that relationship.

1 Kings 11:1-3 This is Solomon. v. 1 So Solomon, man this is…these brothers out here talking about they are player-players, playboys…Solomon had a thousand women! Look at this. v. 2 So he loved these women. He allowed the love of women to supersede his love of Yah. Now this is the wisest king ever. Solomon understood the laws of Yah, that was his wisdom. As Yah said that these laws are our wisdom. The laws are our wisdom. The laws are what makes us wise. When it said that Solomon was the wisest king, Solomon knew the laws of yah in and out. So this is very confusing. How did this happen? But it says right here that he clung to these in love. He had more love for these women than he had for Yah. That’s the power that many of these women have. They have…a woman can turn a man’s heart away from serving Yah, his mighty one, his god or his faith really quick. And you know how. Because the man has more love for her genitalia and that’s what does it.

Because otherwise how can you have strong love for a woman like that and to the point where you allow her to turn you away from Yah? What type of spell is she putting on you? And we know the spell. We are adults here, even if there are children listening they need to understand that wicked spell. You know women can secretly rule a  nation. Because if she has the heart of the king, you know the woman in the background that king will listen to everything she says.

v. 3 So had 300 concubines but it was the wives that turned away his heart from Yah. So we see that there is a distinction between a wife and a concubine. Solomon had 1,000 women and 700 of those women were princesses or wives and 300 were concubines. So they were princesses because Solomon for political reasons married the daughters of foreign kings. So if Solomon is the son-in-law to a foreign king, therefore he can bring peace to the kingdom. Because a foreign king will say that’s my son-in-law, he has married my daughter. We have a covenant here. He’s part of my family. This is why Solomon married so  many of these foreign women for political reasons. But he did love some of them and those he had that strong love for, they turned away his heart. It was the wives.

Now the concubines were women that were  not his wives. They were separate from his wives yet they belonged to him. He had 300 of them. They were his. So the concubine is different from a wife. She belongs to that certain man.

Let’s go to Genesis chapter 36. So Solomon, I’m telling you let that be a lesson to you brothers. You know what? While I’m speaking about this let’s go to Genesis chapter 3. That’s where I want to go to then we will go to Genesis chapter 36. This is where the spirit is leading me to right now.

Genesis 3:17 Do you see that? Yah said to Adam, that you have listened to the voice of your wife and you have listened to her voice and not the commandments which I have given you personally Adam.

Because remember when we started reading, we read Genesis 2:16-17. I didn’t want to go there. I wanted to go directly to verse 18 but I accidentally put that in there. It was not an accident, it was on purpose. Because Yah is showing us…remember He gave Adam this commandment in Genesis chapter 2:16-17, I’m going to read it again. so Yah is telling Adam over here in Genesis 3:17, He said Adam I told you this. Now this was before when Yah told Adam this in Genesis 2:16-17, Eve was not created. We see that in v. 18 Yah mentions about the woman. That He needs to create a woman for Adam. But we don’t see her until like Genesis 2:21-22 when Yah actually did the creating of the woman. But before the woman was created, Yah gave this commandment to Adam and put it in his hand. But Adam listened to the voice of his wife. Just like Solomon listened to the voice of his wife and he was disobedient to Yah.

See the serpent will work through these women to get to the man. So sometimes sisters you may be saying some things to your husband and you don’t even know where it’s coming from. You need to slow down and check yourself and see where that’s coming from.

Brothers, you need to verify what your wife is speaking. Some things you can not even tell her that Yah has given you to do. You can’t even tell your wife. Because she may not understand. For instance, when Yah told Abraham to go and sacrifice Isaac. Abraham did not go and check with Sarah first and tell her what he was doing. He was just obedient and knew what he had to do. Because had he gone and told Sarah, she would have been speaking against it. So brothers sometimes there are things that Yah put in your hand and it’s for you only. And you can’t tell anyone until the mission is accomplished. (This story is in the Book of Jasher).

So right here you must be careful of the voice that you are listening to especially when it’s your wife. Satan will come through her with a QUICKNESS. He will come through her quickly. We saw two examples, Adam and he caused all mankind to fall and great old wise Solomon. He fell because he listened to the voice of his wife. So that’s why I’m saying sisters, you must make sure you are in that order and that you don’t listen to the voice of the serpent. Because if you are in the order of Yah and you are being obedient to your husband in your marriage and you are listening to him and Yah’s speaking to you, sisters this is why you have to always check the voice.

whenever you get angry at your husband, check and see where it’s coming from. See if that is valid anger. Or see if that’s something that the adversary is putting on your heart. If you are constantly angry with your husband for little things and constantly coming against him and speaking against him….that’s the adversary. I’m talking about little things, he left a pair of socks over here. Here you come with all this mouth, screaming and hollering…that’s of the adversary. The adversary will keep you at your husband’s throat because that’s how he reaches the men of Yah…through their women.

So if you are constantly in that protection of Yah and you stay under Yah’s protection by staying in that order, by staying obedient, listening to the voice of your husband, if he is speaking to you righteously. If you stay there, then the serpent can’t touch you because if he comes whispering to you, you will say ‘Yah told us that we shall not do that’. ‘Oh yeah, Yah  told you that’? ‘But listen, Yah just told you that because He knows that If you eat of that tree then you will be like Him, you will be like a god’. ‘No, I don’t want to hear that, Yah told me that I should not do it and I will not do it’. ‘Now leave me alone’. That’s how you have to be sisters.

As we see Eve dropped the ball. She gave in to the seduction of the serpent. But sisters, if you are with Yah when that serpent comes and whispers, you will kick his butt and kick him out. You ain’t going to even let him come to your man. Because you know that, that is who he is after. Do you understand? Stay in that order.

Brothers, if your wife comes talking some crazy stuff, you have to check that. You must validate, where is this coming from? Why are you speaking all this ill? Satan will sneak in. He will sliver his way around and he will come and get that wife. And notice, he came upon Eve when she was alone. That’s what he will do. He will come upon your woman when she is alone. Then he will start speaking all types of non-sense to her so she can come to you with all that. So you must be careful.

Because it was Solomon’s wives that turned this wise man against Yah. It was Eve, Yah said Adam because you listened to the voice of your wife and you went against the commandment that I told you. Yah is putting it back onto Adam’s lap. I commanded you saying because the woman was not even around when I gave you this commandment. I commanded it directly to you and you listened to her. You choose her over Me.

This is why Yahoshua says he who loves mother, brother, sister more than Me is not worthy of Me. You listen to Yah first.


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